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Cat - Bladder Stones

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 5:13 pm    Post subject: Cat - Bladder Stones Reply with quote

Cat - Bladder Stones

My Norwegian Forest cat had bladder stones that were removed surgically last yr. I am looking for a natural solution to combat regrowth. The vet explained the need for lots of water (no surprise there)& told of an RX to balance the PH in the urine. Has anyone dealt with this in an animal? -Marybeth
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Yes, that's very common, especially in neutered males. Do NOT give them tap water, it's thought that higher ash content in food can be a contributing factor also. Give kitty Hydrangea to dissolve the stone, Marshmallow to coat the crystals and help them pass. IF you can get kitty to eat food with the herbs mixed in, that's the easiest way to administer them. Down the throat is rarely an option with a cat. Another way is to dip the herb capsules in butter, wrap the kitty in a towel and insert them in the rectum. In the food is definitely the easiest way!! -Georgiana
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My friend has a 3 1/2 yr. old cat that the vet thought had benign tumors. Apparently they were not benign and one was the size of a golf ball and he couldn't remove all of it as it was attached to the rib. She would like to have some advice to try to reduce the tumor and keep her cat alive. She is picking her up from the vet tomorrow. I think the diagnosis was fibromosis or something like that. I've heard different thoughts on using EO with cats. Thanks in advance. -Jane
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I am a Vet Tech, and we see this problem more often than you'd think! The most effective way to keep the bladder stones and bladder crystals (of all kinds) from coming back is a preception diet from Hill Science Diet called C/D or C/D-s depending on what your Vet carries. It can only be bought at you Vet cause it's a prescription food. My experience is that, this seems to be the most effective way. I myself have not heard of any organic ways, but in the long run, the food cost less than meds, and surgeries, especially if it's a reoccurring issue. You should talk to your Vet about putting you cat onto this diet! -Lori
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The Hydrangea I suggested does get rid of the calculi -- but the best prevention I've seen is to never give them tap water with chlorine in it. Have never had a cat get calculi since we've lived out of the city with our own well. Prior to that -- it happened frequently. -Georgiana
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1) Do NOT give your pets tap water. The chlorinated water will cause tumors. Ok, for the existing one. . . . . You might try Paw Paw Cell Reg. I have had success with pets using Barley Juice Powder. Lots of it. The kitty MAY just like it because it's green. If so, give it free choice. If not, you can either insert the capsules as rectal suppositories or make a gruel out of it and shoot it down the throat. Or use an animal pill shooter. You put the capsule in the end of it -- put it in the kitty's mouth and hit the end of it. It will shoot it down their throat. Easiest with a cat if you can mix it in something they like to eat tho.

I haven't worked with it with animals (the Barley Grass Powder works so well with them) . . . But, for a cat I would imagine it would be less than people. For people you start with 1, 4 times daily. I've had them go up to 20 a day eventually. For a kitty, I would guess starting with 1/4 capsule or even less, 4 times daily. Then muscle testing once a week to see if kitty needs more. I WOULD give kitty some Barley Grass Powder also for the enzymes. See if the kitty likes either of them -- the Paw Paw or the Barley Grass Powder. Giving a cat something they like is SO much easier than fighting with them. -Georgiana
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