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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 6:41 pm    Post subject: Cancer Reply with quote


Cancer is a general term applied to a series of malignant diseases which may affect many different parts of the body. These diseases are characterized by a rapid and uncontrolled formation of abnormal cells which may mass together to form a growth or tumor, or proliferate throughout the body, initiating abnormal growth at other sites (metastasis). Cancer is a run-down condition of the entire body and requires attention to total health including diet, exercise and emotional healing. No information herein should be considered a prescription or diagnosis for a particular individual or condition. Seek appropriate medical assistance.

Cleanse - Purify:
* E-TEA - Make into tea and drink between meals
* All Cell Detox or Enviro-Detox (Whole Body Cleanses)
* Pau d'Arco, Pau d'Arco Tea or Pau d'Arco Power Pack
Blood Purifier/Immune Stimulants:
* Red Clover Blend, Red Clover or BP-X (Blood Purifiers)
* Una de Gato (Opener of the Way) - Build Immune System
Morinda Citrifolia Officinalis - To cleanse and build the Immune System
Tiao He Cleanse (Chinese Whole Body Cleanse Package) - Caution if body is in a severely weakened condition
Marshmallow & Pepsin (Small Intestinal Cleanser)
Yellow Dock or Parsley (Blood Purifiers)
Immune System & Prevention:
* Echinacea Purpurea or Ultimate Echinacea (Powerful Immune Stimulant) - To build white blood count
* Grapine (Powerful Antioxidant) - 1 mg per lb. body weight per day
* SC Formula (Shark Cartilage/Anti-Tumor) - Note that most Leukemias and Lymphomas do not respond to Shark Cartilage
* Garlic, Hi-Potency (Antibiotic/Immune Stimulant)
* Antioxidant Arsenal or Defense Maintenance
* Life-Protex - To prevent free radical damage. Contains DMAE.
Phyto-Soy (Soybean Immune Booster)
Chinese Trigger Immune (Chinese Chi/Energy/Immunity)
THIM-J (Thymus Formula)
Melatonin - Interacts with the Immune System. Adults only.
* Germanium - To improve cellular oxygenation
* CoQ10-30 - To improve cellular oxygenation and circulation
* Flax Seed Oil (Essential Fatty Acids) - For cell membranes
* Super Supplemental W/O Iron - Note that iron may be carcinogenic. Do not take iron if there is cancer !
* Super Algae, Kelp or Alfalfa (Trace Minerals) - Tissue Health
* Colloidal Silver, Mineral -Chi or Aromin (Liquid Minerals)
SUMA Combination (Whole Body Balance)
Ginseng, American or Korean (Balance/Stress)
Chickweed (Fat Emulsifier)
Burdock (Anti-Tumor)
Bee Pollen - Reduces effects of radiation therapy
Digestazyme (Absorb Nutrients from Supplements)
Zinc - For tissue growth and repair
DHEA (Hormone Precursor) - Adults only

Skin Cancer:
* Pau d'Arco Lotion (Blood Purifier & Immune Enhancer)
* Golden Salve (Antibiotic/Antiseptic) - During the day
* Black Ointment (Healing, Drawing) - During the night
* BP-X, Red Clover or Red Clover Blend (Blood Purifiers)
Aloe Vera Gel + Vitamin E - Mixed, applied topically
Golden Seal (Antibiotic/Antiseptic) - Internally

Diet: Clean bowel, support digestion, no animal protein after 4:00 p.m. Eat 10 raw almonds a day and all dark colored fruits. Drink beet, carrot and asparagus juice often. Eat onions and garlic. No junk food, no caffeine. Consider Macrobiotic diet.

Other: Remove teeth problems. Avoid chemicals and heavy metals.
Avoid microwave ovens and sit at least 8 ft. away from T.V.
Exercise as often as possible. Walk in the fresh air.
Excerpted from "Footprints On the Path" by J Candy Arnold
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Liver Cancer
My mother is a cancer survivor. She had advanced lymphoma Stage 4 fast growing cells throughout her body and 6 months to live (Jackie Onassis died of this). My mom had chemo, nutritional therapy, and a great attitude. She was cured (not remission) in 3 months and is still dancing 5 years later at 82 yy (that's years young).
I'm happy to share the following information from my book Footprints on the Path. Any other questions, feel free to email me personally. The rest is the same as Candy's post above this. -Candy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2 weeks to live...Hulda Clark & "Lucifer"
She guarantees all cancer is caused from a parasitical environment, and after two weeks of her recipe which is wormwood, cloves, and black walnut hull extract, are cured of all cancer. Then, only the damaged organs is what you have deal with. No more cancer.

I was told by my manager Ann Wade, that NSP's Artemisia was formulated with her help.
Parasites Do Cause Anger! A toxic liver does as well.

I passed this critter after taking Liver Cleanse Formula for a month. I had also done a parasite cleanse, with Artemisia in it, a few months earlier and the Tiao He Cleanse.

