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Breast - Fibroids

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 8:15 pm    Post subject: Breast - Fibroids Reply with quote

Breast - Fibroids

I am looking for information on how to treat fibroids in the breasts. Any information would be appreciated. -Nina Mcindoe
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It is helpful to use castor oil packs on the breast at night, also begin a regimen of taking the Pau d' Arco Power Pack daily. This helps to shrink the fibroids. Be sure that you do not use an antiperspirant. This more than anything contributes to breast fibroids and tumors, because it cuts off the lymphatic flow. Use a deodorant that is free of aluminum chlorhydrate. Also do not use bras with under wires. Best to you. -Gail Pfaff
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Along with Gail's info is the underlying yeast condition that we find with most women with fibroids. Look for it and address it. If it exists Geranium essential oil is also wonderful for eliminating fibroids. -Marty
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Geranium is also very beneficial to hormone balancing. One problem with fibroids may be excessive estrogen production or excess estrogen in the body in general. Estrogen is carried through our blood stream to estrogen receptors such as in breast tissue. Excess estrogen is filtered from the blood by the liver and eliminated through the intestines and kidneys. If it's not all eliminated it's reabsorbed and can end up in the tissues. We don't want bad estrogen to end up in our tissues so making sure the colon is cleansed, liver is cleansed and efficient and kidneys are working will help avoid this. I've found that using Geranium essential oil during the first half of my cycle, especially, will balance my hormones so that there isn't such an excess of estrogen. I have never had fibroid problems but many women in my family have I also make sure my bowels are cleansed, I don't eat much meat, my liver is taken care of and that I don't have a problem with candida. But yet if I fail to use Geranium EO or herbs I use during the first half of my cycle especially I'll get hormone problem symptoms such as bad headaches, etc. I'm thinking this may also be due to the many things in our environment that may mimic the natural hormones in our body. Some feel certain chemicals in pesticides, cosmetics and plastics can have an effect like this. These substances aren't always easy to avoid so helping our bodies natural detoxifying abilities are very beneficial. Also our bodies seem to like the phytoestrogens in plants. These are plant hormones with weak estrogen like properties. Use herbs and food that contain these properties as these are much better than the chemicals. Our Phyto Soy would be a good choice, Black Cohosh is great for estrogen balance, even Burdock contains minimal phytoestrogens. And it's great to use with a cleanse to clean the blood - Blessed Thistle is useful to cleanse excess estrogen from the blood and is hormone balancing. It's also very important to have a good Calcium Magnesium supplement. Potassium will help with fibroids too. -Chottsie
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Frankincense EO on the tender breast areas 2-3x daily relieves my problem. Progesterone Cream is reported to help; but actually made mine worse and worse, even with dosage adjustments. Someone else mentioned geranium EO in the first 1/2 of the cycle; I wonder if this is also applied directly in the breast area? -Stormie

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I assume you are talking about fibrocystic breasts? Pro-G-Yam 500 mg, 1/2 t. twice a day massaged into the breasts, and Menstrual Reg internally to regulate the hormones. You can use the cream as a carrier for the Geranium EO. -Sharon Grimes
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