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Calcium Deposits

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 7:00 pm    Post subject: Calcium Deposits Reply with quote

Calcium Deposits

Calcium deposits are do to calcium not assimilating properly. Too much dairy in the diet and not enough water. We are not meant to assimilate calcium from dairy so the body finds places to store it. Hydrangea and Alfalfa, greens, helps to brake up the stones. Vitamin A helps with calcium assimilation. -Teresa McIntyre
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My husband had calcific tendinitis in his shoulder this summer and I put him on Hydrangea - 8 3x a day, for about two bottles, with lots of water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice. I kept him on the Hydrangea at regular doses for a couple more bottles. He saw immediate improvement in less than a week, and when the next x-ray was done, 4 weeks later, everything was gone. -Sharon Grimes
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The body stores calcium in the form of deposits when it does not get enough calcium. A high Calcium diet and supplementation should help to prevent deposits. Hydrangea dissolves deposits. -Thomas Easley
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It is best to take an easily absorbed calcium, such as Calcium citrate, which is easily absorbed through the intestinal tract. Oppose to calcium carbonate (chalk or limestone) or calcium gluconate.

It is a lack of calcium in the diet that causes calcium deposits as the previous poster pointed out.

Calcium deposits or degeneration of the joints themselves may both be seen as two aspects of a common disease if one will rise above a craving for differential diagnosis. It often surprises practitioners to discover that people with calcium deposits are actually as calcium deficient as those people that are losing bone mass. Remember: excess dietary calcium does NOT cause calcium deposits. Excess calcium is simply not absorbed, and is excreted in the feces. -Dee
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Hydrangea worked wonderful for my husband, who had liquid calcium deposits in his shoulder. He was totally unable to raise his arm when we started the Hydrangea, within approx. 3-4 weeks he was able to move his arm more freely. He has continued to stay on Hydrangea for 8-9 months now with no more problems. -Linda Morgan
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It normally takes about 3 weeks to see results but its also essential to get on good calcium and magnesium supplements. I recommend Skeletal Strength with added Magnesium Complex. -Thomas Easley
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This is a case usually where you aren't taking up the calcium. Try adding more Magnesium and enzymes. Kimberly
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Hydrangea herb does work on calcium deposits as well as on kidney stones. They both come from to much dairy and not enough water. Alfalfa, and GreenZone, Vitamin A and C.

Acupuncture may help with this too.

I had calcium deposits in my shoulders 20 years ago. Not anymore. -Teresa McIntyre
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Q: My mother often gets calcium deposits as her doctor calls them on her buttock. Is there a natural way to keep these from coming back? Her doctor's approach is to surgically remove them each time, but this causes a lot of pain and healing. She is years old. I would appreciate any information. Thank you. -Connie
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Connie, I've worked with calcium deposits on the face before so I believe it would be the same approach, even if a different altitude. Most generally Zinc deposits start to form when the parathyroid is weak. One of it's main jobs is to direct calcium in the body. When it becomes weak it will misdirect the calcium to the kidneys, bladder, skin, etc. The weakness is generally brought on by a Zinc deficiency and often an iodine deficiency. I would suggest testing for both the tail bone is a storehouse for calcium. That's why people will often get lower back pain when their calcium levels are low. Chinese medicine teaches balance in the body. If there is a problem in the lower back look to the upper neck.-Marty
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Herbal CA is designed to help the body make proper use of calcium. You will notice that it is a combination that is not so much high is calcium but rather it is herbs to assist with the proper use of calcium. Also Magnesium is needed to make use of calcium. I know of many people who simply need Magnesium. -Drew
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Hydrangea will break down calcium. -Michelle Clampit
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Q: Does anyone have any information on Calcium deposits. Someone mentioned the situation to me briefly. They said the person's body produces too much calcium and they have calcium deposits. What would be a healthy program for this? -Marguerite
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Actually, I think it can be just the opposite. . . if a person gets too acid, they need more calcium, so they start drawing it out of the bones and deposits of it start forming in spots. This can be a dietary thing -- needing more green, leafy veggies vs acid forming foods as meat and cheese.

Hydrangea seems to be the herb of choice for calcium deposits . . . Do read the FAQ page on this subject by going to the link: . -Georgiana
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Georgiana is 100% correct!! I have had FABULOUS results with hydrangea on all kinds of calcium deposits - kidney stones, gall stones, calcific tendinitis, heel spurs, etc. Alkalizing the body through diet, and drinking lots of water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice, is also VERY beneficial. -Sharon Grimes
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