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Bladder - Control

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 9:29 pm    Post subject: Bladder - Control Reply with quote

Bladder - Control

Is there any herb, vitamin that helps strengthen the muscles of the bladder to help with control? I am and have been having problems for some time. I do not want to go on medication because of the side effects. -Leslie Lehmann
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Always have to ask what your diet is like? Understand that no matter what program you begin it won't do much good if you don't keep the diet as healthy as possible. With any kind of urinary problem stay away from caffeine, no coffee, no tea, no soda, etc. Cranberry juice is great. No cranberry cocktails with refined sugars. Lemon and water is great. Give the kidney and bladder some good fluids to keep them detoxed and to help strengthen the tissues. Watch red meat consumption, causes uric acid build up in kidneys. Also watch sweets and sugars. Still leaves plenty to eat and drink. Just have to put a little more effort into the choices that you make each day. As for herbs or supplements - to help tone the urinary tract I would have to say definitely give Uva Ursi a try along with Cornsilk. Both of these herbs are miracle workers with the urinary system. I have used them myself with great results. I use to suffer from chronic kidney infections and had very weak bladder. Nothing helped until I eliminated teas and sodas from my diet. Even then though I felt an improvement already I still had problems with leaking dribbling and a combination of Uva Ursi, Cornsilk and gravel root worked wonders. My dosage will be different from yours for we are all different but just to start with I used liquids of these herbs. Capsule wise I would muscle test for the amount, if you can. Help things along with lots of pure clean water each day - person should drink half of their body weight in ounces of water each day, not the standard recommended 8 oz glasses cause all people are different sizes with different circumstances. Good luck to you would love to hear of your success. It will happen if you are faithful to your improvement program. -Stacey Brown
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Bladder - Leaky

Does anyone out there have an answer for a leaky bladder/ Thanks. -Regina Woods
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Try cutting back on red meat and hard to digest proteins. I found my leaky bladder is worse when I consume alcohol and when I eat fried foods and a lot of red meat. A lot depends on if the person has had children and how many children they had. Sometimes then opening of the urethra becomes enlarged from childbearing. One answer is the Kegel exercises that they tell everyone to do. I saw on a TV show that they are now doing surgery on the urethra opening to help this when it is a severe problem for women who had lots of children and enlarged the opening quite a bit good luck. -Sue B
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Reflexology - bladder reflex has also been known to help. -Jane
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My mother had this with pain as well in the back we found that the hip and pelvic were displaced. she went to a massage therapist in the area who performed a corrective technique and this helped the problem. -Virgina
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I have several clients that have been helped with Urinary Maintenance, Cornsilk. -Lindy
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