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Breast - Lump in

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 8:14 pm    Post subject: Breast - Lump in Reply with quote

Breast - Lump in

My client has a lump in her breast that has doubled in the last six months. Even with muscle test programs such as last one, Paw Paw, Lymphomax, Lymph Drainage, Chlorophyll, Probiotic 11, Breast Assured, Proactazyme, Protease and Paw Paw tea poultice on breast. Any experience or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. -Diana
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So she has been on this program and nothing worked?

And I'm assuming it has been totally confirmed that she has lumps/growths.

The only other things I can think of that helps reduce cysts, polyps...etc. Are, barley juice and Pau d'Arco. Can you touch the lump on her breast while she holds the product to be tested on the stomach area. She then says "breast lumps" if she tests strong that means the product will work for that. If tests weak it won't. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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Hi Diana, First of all, she should find out WHAT it is. . . . Very important to know what you are dealing with.

Then - in the event that it's Fibrocystic Breast disease, do a search on the forum FAQ page. Lots of good info there. It's alphabetically listed, so just scroll to Breast or Fibrocystic.

Most important -- off of ALL caffeine. And 8 - 10 Chamomile daily (at once). All Cell Detox starting at 1, building up to 6 daily. Kelp or Thyroid Activator may be helpful and Pro-G-Yam Cream (following directions) may be helpful. -Georgiana
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Consider Pau d'Arco, Parsley and Heavy Metal Detox and/or All Cell Detox. -S. Mitchell
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Has your client seen a doctor yet to confirm what the lump is? About 6 months ago I had a lump I was worried about. What I found to help me was the following: I stopped ALL coffee intake (all other caffeine should also be avoided.) Since I was under more stress than usual at this time, I supported my adrenals more with high doses of Vitamin C and also took extra B-5. I used Nature's Fresh externally on the lump area and drank Pau d'Arco tea. Please don't use any other brand of Pau d'Arco tea but NSP's and follow the directions on the label closely. I have tried several other brands of Pau d'Arco teas and NSP's is far superior than all the rest. The others did nothing for me; only when I used NSP's, did I see an improvement in my health. I highly recommend it for any condition. Hope this helps. I understand how concerned your client must be. p.s. Everyone is different, however, what helped me was drinking 3-4 cups of the Pau d'Arco tea a day. -Regina King, RN
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If it's a cyst then Cat's Claw is excellent for shrinking cysts and she should also take up drinking clay mixed in water. That will help pull out toxins for her body. Give it a couple months to work. I am having great results with my ganglion (sp?) cyst on my wrist. -Trish
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Q: I am 25 years old and have found a lump in my breast. I'm going in for a mammogram and ultrasound Wednesday and was wondering what I can do naturally to "control" this lump, if it is just a cyst (or something like that)... I would appreciate any help! Thanks! -Erin Domer
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I found that rubbing a small amount of Frankincense Oil over the area where you can feel the lump will cause fibroid lumps to disappear. - Laura
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A lecture I heard once on lymphatic system, mentioned that benign lumps in breast could have to do with stagnant lymphatic fluid.

Try Lymphatic Drainage Liquid or Lymphomax. Also, if you have Lobelia Extract mix with Cayenne or take Garlic Oil with some olive oil and rub in lump area. After rubbing on, do a light fast stroke with your hand on that area for 10 minutes (must do for at least this time, don't quit too soon) for the next 5 days. This moves in new lymphatic fluid to that area and brings in nutrient rich blood to get rid of the stagnation, if that is what it is. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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Lumps in breasts can have a emotional meaning too. Stress is a big one. Situations that are very uncomfortable for a period of time, even a year. Issues that have not been dealt with or resolved. Resentment hurt a woman's health. "Feelings Buried never die" Is a great book to have. Breast cancer has been reversed when a woman choose to forgive someone who has hurt her in the past. I have been a witness to that experience. Another area to look at. Hope this helps. -Teresa McIntyre
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