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Cancer - Liver

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 6:51 pm    Post subject: Cancer - Liver Reply with quote

Cancer - Liver

Please can anyone help. Liver cancer has come back after 3 months of remission and radiation therapy. About to go another round of radiation therapy with horrible side effects. Would a colon /liver cleanse be advisable along with wheatgrass juice and LIV-A or LIV-C. Please, really need your help. -tj
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Here are a couple of suggestions/questions if you have not already incorporated them into your program. (1) I suggest you connect with a natural health practitioner in your area who can assist you and assess your nutrition, lifestyle, etc. (2) how much water are you drinking; how many bowel movements a day? (3) what is your history as to toxin intake vis-a-vis: diet sodas, alcoholic beverages, environmental exposure, etc? -- what has been done to eliminate these? (4) what are you currently doing? What health programs have you been on in the recent past? (5) any juicing and cleansing that you can do will be beneficial... liquid flaxseed oil (1 tablespoon) first thing in the am on an empty stomach is helpful. Further information and answers to my questions could be extremely helpful. -Louise Rosen
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E-Tea, Enviro Detox, Chlorella, 5000 mg vitamin C a day along with Milk Thistle Combination, L Glutamine to protect the liver during Chemo. Eat only fresh live food. Nothing boxed, canned, frozen. Juicing is very helpful with cruciferous vegetables. Low on proteins prior to chemo as the liver needs to not have an extra load to deal with. Only seed oils for cooking. No grocery store trans fatty oils. Learn to make Ghee or clarified butter. I have a recipe if you need it. Meditate and concentrate on your liver energy. Find the book "The Cancer Battle Plan". Blessings to you. -Suzanne
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You must address the underlying emotional issues that led to the condition in the first place. The liver deals with anger. Do you feel a lot of anger about something, or have a lot of unexpressed anger? Look into this. An emotional issue always underlies our physical problems. If we don't address the emotional issue, the physical problem always comes back or transforms into something deeper. -LS
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I talked with a lady today that said her husband has liver cancer that started or stemmed from bladder cancer. The doctors told her that when this is the situation, there is no cure for the liver cancer when it has started with the bladder. Is this true? I always think that the body has the capability of healing everything if the proper nutrients are given it. -Ann Souther
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The liver is the fastest regenerative organ in the body. When the body is depleted in vital energy then it is susceptible for abnormal cells like cancer. The one thing that works all the way down to 20% of its size is the liver. By rebuilding the blood and raising vital energy the body is capable of great things to bring itself back to balance. -Kimberly Balas
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I just finished reading a book called "A Cancer Battle Plan," written by a woman who had terminal cancer who has recovered and been cancer free now for nine years! Don't ever believe that it hopeless, you never know what could happen. -Shay Johnson
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This is true. Remember the A in ABC+D is for Activation. This is for the mind over matter. Having the right mindset. Also Herring's Law of Cure states " . . . from the head down . . . " This means that it has to start with a positive attitude. Ever notice how many people die exactly within the time frame that their doctor told them they were going to. This happened to my dad. They give this label to you of how long or how hopeless it is and because we are so conditioned to them being the "all knowing" authority figures, we take it literally, as a good source of information. We must take control of our own thoughts and our own body and set our minds to not believe the "labels" that are being handed out left and right. This is a western thinking of disease. Americans tend to be a little possessive by nature and when they get this list of diagnosis or given time frames of lifetime left, they hold on to it in a tight grasp. They treat it as a noun. The Eastern philosophy of disease is that it is a verb. It has movement so it comes into the body and since it has movement, like the dynamics of the body, it must go out as well. Only when we own it, does it stay. -Kimberly Balas
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Just received a call today from a gentleman who is 46 years of age and has been given 2 months to live. Doctors have found a tumor the size of a grapefruit on his liver. Anyone have any suggestions where to start with him? I do not want to overpower him with too much at first. -Annette
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Three great cancer fighters: Pau D'Arco Power Pack, Pau D'Arco Tea, Pau D'Arco capsules, Uņa de Gato, wheat grass (buy at organic stores). -Diana
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Darlene Agle had a similar case a year or two ago. We put him on 6 Pau D'Arco Power Packs and 9 Uņa de Gato a day plus 9 Liver Cleanse Formula. Within 6 weeks, the tumor had shrunk so much that the doctors were able to remove it surgically. A real victory for herbs. -Kay Lubecke
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Get him on Milk Thistle and Pau D'Arco ASAP. This should be the least he does. -Jack
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Any suggestions for a 3-year old boy with liver cancer, hepato-blastoma. He has already had chemotherapy. -Teri Van Bolder
