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Bed-Wetting & Wetting Pants

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 9:49 pm    Post subject: Bed-Wetting & Wetting Pants Reply with quote

Bed-Wetting & Wetting Pants

My son (5 yrs.) has been potty trained since 2-ish but he's been wetting his pants excessively for the past year and a half or so. He still wets the bed, too (which is not my main concern at this point).

I've tried everything, it seems. I've muscled tested him for Licorice Root and he does better when he's taking that. I also really limit the sweets he can have and we try to eat whole foods as much as possible. He has some major meltdowns when his blood sugar is low, so that's why I started with the Licorice Root in the first place.

I've also reduced (but not eliminated) his gluten intake and I don't allow him to eat foods with coloring in them.

Honestly I don't know if it's behavioral or physiological... it's been going on for so long because at times it gets better for a few weeks and then it seems to get worse. He willingly rinses his pants out after he does it.... I think it makes him feel more in control of the situation when he can do this. I can't tell if he just doesn't want to take a break from playing.... or maybe he just pees an excessive amount and has given up trying to make it to the bathroom on time. I refuse to limit his fluids because I know he doesn't get enough to begin with... even though I try to remind him to drink water.

Oh, I've also tried homeopathic remedies for bed-wetting, thinking that they'd help during the day.

Please... Any ideas what I can do for this little boy? :) Nothing seems to help for very long or very effectively. Oh, and he doesn't take capsules yet. -Karen
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Well let me tell you a story. When I was also 5 yrs old I began to wet my bed. I had no idea it was happening until I woke up.

Finally a pediatrician told my mom to have me hold my urine during the day as much as I could before I would eliminate. "Until I couldn't hold it". That cured me.

Years later, I met a women who had a 7 yr old daughter that had been wetting her bed for some time. The mother was at her wits ends. I told her and the daughter my story. The little girl tried it, and her mom told me that in two weeks she was over her bed wetting. Imagine that.

From what I understand for those children's who's bladder is tiny and/or who's muscles that hold the urine in the bladder may be too weak, are the ones that benefit from this technique. Try it.

About the melt down. What type of breakfast does your child usually have, a high protein breakfast or a starchy/sugary breakfast. When a child or adult begin their breakfast with a protein (animal protein giving the best results in studies, then eggs and thirdly nut butters...peanut, almond...etc) the blood sugar tends to be pretty stable all day, even if a sugar/starchy product is eaten later. However, when a person starts with a starchy/sugary breakfast the blood sugar fluctuates all day even if you have a protein lunch later.

My girls (6 and 2) have a protein breakfast 80% of the time. I can honestly say I can't remember the last time they had a melt down. I have other friends that have done the same and they see a difference in moods. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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I have found over the years that children often wet the bed, when they are low in Calcium and Magnesium. Since children grow so quickly they often deplete their stores of minerals. The bladder is a muscle, and when you are low in Cal/mag muscles tend to spasm. Usually this happens at night when we are not actively in control of them (like leg cramps when you go to bed). It seems to me that which ever area a person has an inherited weakness in, is the area that gets depleted first when the cal/mag levels drop. Most common is leg cramps, clenching of teeth, colon spasms, or bladder spasms. I once gave Chamomile to a child who wet the bed nightly for 5 years and it stopped after a week. I'd suggest you try Stress-J liquid, 1/2 teaspoon twice daily - it is a great source of calcium and magnesium, and relaxes muscle spasms.

60% percent of all the magnesium in the body is in the bones, growing children use a lot of magnesium and it is not supplied too well in the average American diet, refined foods, white breads, meat and dairy are low in magnesium. The best sources of magnesium are tofu, legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts, and green leafy vegetables. -Valerie G
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This would make sense because he also clenches his teeth. I just chalked it up to habit, since it's something that I do, myself. Thanks for the tip! -Karen
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One more thing, I just thought I should give you some insight on a couple other causes if this doesn't work:

The most common cause as I mentioned previously would just be a lack of the minerals calcium and magnesium which causes the bladder to spasm during the night or in some cases during the day. There are some other factors to consider if this doesn't cause fairly quick results (within 2 weeks).

1. Bladder infections could be a cause if this, especially if it is happening all day and is accompanied by some burning or uncomfortable feelings with urination. Your Doctor can check this with a urine evaluation. If you have done this and it comes out negative it is still possible to have a low grade infection, virus, yeast or parasites that may be contributing to the problem but just doesn't show up on normal tests.

