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Tea Tree Oil - First Aid in a Bottle

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 2:28 pm    Post subject: Tea Tree Oil - First Aid in a Bottle Reply with quote

Tea Tree Oil - First Aid in a Bottle

As we walk life's path there are always going to be the unexpected bumps, cuts, stings, burns, etc. For me, I can breath a little easier knowing that I have a bottle of Tea Tree Oil in my medicine cabinet - it is truly one of Mother Nature's bountiful gifts to mankind - it works!

In 1770, Captain James Hook of the British Royal Navy landed near Sydney, Australia. He came upon groves of trees, thick with sticky, aromatic leaves that, when boiled, rendered a spicy tea.

In 1923, Dr. A.R. Penfold discovered the essential oil was thirteen times stronger as an antiseptic bactericide than carbolic acid, considered the universal standard in the early 1900s.

By 1930, Tea Tree Oil was being applied to pus-filled infections as it dissolved the pus and left the surface of the wounds clean and without apparent irritation to the surrounding healthy tissues.

The application of Tea Tree Oil on infected nail beds eradicates the damage within one week. A few drops of the oil, in a tumbler of warm water as a gargle, help to soothe sore throats. By adding a few drops to your steam bath or vaporizer to inhale it will help with blocked nose/sinus and congestion/ coughs.

Adding the oil to water and using it as a mouthwash is a common treatment for sore gums, bad breath, and plaque. Dab on pure oil for mouth ulcers/cold sores.

Research indicated that Tea Tree Oil is successfully administered around the world for throat and mouth conditions, for gynecological conditions, and in dental treatment for pyorrhea and gingivitis. It also has an extraordinary effect on a variety of skin fungi including candida, tinea, and perionychia.

Many Australian dentists use Tea Tree Oil as a mouthwash and for sterilizing cavities before filling. Studies have shown that washing the mouth out twice a day with a few drops of the oil will help to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reports state that gum bleeding has been greatly reduced and plaque controlled.

For muscle aches and sprains rub the pure oil into the painful area. For arthritis relief, mix the drops into a small amount of a quality cold-pressed oil and massage in.

For boils, cuts, abrasions, dry skin, rashes, mosquitoes, bites and stings apply pure oil directly to the skin. For ticks and leaches apply pure oil to kill the parasite then remove and apply oil where the parasite was attached.

For pimples and acne, dab on pure or add to warm water and rinse. As for minor burns, flush with cold water and then apply pure oil. This works for sunburns as well.

For after shave use the pure oil and it will help to alleviate any abrasions from the razor burn. Tropical ulcers, plantar warts, and coral cuts all can be treated by pure oil.

Athletes' feet, and nail infections can both benefit from the use of this marvelous oil, as well as smelly feet and carbuncles.

For babies - apply warm oil mixed with baby lotion for diaper rash. Don't apply pure oil. It is excellent for sanitizing the diaper pail as well as soaking the cloth diapers. For cradle cap, mix with olive oil, rub into scalp, then wash and rinse.

The oil can be added to our shampoo for moisturizing and for aiding dry scalp, oily scalp, itchy scalp and dandruff. Tea Tree Oil works wonders on those pesky little LICE. Even works for fleas on Fido.

The list goes on and on and on: under-toenail corns, calluses, chronic cystitis, staphylococcus, streptococcus, impetigo, eczema. Is it any wonder I can't be without it? From babies to grandparents, we can all use this miracle oil. Why buy 20 products when one will do it all. -Lisa Canon
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