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I was not diagnosed technically with liver cancer, but was treated with chemotherapy every other day, for 8 months. I visited an herbologist, who practices iridology, and after taking many herbs, such as Liver Cleanse Formula, Chinese Liver Balance, Milk Thistle and about 80 others, I am now the owner of a healthy liver. Doctors gave me a 50-50 chance to live, wanted to put me on a transplant list, but no need now. I cannot say this will help, but certainly worth looking into. I do know that diet made a big difference, with the help of herbs. -Sabol
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A new client that has less than one month to live (her doctor told her that) and the doctor said he won't bother her with any treatment. She was overwhelmed with the "alternative" treatment I would recommend. She bought a juicer and I gave her some recipes. Since she can't eat, I told her husband to make fruit smoothies for her. I got her on Essential Oils, Vitamin C Ascorbate, Colloidal Minerals, lemon juice, Chlorophyll, purified water, GreenZone, Pau D'Arco. I desperately wanted her to get on the Immune Stimulator and Protease Plus, but they refused, saying that was enough for now. I will try to get her on it the next time with Olive Leaf Extract for an infection (high fever). She has difficulty in keeping any foods down and her appetite is nonexistent. She has a lot of pain and energy has deteriorated in only a few days since I last saw her. Any testimonials on this type of cancer? Also, I'm trying to get her to a holistic clinic that specializes in cancer as soon as possible! -Sharlene Miyamura
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Eyebright is the best liver cancer herb we have in New Zealand! Beetroot juice is the best for this cancer too. Do not worry about the Immune Stimulator. I always use Vitamin A&D and Zinc for the immune system. But with everything, I individually muscle test. People will just give up and die because doctors tell them they have so long to live. They will even die on time! A friend over here had a case. All the lady's cancer was completely gone! But she still died on time! There are emotional causes. She needs to search her heart for any anger, sorrow, anything she has bad thoughts about. Clear it all up, forgive all persons she needs to. Make all things right with everybody. I always do a test with each cancer person, Have them say, "I really want to live," test for a yes or no. [Can guarantee it will be a no!] Then "I really want to die!." [ That will be a yes!] What to do? I then have them sit down and I stand behind them, place my hands on their forehead, while they think about what emotional reason is causing them to want to die! [Most could not even begin to find a reason at this time.] Then with my hands on the forehead, I quietly pray asking God to turn them around so they will want to live! To God's glory, not ours as God is the true healer! He says. "I am the Lord that healeth thee" I wait a wee time then re-test. If it is now, "I really want to live," then I tell the how by thumping their thymus gland [located at the center of the upper chest, above the breast line]. They stimulate the immune system, by thumping this area and by putting their own hands on their forehead lightly it helps them cope with stress. As the subconscious is stronger than the conscious. When they may have forgotten some of the Bad things in life, all the time the subconscious is alive and working and it is stronger than the conscious. Get her to expose the liver area to the sunshine 3 times a day, starting with 3 times 3 minutes. Increase the times by 1 minute per day. Sunshine does not cause cancer! But it can kill it! Have you a pH Tester? Test her regularly and try to get her alkaline and keep her alkaline. Aloe Vera Gel or Aloe Vera Juice, and or good old Nature's Noni, can help so much here. You can put things on the skin and they will go in and feed and cleanse the body. I have them come back regularly and do the "I really want to live" until it holds. I have an Auntie who was always dwelling on the negative things, so she always came up, "I really want to die." When you think on negative thoughts, the immune system stops working! -Valerie Steiner
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My mother is a cancer survivor. She had advanced lymphoma Stage 4 fast growing cells throughout her body and 6 months to live (Jackie Onassis died of this). My mom had chemo, nutritional therapy, and a great attitude. She was cured (not remission) in 3 months and is still dancing 5 years later at 82 yy (that's years young). I'm happy to share the following information from my book "Footprints On the Path". -J Candy
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I received a private post from a Forum member who was just diagnosed with liver, stomach and lung cancer and of course does not want to go through chemo and radiation that her husband and daughter have signed her up for. Let's get down to work folks and get this lady on the road to recovery. She's been having a hard time holding anything down, has lost over 40# since December and needs our help now. -Dalean Harris
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Here's some notes on cancer I got in a class that might be helpful. I wish I'd known even half of this before my Dad died of cancer. If anyone needs any clarification on any of this, let me know. -Chottsie

1) If it has a face on it, don't eat it. No meats.
2) Pure water (Nature's Spring RO - reverse osmosis).
3) Work on forgiveness - maybe unresolved emotional issues (resentment, even hate).
4) Clean the liver (during this process, lots of emotions will come out).
5) Enzymes (approximately 8 per day) with cancer the digestion is usually very poor so this is extremely important.
6) Work on pituitary gland (Parsley)
7) Astragalus or Uņa de Gato for the Immune System.
8) Red Clover Blend (red clover, burdock, chaparral).
9) High-Potency Grapine (antioxidant).