About parasites: It sounds awful but parasites are a not uncommon and it is estimated that 80% of the population harbors some type of parasites in their body, most often in the intestinal tract. Pin worms are very common in children and they can pick them up by touching bathroom faucets, or doorknobs and then putting their fingers in their mouths. The colon is interesting in that it is covered with nerve points that reflex to other parts of the body, just like your feet and hands. If there is a parasite, yeast, or bacterial infection or toxic buildup in a particular part of the colon it can cause a reflex to the corresponding part of the body and trigger symptoms there. Usually parasites are located in the Cecum, near the appendix (the right lower side of the colon). This is because food waste enters the large intestine from the small intestines at this point and still contains some nutritional value which the parasites can feed on. Grinding of teeth, as I mentioned previously is often a sign of cal/mag deficiency, but it is also attributed as a sigh of parasites. The reflex points for the ears, nose, eyes and throat are all located near the cecum, when parasites are present the toxins created by them can trigger a nerve reaction in any of those places which I think is why people tend to clench teeth when the parasites are present. A parasite in the colon could still trigger spasm in the bladder if the parasites were migrating (on their way out of the colon) and the child was constipated, as the reflex point for the bladder is located at the bottom point of the descending colon fairly close to the rectum. If the stool was held in the colon at this point for long periods of time, children often don't go every day. Then it's possible the toxins could trigger a reflex reaction at this point.

I know this is a lot to consider, but many of you readers have asked me about this since I sent out the information on bed-wetting. How do you know if it's parasites?

1. You probably won't know for sure, it's a process of elimination really. There are some medical tests available but they must be done properly, by a qualified lab, the typical basic stool sample that the Doctor might run would likely not show anything.

2. First off, I'd just try supplementing with calcium and magnesium like in the Stress-J liquid and see if the problem corrects itself.

3. If not, then I might consider the possibility of parasites, but it could be yeast, a virus, or low grade infection or inflammation triggering this. So we need products that cover the whole spectrum of things. First of the Stress-J liquid contains some herbs that are soothing to the bladder and have a mild anti-fungal property, so this could help.
My next choice would be Colloidal Silver it is effective against all of the above microbes, is nontoxic, and won't hurt any to take even if there are no parasites present. 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily for 7 days would be a typical dosage. Add to this Black Walnut liquid which is well known for combating parasites and microbes in the intestinal tract. The herb has a high tannin content which gives it astringent properties (tone and tighten) and helps reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract. These same tannins are of an acidic nature and the parasites and microbes don't like it, this causes them to decide to leave the environment (your body). For a child around 50-75 lbs. I would use 15 drops twice daily, older children I might use it 3 times daily. toddlers 10 drops twice daily. This dose is in combination with the silver. Along with these herbs we need to add a fiber that will help remove the parasites from the colon, for children, hydrated bentonite (#1725-9) works well. This liquid absorbs toxins and also has a magnetic field that is disagreeable to parasites further making them want to leave. 1 teaspoon twice daily in 4 oz. water, they need to drink the whole thing (don't use less water) bentonite expands may times it's own weight and if you don't drink enough fluid, like with any fiber, you would constipate yourself. Refrigerate after opening. If the child improves on this program it needs to be repeated again after a 10 day break.

4. Parasites are more likely to be present if the child has a history of constipation, and often has nasal congestion, or runny nose. Yeast would more likely be a culprit if the child has a history of antibiotics and craves sweets, carbohydrates, or sugary foods.

Parasite cleansing is generally recommended twice yearly, spring and fall. For adults we have a complete parasite programs called Para-Cleanse (#4081-0) it is a 10 day program in convenient packages. After this rest 10 days then repeat program again. The Para-Cleanse is also a yeast cleanse at the same time. I highly recommend you use a fiber supplement while on the parasite cleanse. The fiber helps to sweep the colon wall clean and grabs parasites that are trying to hide in the mucus lining the colon. You could use Fat Grabbers at 3-4 per meal, or any of our powdered fibers like Irritable Bowel Fiber, Natures three or Loclo, these all need to be mixed with water or a small amount of watered down juice and shake well before drinking. Use once or twice daily. You can also use the Hydrated bentonite mentioned above, increase the dose for adults to 1 tlb. in 8oz. water twice daily.

For both adults and children follow up your parasite program with a 2 week round of friendly bacteria to repopulate the intestinal tract. You can use the Bifidophilus Flora Force, or the chewable L-Reuteri (one a day for children, two a day adults). -Valerie Greguire
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I have had personal experience with this lately with my seven year old. I kept thinking he would grow out of the bed-wetting problem and the frequent daytime urges. Finally took him to the Dr. two weeks ago just to make sure nothing was anatomically wrong, because I have tried literally everything. The problem definitely improved when I made sure he was moving his bowels three times a day, but nothing else worked long term or consistently.

I found out that Samuel has a very small bladder, which makes it spasm easily when it gets too full. We are working now to stretch his bladder by pushing fluids and having him hold it for longer periods.

In the meantime, about six weeks ago, I started thinking about what I would do for any other spasm condition, and started giving him a capsule of Magnesium Complex an hour before bedtime. We saw immediate improvements, though he still did not stay totally dry.

The Dr. recommended a small dose of Imipram, an anti-depressant, which works quickly and stops the problem completely. She said most boys grow out of this by the age of 14. Now, do I really want my son on something like this for the next seven years???? NO!

So, we started having him take the Magnesium at lunch time, too. When he takes two a day, he always stays dry. It does work!

