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Taste - Smell - Loss of

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 2:30 pm    Post subject: Taste - Smell - Loss of Reply with quote

Taste - Smell - Loss of

For the past two years I've lost my sense of taste and smell with slight reprieves of taste with the help of prednisone. I would appreciate any information of any kind to help alleviate this problem. My doctors have no clue at this point. I've had two years of allergy shots with no relief for the taste and smell. Whatever advice you have I would be so thankful. -Betty Dudek
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I know when I use Peppermint Oil it helps me. I carry it to help w/ hot flashes till my herbs kick in because it helps cool the body also. It also helps wake you up & keep from yawning in church, !!!!!! -Donna Weber
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This can be due to a zinc deficiency, although there are other possible reasons as well, including certain drugs and other toxins. I'd take zinc along with Super Supplemental, cleanse with Tiao He Cleanse and follow up with Enviro-Detox. Of course the individual should not smoke. -Duane
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Q: I am writing for my son. He lost his sense of smell and taste about 5 weeks ago. He went to an ENT doctor specializing in smell and taste. He put him on an antibiotic and a steroid, but it helped very little. He had a cat scan and it showed an inflammation of the sinuses. The doctor told him that it will come back slowly, but I rather have my doubts about it. Do you really think that zinc will help? How much zinc should he take?
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Try spraying or swabbing Nature's Fresh on face where sinus area would be. This may help with inflammation. Pau D' Arco has helped me and my mom with inflammatory situations. He can take 2-4 cups of tea per day.

I'm curious to know has your son being doing activities like sports or exercising for some time where he perspires a lot? Or is he over in his late 30' or early 40's and used to do something in which he perspired a lot? You see when one perspires constantly due to exerting yourself physically, you lose a many minerals through your perspiration. In time if these minerals are not being replaced and along with soft drinks, any other carbonated drinks and alcohol that also deplete are minerals, deficiencies occur and we begin to have symptoms in varied ways.

He could be low in zinc. Let him take 90 mg. per day for a month or two and see what begins to happen. Also, colloidal minerals, super supplemental (multi-vit) and Proactazyme if he is over 30 (most people need them beyond this age). Best wishes. -Lourdes
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Have you heard Steven Horne's testimony of what garlic and goldenseal did for him? He'd had dental work done and was told to take some antibiotics afterwards. Instead he decided to chew 2 garlic cloves and take 3 goldenseal capsules every 2 hours for a week or so. On the third day, upon his morning nose-blowing, he eliminated a large amount of green-colored-mold-smelling mucous. On the next day he eliminated some gray-colored-mold-smelling mucous. Commenting on this to his office members, one who was a nurse mentioned this sounded alot like 2 specific antibiotics, Ampicillin and Tetracycline I think. Hmm, Steven thought, many many years earlier he had taken these antibiotics for walking pneumonia (I think it was 15 years earlier) and here the residue remained in his tissues all those years. Much of his chronic sinus congestion cleared up after this elimination.

Garlic kills funguses, bacteria, etc, but it also MOVES lymph, and at the dose he was taking it, his body apparently said, THANK YOU and took the lymph-flushing-energy and dumped the junk from his sinuses.

So you might want to try this for 2 weeks or so seeing as how the problem got started. You can buy NSP's Garlic oil capsules instead of chewing fresh cloves.

You may also consider making a spritzer with 20 drops Bergamot essential oil in 2oz purified water and just spray this in the air several times a day in front of you, then inhale. Bergamot has anti-septic qualities. Maybe eventually you will be able to smell it!

Another excellent nasal spray is to buy saline spray (non-medicated) then add ONE of the following:

3 teaspoons CC-A liquid

OR 2 teaspoons Goldenseal-Parthenium liquid and 1 teaspoon Lobelia essence

Then use this formula as a nasal spray, alternating it with your others until you no longer need them. The herbal ones can be used as often as needed, every hour if need be, unlike the medicines.

You may also wish to consider ALJ internally if the Garlic does not sound appealing to you! -Desiree
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I've fought with recurring problems just like those described: sinus problems, loss of sense of smell, lack of good medical knowledge. Although I haven't won the war I have discovered a few things that help win the battles: 1. Avoiding cold air. I believe the human immune system works better at elevated temperatures (hence your body's creation of a fever. Finnish traditional medicine makes much of this) so cold air gives the fungal invaders an edge. 2. Reducing sugar intake. Sounds odd but the connection is demonstrated with almost 100% certainty. Every time I eat a lot of sweets my sinuses go nuts. Remember: fungus loves sugar (think yeast). Body-sugar levels and blood sugar levels are two different things. Your insulin levels my spike to quickly reduce blood sugar but by then the sugar in your sinuses is feeding an army of one-celled fungi. These suggestions may not help you but they have made a difference to me. -Cormac Shea
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