10) E-Tea.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hulda Clark & "Lucifer": She guarantees all cancer is caused from a parasitical environment, and after two weeks of her recipe which is wormwood, cloves, and black walnut hull extract, you are cured of all cancer. Then, only the damaged organs is what you have deal with. No more cancer. I was told by my manager Ann Wade, that NSP's Artemisia Combination was formulated with her help. Cancer Fuzzie parasite shown on this site: parasites do cause anger!!! A toxic liver does as well. I passed this critter after taking Liver Cleanse Formula for a month. I had also done a parasite cleanse with Artemisia Combination in it a few months earlier, and the Tiao He Cleanse. (My point here is that we can kill this guy with our products too. The Cancer parasite does not grow to the adult that I passed, unless your body can produce propyl alcohol. Then they make their way to the liver, and the cells begin to divide, and cancer begins. It is clear this woman is radically insistent on ridding everything in your life that has the prefix of PROP in it. Wouldn't our Enviro-Detox work as well? We made her 9v parasite zapper in a shoebox. What a great thing to pass along to our parasite cleanse clients!! It costs less than $15.00 to make, and it took the nerves off the thought of cancer. She claims 7 min. at nine volts kills all parasites in our body except the bowel (or what hides in stones), and the bowel is where our Tiao He Cleanse and Para-Cleanse or Artemisia Combination will take over. The parasites release toxins and virus when they die, so a second 7 minute session 20-40 minutes later will kill those as well. One more session for good measure. There is a source that makes these parasite zappers in the back of her book. I immediately got a sore throat when I zapped. That night I had a raw outer lip. I still have my tonsils, and I used to get tonsilitis three to five times a year!!! Fever blisters were big when I was young too. I used Tei Fu Oil on my glands, throat and lip to help this overnight. It all went away the next morning. Could it be parasites in our liver that expel those childhood illnesses we hear about with liver cleanses?? My home-made zapper was special because I put all the resisters in the nose of the basset hound on the hush puppie box!! I have named the parasite Lucifer. I have him in a little jar. Not too gross, looks like a little 3/4" Dungeness Crab. What looks like legs are really eggs. I plan to educate my clients to the fullest in this subject. In case you are wondering how to "see" them, parasites like this will float, and not flush well. (I can go into further detail privately if you would like more information.) My mother died of cancer. It started in her liver. My father died of an aneurysm two days later. Both are caused from parasite infestation, according to Hulda. I am a Christian singer/ songwriter and computer artist. Now I know the answer to the question of why I, of all people, would ever be interested in all this health stuff . . . and here I thought is was to lose, and help others lose weight!! God Works, and so do all of you at NSP! Hulda also writes "The Cure for All Diseases," you got it! Parasites. Why does the thought of parasites shock so many? Back in the days of my husband who is 57 (I am 42), they always gave their kids worm medicine. Today they don't. We have ADD, Cancer, Lupus, Crohn's, etc., etc., on and on. -Louie
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Someone being told they have only 2 weeks to live: Several years ago, there was a man who was sent home to get his affairs in order (this was after chemotherapy, etc. for prostate cancer that had gone to the lungs and brain). His significant other lady friend got him on Pau D'Arco Power Pack, extra E-Tea throughout the day, All Cell Detox and extra SC Formula (shark cartilage). He took what was directed on the Pau D'Arco Power Pack, then 6 a day All Cell Detox, 6 a day SC Formula, and made the E-Tea into tea and drank it throughout the day. I believe he also got off red meat, white flour products and sugar. Two months after starting this program the CAT scan showed no brain tumor. Two months after that, the CAT scan showed no lung tumors. Two months after that, the CAT scan showed complete remission. He was in complete remission for a year and a half. The doctors had him come in for a check up, and (according to his significant other) they said everything was fine, but wanted him to take treatments of chemo again, (I guess as a precaution). He died from the effects of the chemotherapy treatments!!! (Again according to his lady friend.) I am only relaying this story, because these people were customers of mine and this story is what they told me! Everyone needs to have hope and the desire to live! If this man of yours has the desire to live and does not want to give up and is willing to "try anything," then I believe he can and will get well. Also, I believe that the person who is ill, needs to get all the information he can and do what seems (or "feels") right to him. There are lots of things out there that may be more what HE needs to do. Maybe with all the NSP people on this Forum, they can give some more ideas for him to check out. -Loring Hammer
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I have a client that had half of his liver removed because of cancer. He went on herbs just before surgery. He started taking Milk Thistle Combination and Germanium (great for pain!) and doctors couldn't believe how fast he recovered. We had a hurricane scare here two weeks after his surgery and he was out in the middle of the night loading his horses to transport them away from the coast! I highly recommend Milk Thistle Combination. It has done wonderful things for many of my clients. I have a client whose cancer index was 37. He had two spots of cancer in his liver that spread to both lungs. Lungs were full of tumors. I gave him E-Tea 2caps x3, Uņa de Gato 3caps x3, SC Formula 3 capsx3, High Potency Grapine 1x3 (must be 1mg per pound of body weight). He drinks Pau D'Arco tea. In less than three months, cancer index was 2.8. Doctors in Houston had given him 5 months to live last year. A checkup three months after he started the program showed no tumors in the lungs big enough to be seen on an x-ray. This man was my greatest testimonial. The update on him is, he's very stubborn. He stopped being short of breath and felt great. When they told him they couldn't find tumors in the lungs, he decided the program was too expensive to stay on. All he would keep taking was the Uņa de Gato and Pau D'Arco. (The cheapest things.) Guess What? Small tumors have re-occurred in the lungs. Now he's depressed. People need to know that if they have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, their treatment should be for 12-18 months minimum, and if it were me, I would stay on them forever!! Hope this may help your dad. A strong mind for survival is more than half the battle. It's when they give up that we cannot help them. -Terri
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