Now -- I have been successful in treating a SYMPTOM - low Mg levels - but what is the ROOT of this problem? What cuases the low Mg levels in the first place? That is the answer I am seeking, if anyone can help! Thanks. -I have had personal experience with this lately with my seven year old. I kept thinking he would grow out of the bedwetting problem and the frequent daytime urges. Finally took him to the dr. two weeks ago just to make sure nothing was anatomically wrong, because I have tried literally everything. The problem definitely improved when I made sure he was moving his bowels three times a day, but nothing else worked long term or consistently. -Sharon Grimes
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This is interesting, I have recently learned blood sugar imbalances can also contribute to bed wetting issues. It may be an area worth looking into, especially with kids, because they are put in many more sugary tempting situations when visiting friends, etc. -Mary Pearsall
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
We definitely have noticed over the years that this problem is worse if he drinks any juice or soda. We eliminated all soda from our home and church 2.5 years ago, but of course he occasionally will be somewhere and someone will give him some without me knowing about it. I am trying to help him understand that he needs to say no. The same with any candy, etc., which he would not get here, but other people will try to give him. There is a definite connection, but of course we know that is because of the way blood sugar levels affect the kidneys.

How ironic that the same blood sugar issues affect adult men with nighttime trips to the bathroom, and erectile dysfunction!!! -Sharon Grimes
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From all the reading I have done since my 8 y/o still wets his bed about once a week, I have noticed that if a child (or the parents) had an issue of teeth clenching or grinding, night walking, etc... that they would also likely have a concern with bedwetting. Possible that all of this is integrated?

I could never imagine letting my son "outgrow" this problem by the time he reaches 14. We have delayed slumber parties and sleep overs up to this point because of this concern. I don't think he should miss out on that stuff until he "outgrows" it.

I currently have him on Mag Complex twice a day and L-Carnatine once a day (one capsule each) and will see how that will work. -Nicole Bandes

I have a niece who still wets the bed. Her parents are at wits end. Please give any and all suggestions. Someone mentioned in an earlier archive that she be taken to a chiropractor, any thoughts? I'll appreciate any advice given. Please be specific. I'll be checking my list of products but I'd love some success stories. It seems the child has some learning difficulties as well. Thanks. -Pam West
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This can indicate a blood sugar problem, eliminate refined sugar from the diet. Maybe have a small protein snack in the evening. The blood sugar drops so low they can't get up to go to the bathroom. Frequent urination, if this is a problem, can indicate diabetes. In any case eliminate refined sugar, there's absolutely no need for it. -Chottsie
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I'm sorry that I don't have any specific success stories for you but I do have a few suggestions that may very well help put an end to this problem. First thing to ask is what kind of diet does this child have? Always take a look at what she eats, drinks and any synthetic medications taken on a regular basis. I would strongly suggest to make some diet changes. If parents and the child herself truly want things to get better they will make the necessary sacrifices. No soda drinks of any kind, no caffeine, limit if not eliminate refined sugars in the diet no products with artificial colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners. Sounds like a lot to avoid but it is well worth it. Still leaves plenty to eat, drink. As for specific products to try, look into building the strength of the urinary system, bladder, kidneys. etc. Herbs such as Cornsilk, Uva Ursi, gravel root, Hydrangea, Horsetail. All of these single herbs are historically well known to improve any condition in the urinary system. Can detox the tissues of these organs as well as build up the strength of these organs and improve immunity. Specific combination formulas to consider are Urinary Maintenance, contains herbs as well as many vitamins and minerals for supporting the urinary system. Chinese Kidney Activator and KB-C are two Chinese formulas to consider. Both work very well in improving urinary ailments. Is muscle testing an option for you? Would highly recommend it so you can get to the root of the problem and find out exactly what this girl needs to balance her body, to overcome this problem. Would suggest plenty of good quality water every day. Take half of her body weight in ounces and that is how much water she needs to drink each day for proper hydration of all body systems including urinary. Can add fresh lemon to the water, cranberry juice would also be great. No cranberry cocktail. Stay away from the refined sugars. Would suggest having parents do some reading and research on these specific herbs and their uses. I'm sure if they give any of these suggestions of herbals to try along with watching the diet they will be very pleased with what nature has to offer their daughter's health. Hope this can help you get started. -Stacey Brown
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Nature Sunshine has a Homeopathic for Bed-wetting plus have they considered using the Bach Flower Remedy, cherry plum. -Jane
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I have a young boy client who stopped wetting the bed when his mother cut all citrus out of his diet. He was a big orange juice drinker. Check food allergies. Muscle test with oranges, orange juice, grapefruits. Muscle test for milk products as well. This mom also added Licorice Root during the day with Mineral Chi Tonic. Cornsilk will also help. Bed wetting can be related to weak adrenals. -Allison
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
One client's son stopped wetting the bed after only a few days on Kidney Activator (K). He was and had had the problem all of his life. Others have needed nervine herbs. -Dr Sandy Taylor ND
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