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Blood Type "O" - Multivitamins

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 8:35 pm    Post subject: Blood Type "O" - Multivitamins Reply with quote

Blood Type "O" - Multivitamins

Ok, all you "O" blood types out there! Help! I am trying to educate a lady who is really trying to help herself, but feels like the multi she buys from W--M--t is sufficient. She just doesn't know any better yet. I usually direct my "O" blood types towards the green pills, like Barley Juice Powder and Spirulina. However, if an "O" really insists on a multi, which NSP one works best for them? I know the Habit of Health choice is Super Supplemental - that would be tons better than what she's taking, for sure! She's in her early 60's. I was able to get her to change her calcium from the brand mentioned above to Skeletal Strength, as she absolutely insisted she needed a calcium. Any ideas? Thanks! Carol Matz
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This is going to sound funny - I am an 'O' and the only multivitamin that I can take is the NSP Children's Chewable - I take about 2 or 3 a day. -Allison Staker
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I'm an "O" and I do good with either Vita-Wave or Super Supplemental. Over the summer I began taking multies once again because I do better on them. I had stopped for about a year or so. I don't usually get my "O" clients on them though. For calcium, I like SynerPro Cal/Mag but have also liked the new Sea Calcium. -Chottsie
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The ones she is taking are hard for the liver to process the synthetics and O's struggle with that. I would explain how you can take stress off the liver with switching. I have seen that if O's can do multi's that the Vita-Wave does work better with them than any others that I have seen. I use the Skeletal Strength for a lot of people too with great results because of the base of enzymes in it. -Kimberly Balas
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I am an "O". Super Supplementals never make me feel more energetic. Ultimate Green Zone does. I know it tastes rather odd, but the results are almost within the hour and last for hours. I get along fine with the Skeletal Strength because it self digests (that is why it has the betaine HCL, Papaya and Pineapple in it. When I have urgent need for extra energy I use the Ultimate GreenZone mixed in with my every day Thai-Go and Noni Juice and a strong berry juice. Otherwise it just won't go down!

People who are "stuck" on cheap vitamins have no idea what they are missing. It took me years to get my mother on Super Supplementals and we all noticed a difference in her speech and hearing, let alone energy. When she would skip a day or two we all could tell. When she was no longer able to swallow we switched her to Vita-Wave and it also had good results. -Marilyn Navarro
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What do you give someone who doesn't know what blood type they are? Not everyone is willing to go out and spend the big bucks to get the blood test analyzed just to take the right supplement. -Annie
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Blood typing only costs $20 and their doctor can order it for them. It is important for everyone to know their blood type as it could save their life in an emergency!

(Diane might also be able to share some good information of blood transfusion alternatives which would be life-saving measures, since there are probably many of us on this forum who don't like the idea of transfusions.)

For people who don't have that conviction, if you go to donate blood they will also tell you your blood type. -Sharon Grimes
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I just wanted to suggest trying GreenZone in a smoothie. GreenZone is great for energy boost but it does taste funny. I usually put it in a blender with a frozen banana, soy milk and strawberries. Even my kids like GreenZone smoothies. Taste great.
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I give the "O"'s in my family the Herbal Trace Minerals. -Victoria
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I am an O- learning about personality traits that go w/ the territory-(tell me more, tell me more.....) I take Master Gland and Super Algae- but my mom, in her weakened state (who is an O) loves Vita Wave... Nora Weigl
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Nora, My understanding as taught was that "o"'s needed/did better with minerals than with a complete multi vitamin compared to an "a", like myself who would also take on a more complex program compared to an "o", who would prefer less to more--during my short lived experience of 5 years, I have found this to be so true with those I have worked with-I would love to understand the chemistry of it all better--an example: as an "a", I would want to do whatever it took and would take it loyally to see results, where as my mom, an "o", only wants 1-2 things to do and cannot stick to that.- just my experience-and not saying, your mom does not need the Vita Wave- victoria
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An O in a weakened state would require more. I would focus primarily on her liver and adrenal as an O type to build her though. Not saying the Vita Wave wouldn't work here in her weakened state. I would just add those.

There is a personality chart for O's in the Blood Type and Nutrition course with TOL or on the back of the Blood type charts that I did for TOL.

