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Castor Oil Packs (How & why)

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 5:20 pm    Post subject: Castor Oil Packs (How & why) Reply with quote

Castor Oil Packs (How & why)

I used castor oil full strength. I used a old pan and just keep reheating it over and over. I got the idea from Herbs for Health Magazine. You can also use it as a hot pack for joint or muscle pain. -Pam Swanson
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Can someone instruct me in how to do this? How to apply and for how long or anything else I need to know. This is for my cancer friend who has reoccurring fluid buildup in abdomen. She had it removed again yesterday but surprisingly it didn't make her sick this time. She MT that the Paw Paw program is working tho the cancer isn't stopped yet. -Barbara Moldenhauer
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I have worked with at least 5 people with fluid build up, one just recently. Work on the kidney, lymphatics and do castor oil packs, coffee enemas. One woman had a surgeon do the Le Veen peritoneovenous shunt which subcutaneously directs the fluids into a jugular vein. Yes, this may mean more transmission of cancer cells throughout the body, but for most of these people it was about comfort and reducing the subsequent weakness associated with taking it out as in a peritoneocentesis (puncturing the abdominal wall) which drains electrolytes. Doctors see the liquid build up as a last stage symptom and some won't even recommend the centesis. My main thing was to make them comfortable enough to not fear drinking water(keeping them hydrated)and juicings, and nutritious meals. Each person needs to weigh which technique is better for them to do. I keep their head a little elevated to prevent liquids from filling their lungs, too. I have faith that if there's enough time, the Paw Paw will do the job. I give them a lot of Kidney and Lymp Drainage, too. Kimberly Balas, recommended increasing the Paw Paw as much as 3 times the recommended dosage and I believe that, too, especially if time is urgently working against them. -Sharlene Miyamura
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This is what I do. Get good quality Castor Oil, cold pressed....put some fresh on the abdomen, cover with a clean cotton cloth, undied if you can get it. Wool works well, also. Cover that with plastic (I use med size plastic bags) then put a heat source on top of water bottle, electric heating pad, etc. You can cover all of that with a big towel. It should be left on for 2 hours a day. Its messy, but boy, that Castor Oil is great! It will do so much! KathyMac
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Apply the oil to a flannel cloth and hold it over the area. Put a heating pad on top of that. The amount of time and if you should wrap in plastic are all debatable. I hope that this helps at least a little. -Leslie Lechner
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You need an electric heating pad, some people recommend a hot water bottle but I find it too heavy and not heating enough. Get a pure cotton muslin or a undyed wool (which is better, but difficult to find) fabric. I fold it over and stitch, an wash it before use. I pour a generous amount of good quality castor oil on the fabric and cover the area affected, in this case, from the lower sternum down to the abdomen, cover the fabric with a plastic sheeting to protect the heating pad from the oil, then cover that with the heating pad. I leave it on for one hour. You may want to start the heating pad on high before all the preparation to get it ready. I re-use the pad several times before washing, but adding some oil to it before using. Place the used pad into a plastic bag for re-use. Do not fall asleep with it, you may want to place a timer. Be very careful with diabetics and you may want to shorten the time and reduce the heat. The heat should never be too hot or intolerable. -Sharlene Miyamura
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Castor oil packs are for lubrication down to the bone and definitely helps reduce inflammation and keeps intestines more supple. Apply castor oil to abdomen, put saran wrap over the castor oil and then a heating pad for 30 minutes. This lady needs it at least 3 times a week. -Norma Anderson
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If you're looking to remove warts and you have liver problems, you might consider vitamin E placed over the wart and cover for a few weeks, tea tree oil and cover, castor oil and cover twice a day, or dandelion on the wart and cover daily for several weeks. -Shay Johnson
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For a drawing salve poultice, combine chickweed, mullein, lobelia, tea tree oil, castor oil. Make a paste or poultice and apply it frequently... This combination will draw out just about anything. -Judith Cobb
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For Kidney Cysts - I have had good luck with castor oil packs over the area. Soak a flannel cloth in castor oil place it over the area then put plastic over that and a hot water bottle or heating pad to keep warm. Castor oil penetrates and breaks things up. For a lump elsewhere in the body, You can put castor oil packs on the lump to help break it up or pull it to the surface. Apply heat to it and an essential oil like frankincense. -John
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To get the bowels moving, Rub the colon, from your left to right with warm castor oil or lobelia. That will usually help people have a BM w/in a few minutes. -Ann Souther
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A castor oil pack. We had a client who was affected by a Manta Ray sting she got in the tropics a year prior to coming to us. We told her to apply a castor oil pack every day for up to two weeks (at night) and on the ninth day it turned red and just a small amount of fluid emerged--she's been fine ever since. An old remedy, but it often works. Another client had an early silicone breast implant burst and doctors had no solution. She faithfully applied a pack for ten days and the stuff emerged. Drawing power of castor oil packs I'm told can effectively pull out an infection four inches deep. -Harvey Vedder
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