(My point here is that we can kill this guy with our products too.)

The Cancer parasite does not grow to the adult that I passed, unless your body can produce propyl alcohol. Then they make their way to the liver, and the cells begin to divide, and cancer begins.

It is clear this woman is radically insistent on ridding everything in your life that has the prefix of PROP in it....

Wouldn't our Enviro-Detox work as well?
We made her 9v parasite zapper in a shoebox. What a great thing to pass along to our parasite cleanse clients! It costs less than $15.00 to make, and it took the nerves off the thought of cancer. She claims 7 min. at nine volts kills all parasites in our body except the bowel, (or what hides in stones) and the bowel is where our Tiao He Cleanse and Para Cleanse or Artemisia will take over... The parasites release toxins and virus when they die, so a second 7 minute session 20-40 minutes later will kill those as well. One more session for good measure. There is a source that makes these parasite zappers in the back of her book.

I immediately got a sore throat when I zapped, that night I had a raw outer lip. I still have my tonsils, and I use to get tonsilitis three to five times a year! fever blisters were big when I was young too.... I used Tei Fu Oil on my glands, throat and lip to help this overnight, all went away the next morning. Could it be parasites in our liver that expel those childhood illnesses we hear about with liver cleanses?? My home-made zapper was special because I put all the resisters in the nose of the basset hound on the hush puppie box!

I have named the parasite Lucifer,...I have him in a little jar. Not too gross, looks like a little 3/4" Dunguness Crab. What looks like legs are really eggs. I plan to educate my clients to the fullest in this subject. In case you are wondering how to "see" them. Parasites like this will float, and not flush well. ( I can go into further detail privately if you would like more information.)
My mother died of cancer. It started in her liver. My father died of an aneurysm two days later... Both are caused from parasite infestation, according to Hulda.

I am a Christian singer/songwriter and Computer artist, I know the answer to the question of why I of all people, would EVER be interested in all this health stuff.... and here I thought is was to lose, and help others lose weight!

God Works,...and so do all of you at NSP!!
Hulda also writes "The Cure for all Diseases",..You got it! Parasites.

Why does the thought of parasites shock so many? Back in the days of my husband who is 57 (I am 42) they always gave their kids worm medicine. Today they don't. We have ADD, Cancer, Lupus, Chron's, etc., etc., on and on..... -Louie
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Someone being told they have only 2 weeks to live:
Several years ago, there was a man who was sent home to get his affairs in order (this was after chemotherapy, etc. for prostate cancer that had gone to the lungs and brain). His significant other lady friend got him on Pau d'Arco Power Pack, extra E-Tea throughout the day, Special Formula #1 and extra SC Formula (shark cartilage). He took what was directed on the Pau d'Arco Power Pack, then 6 a day All Cell Detox, 6 a day SC Formula, and made the E-Tea into tea and drank it throughout the day. I believe he also got off red meat, white flour products and sugar. Two months after starting this program the cat scan showed NO brain tumor. Two months after that, the cat scan showed no lung tumors. Two months after that, the cat scan showed complete remission. He was in complete remission for a year and a half. The doctors had him come in for a check up, and (according to his significant other) they said everything was fine, but wanted him to take treatments of chemo again, (I guess as a precaution). He died from the effects of the chemotherapy treatments! (Again according to his lady friend). I am only relaying this story, because these people were customers of mine and this story is what they told me! Everyone needs to have HOPE and the desire to live! If this man of yours has the desire to live and does not want to give up and is willing to "try anything", then I believe he can and will get
Liver Cancer
You also should consider Parasites !! -Debra Hughes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I know no one personally; however, if I were diagnosed with cancer, I would IMMEDIATELY begin following the regime in Hulda Clark's book "The Cure for All Cancers". She claims one can ERADICATE cancer and the parasite that causes it using herbs. I have no idea whether it would really work or not, but I'd be popping the pills to see. The book is on-line! at: -Loretta Labrada
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have had one case about 13 years ago, he came to me with one month to live, they gave up on him and I was astonished that at 68 he felt that I could help him. I told him that unless he went for it wholeheartedly, I wouldn't even touch this with a 10 ft pole. He agreed and we started with a macrobiotic diet, and a herbal program that made him look like a pill popping maniac, but he did it. The fortunate part is that he did not take chemo or radiation which is important if you want to help someone this way. He had bone and prostate cancer. He went back to Princess Margaret which is the big cancer hospital in Toronto, and he was pronounced free of it, by 2 yrs. He lived for another 6 yrs, but fell in Vancouver and had to have pins put in and he died of a stroke. You have to have the cooperation of the person 100%, and there are no guarantees. -Joanne Thaxter
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I want to second what has been said before. For cancer, we always use Pau d'Arco Power Pack plus Una de Gato. We use six packs a day and 9 Una de Gato for treatment then continue with 2 packs a day and 3 Una de Gato for prevention thereafter. We have had some remarkable remissions with several types of cancers with this program. -Kay Lubecke
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