If you want the chemistry: A lot of the vitamins contain long chain polysaccharides that are an A antigen structure. O's only have a fucos stump identifier and do not recognize the n-acetyl-galactosamine structure of these antigens as being part of self so it requires energy to flush it out of the body. This is the primary surfactant that initiates a lectin response and therefore agglutination in the blood. -Kimberly Balas
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Q: Hi Kim, I read the piece you placed in the Natures Field on Blood type O and Vitamin E. What I read and understood was that Vitamin E will not thin the blood in this Blood type in other words it will not have the same effects as an anticoagulant. However, when I was speaking of it to this forum member it was in retrospect to scarring around the heart, not blood thinning in particular. I did warn against it's anticoagulant properties.

I understood the article to say it may cause more of a agglutination i.e clumping of the blood. However, I did read you have used it for other situation like yeast colonies in O blood type, which Vitamin E will isolate and help flush them out of the body. You reported that some Blood type O's will actually feel better on Vitamin E, but that it was because of the other effects on the body and not the blood thinning capabilities.

However, since this members liver is so congested, the extra work to make blood thinning properties to counter act the agglutination effect of the Vitamin E may not be appropriate at this time. You also said, that it puts extra stress on the liver which effects how the liver handles certain toxins. That it does not clog the liver per say.

So as I said, when we were talking in retrospect to the Vitamin E it was not in the capacity of a blood thinner, but more so as an attempt to dissolve old scarring on the heart tissue from old myocardial infarcts.

Recommended blood thinners more appropriate in this case would be Yarrow, Alfalfa, and Butcher's Broom, if in fact we were looking for this remedy. -Darcy
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Okay, let me put it in the terms that I understand and then we can sort out what it is you are asking about it:

Vitamin E is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that includes eight naturally occurring compounds in two classes designated as tocopherols and tocotrienols. Each of these compounds exhibits different biological activities. d-a-Tocopherol has the highest biological activity and is the most widely available form of vitamin E in food. The other isomers ( beta, delta, gamma), some of which are more abundant in a typical Western diet, are less biologically active than d-a-tocopherol. The commercially available synthetic forms of vitamin E are comprised of approximately an equal mixture of eight stereoisomeric forms of a-tocopherol, usually in the esterified form such as acetate or succinate. For practical purposes, 1 International Unit (IU) of vitamin E represents 1 mg of the synthetic form, racemic a-tocopherol acetate, while the natural form of d-a-tocopherol has a biopotency of vitamin E equal to at least 1.49 IU, if not more. The most widely accepted biological function of vitamin E is its antioxidant properties. Vitamin E is the most effective chain-breaking, lipid-soluble antioxidant in biological membranes, where it contributes to membrane stability. It protects critical cellular structures against damage from oxygen free radicals and reactive products of lipid peroxidation. Absorption of vitamin E is dependent upon the digestion and absorption of fat. Free tocopherols are absorbed by a non-saturable, passive process into the lymphatic circulation along with fat. About 45% of an ordinary dose is absorbed into the lymph.

Vitamin E has been shown to influence signal transduction pathways. This effect, however, may not be mediated through its antioxidant properties. Evidence from in vitro studies shows that vitamin E influences expression of adhesion molecules on endothelial cells and monocyte adhesion to endothelial cells. Vitamin E supplementation at a dose of 200 IU/day significantly improved immune response in healthy elderly. High intake ( 200 IU/ day) and high serum vitamin E levels have been associated with reduced risk for coronary heart disease in men and women, reduced risk of prostate cancer and may slow progression of Alzheimer's disease. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin E is based primarily on customary intakes from US food sources. The current RDA for males is 10 mg and 8 mg for females. However, the requirement for vitamin E increases with higher intakes of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). The recommended ratio of E/PUFA is 0.4 mg d-a-tocopherol per gram of PUFA. In defining the ideal intake, factors to consider are intake of other antioxidants, age, environmental pollutants, and physical activity.

Vitamin E supplementation may be contraindicated when a coagulation defect is present due to vitamin K deficiency or in individuals receiving anticoagulant drugs.

So you want to know if it would help with the scar tissue around the heart? Probably not in an O type. I would use something more like Protease between meals and Helichrysum topically. -Kimberly Balas
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