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Bottles for EOs, Tinctures, etc.

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 8:23 pm    Post subject: Bottles for EOs, Tinctures, etc. Reply with quote

Bottles for EOs, Tinctures, etc.

We have those nifty little bottles that the Homeopathics come in (wonder if NSP could sell them to us empty?) That would hold 1 ounce of the Massage Oil, then put our drop(s) of EO in that and people would be able to dropper out the amount they want to use. -Georgiana
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I tried that thought...I have a client that mixes her own and she was looking for the droppers. I had called customer service and they had said that they would be selling 'empty' EO bottles, but that it didn't sound like they would be selling empty Homeopathic bottles. I had ordered 10 'empties' of the EO bottles and they are still on Back Order. -Marsha Setering
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Well, I am on the phone with home office now and they can't get us the 1 oz homeopathic bottles, but we can get the 2 ounce amber bottles for 85 cents each. It doesn't have an eyedropper, but comes with the little flat plastic thing that you can drip a drop out at a time. -Georgiana Duncan
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Essential Oils should be kept in the amber bottles with the special dropper tops. Also, they should not be shaken out of the bottle, but the bottles should be turned until it starts to drop out of the bottle. The bottle should never come in contact with skin or other material as it will contaminate the oils.

The bottles come in a variety of sizes and are available through Frontier Cooperative Herbs. They are very inexpensive and the special plastic dropper tops and covers are also available. Their phone number is 800/669-3275. -Nedra Denison
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I have bought the dropper bottles for several years now through a local pharmacy. I use them for a lot of different things, but for Essential Oils, they would be great. -Debby Henning
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Has worked for me for years. I ask people to give me back their empty homeopathic bottles if they are going to throw them away anyway, so can use for flower remedies and now will use for our essentials. -Nolee
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I thought Georgi's idea that follows was really good, so I called my distributor who is an aromatherapy specialist. She said Essential Oils should never be put in plastic or even a glass bottle that has a plastic dropper in it (So keep that in mind). The oils are so strong that they will begin to break down the plastic & then you will have polyurethane in the oils and ultimately in the body when the oils are used on the skin. Don't use any type of dropper bottle when traveling (keep dropper separate) because it will dissolve the rubber bulb. She also felt that Jojoba Oil was not a good medium for the Essential Oils because it does not readily go into the skin--it just lays on the skin. So, what is best? She said Aloe Vera Gel goes into the skin the quickest. Massage Oil or Lotion stays on the longest. So, us A.V Gel for quick results, and Massage Oil for long-lasting relief. I think we need NSP to offer 1/2 or 1 oz. glass bottle for us to dispense the mixed oils in. -Kay Lubecke
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I learned from Susan King at our Regional Meeting last week in Seattle that she uses little bottles with role ball tops. She combines the EO's with Massage Oil or Jojoba Oil. She gets the bottles from a catalog company called SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc., 3 Knabner Road, Machanicsville. NY 12118. 518-899-7488 and the fax # is 518-899-7490. They will send you a catalog as well as samples. -Carma
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I called a supplier that sells EO's as well as bottles and they said that it is not good to have the roll on type bottle as unused oils left in the bottle can get contaminated from the roller getting in contact with the skin. -DJ
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have found a great source for boxes, bottles, cans, bags etc.
Freund Can Company, 155 W 84th St Chicago Illinois 60620 Phone 773-224-4230. -Sativus
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I just wanted to share this info if any of you might need it. There is a company called Cape Bottle company. They say, "Wholesale distributors of glass and plastic packaging, servicing the herbal, food, and cosmetic industries." Also they mention they supply to small business so there is no minimum purchase. They don't have lip balm roll up tubes but they do have tins, both deep and shallow, plastic lip balm pots, lotion bottles and jars, etc. Anyway, there's a toll free # and they're very nice. They do sell some things by the case but they're like 12 or 24, not 200 or something. Alot of things they sell so much for each. Check it out -Richard Ask
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Lavender Lane is great all they carry are herbal making supplies. They are online. -Shay Johnson
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