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Breathing Problems

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 7:42 pm    Post subject: Breathing Problems Reply with quote

Breathing Problems

I have been having difficulty taking in a full breath and I think it's linked to the mold from a leak in my van. Does anyone know how to reverse the effects on my lungs? -Mara
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Definitely, do the yeast fungal detox (2 a day). You also may want to do extra pau d Arco tea (3 cups a day)for 3-4 weeks. The Pau d' Arco tree (a.k.a lapacho or taheebo) has no fungus growing on it so something within the tree does not allow fungus to thrive.

Also, take some Bifidophilus flora force. It won't hurt to up your flora. Take 3 right before bed or right at waking (your choice). The idea is to take it on an empty stomach. It is said to be more effective this way. -Lourdes Martinez
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Q: A client came to see me yesterday about bad breath caused by yellow clumps of something that fills the holes in her tonsils. When she can get it out, it has a terrible odor. Can anything be done about this? Thank you in advance for any suggestions. -S. Roe
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Your client has an infection and may even be a carrier of a once common disease called Diphtheria. I had this disease back in the early 1940s and it was rare then. I understand that in some of the third world countries that it has become more common. Ask your client if she has made contact with anyone from one of these countries. If she is a carrier of diphtheria she should se a doctor and receive the serum to get rid of before she spreads the disease to someone who may die from it because proper treatment wasn't given in time. -Russ
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I would recommend twice a day swishing the mouth with Colloidal Silver for up to a minute and then spitting it out. Colloidal Silver is an odorless, tasteless substance that is known to destroy over 650 disease-causing organisms (including Strep and Staph). Colloidal silver can also help rejuvenate the injured tissue (from where the tonsils were removed). -Laura Clement
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My husband works at a steel plant and has been there for many years. It is getting to the point that he has such bad breathe that I don't want to talk to him. To me it smells like the steel plant. I know he needs to do some cleansing but I am not sure where to start. He does take Psyllium for the bowels but it is much more than that. I don't want him to cleanse too fast because he has never done a cleanse before and he is limited to bathroom facilities at work. Anyone have any suggestions? -Thanks. -Joanne
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There are really only two things that cause bad breath - one being digestion the other bacteria in the mouth, i e gums. Usually for the first I have had great success with herbal H p Fighter, even dramatic results. Do muscle test - they may need enzymes if food is decaying in the stomach. Your breath will smell. Second, I would add Myrrh oil, one drop to my NSP Brite toothpaste, In this case I would also do the other cleanses.Hope this helps. -Inge Wetzel N D
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Start him on CleanStart in the evening before his long week end. Give him the full treatment recommended and by the time he goes back to work he will be regulated. If you start him out slow he will not be regulated in time to be comfortable at work. He will probably be uncomfortable sometime during the week end but by the end of the second day every thing will be fine. The important thing is that he carry out the whole program as scheduled. I recommend that he follow with UltimateBuild seven days after the completion of CleanStart. Discontinue the Psyllium during this entire period and commence with it after word. I had the same problem and went through the above program for other reasons. The bonus was a sweeter breath. My wife liked that a lot. Good luck. -Russ
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I agree with other two responses. Defiantly need to cleanse. Would be most beneficial to muscle test to see just what type of cleansing his body needs done. My guess would be given the environment he has been exposed to for years detoxing the liver will be of upmost importance. Liver is the bodies main filter. I imagine his whole body is overloaded with metals. If you do muscle test check his parotid reflex points on the cheeks and check liver starting anywhere with cleansing would be great. Clean Start is a wonderful beginning because of the enviro detox fiber and the Bentonite Clay. After Clean Start would like to say that I would defiantly be continuing cleansing the lower bowel and detoxing the liver every day for a good while. Suggest Oregon Grape and Milk Thistle during day hours and evening do the main cleansing of lower bowel and liver. May also want to read into the benefits of using Activated Charcoal or Bentonite to help body pull out these metals and toxins and rid the body of them with the lower bowel cleanse. Good luck to you both. Hope all goes well - give it time. -Stacey Brown
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At the minimum I would try the Chlorophyl drink and Enviro Detox. A drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue will help with the immediate symptom until the root cause is cured. How's his digestion? Does he take Food Enzymes of any kind when he eats? He also could do the Clean Start. Just start out slowly to see how his bowels respond. -Jane
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