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Blood Sugar

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 8:40 pm    Post subject: Blood Sugar Reply with quote

Blood Sugar

I am looking for herbs that can help with blood sugar highs and lows any ideas? -Rena
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Chromium GTF and P-14 are both good blood sugar regulators. - Laura
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Sugar Regulator may be a good choice for this. Plus Target Pro-Pancreas to strengthen the pancreas. -Jane Plescher
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Q: I've had trouble with hypoglycemia in the past, and now am having trouble with high sugars--not enough to be diabetic, but high enough to be "borderline." I am not overweight, I exercise and eat somewhat healthily, although I tend to crave sugar. I've also been feeling tired, shaky, anxious, etc. when my sugar is unstable. A friend suggested I try the Chromium from NSP and cut out flour, sugar, animal products, etc. from my diet. I'd appreciate any other input. Thank you! -Dawn
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Support adrenals and maybe also pituitary. Super Algae, Spirulina, Nervous Fatigue Formula, Licorice Root, Maca, HY-A,..... -LeRae
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I would highly recommend two resources:

1) The Daily 7 Program will help you with some of the root issues of your blood sugar problem.

2) Order the tape on "Diabetes" from the 2003 National Convention - excellent info. This is available through -Sharon Grimes
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I have found that eating six (6) small meals a day instead of three a much better solution. Sporatic eating such as go all day without food then eat a large meal, or eat before bed these habits can create havoc on the blood sugar levels. If you eat six small meals and a protein snack in the evening you should be able to maintain a constant blood sugar level. Drink a lot of filter water as well.

Also, I like chromium GTF or Licorice root they are excellent supplements to help reduce the sugar cravings. -Dee
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I have a new customer and I tried the Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula with her and in one month her blood sugar has lowered from 180 to 140 and is still decreasing. Im impressed! -Suzanne
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You might try Magnesium Complex. I've been reading about magnesium deficiency which can cause this kind of problem as well. It seems to be the key to my problems. That and supporting the adrenals, which has already been mentioned. -Stormie
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No fruit, no grains -- especially wheat products, no carrots, corn, beans, potatoes -- nothing that turns to sugar. No alcohol of course.

You can eat all the green leafy veggies you want, and cruciferous veggies. . . No dressing with sugar.

Muscle test for PBS, Target P-14, Pro-Pancreas, SugarReg, and Blood Sugar Formula -- See which would be most helpful to you. Fiber is also important -- slows down the release of blood glucose into the blood. -Georgiana
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You need to be strict with your diet. The Zone Diet was recommended to my husband who has diabetes and heart problems. You can still live somewhat normally and keep your sugars in tact with this method. -Janks
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