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Baby - Spitting Up

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:00 pm    Post subject: Baby - Spitting Up Reply with quote

Baby - Spitting Up

Hi, My grandson is 4 mos. old and is constantly spitting up lots at a time. He weighs 16 lbs. so it doesn't seem to be affecting his weight but I was wondering if putting some Proactazyme in his bottle would help. He is formula fed. Any ideas? If you put Proactazyme, how much in each bottle. Thanks. --Kaye Fenn
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The baby more than likely has a lactose intolerance. Try soy formula. -Elaine
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If the soy doesn't help, try to find a goat dairy close by and put him on goat's milk. It is wonderful. -Copper Thomas
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Yeah goat's milk digest in 20 minutes, cow's milk digest much longer. -Toni Lindsay
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What is the baby eating? We always recommend goat's milk second to breast milk. Could also be from a hiatel hernia - I took my son to the Chiropractor the day he was born to prevent this :-) -Kasara D'Elene
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If a baby has allergies to cows milk is goats milk a good alternative? I have a client who is trying to wean her baby and found out that he has severe allergies to cows milk. How about rice milk, soy milk or goats milk? -Donna Marks
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If you can't get fresh goat's milk, would you use the kind that you buy at the store. Would you need to add anything to it? Thanks. -Kaye
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Just the powdered from the store is fine. My friend used it with her baby as supplemental feeding and she was very content and didn't spit up at all. -Annie
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Q: Why would a baby projectile spit up after breast feeding but not when she is fed breast milk in a bottle? She has stopped nursing for about two days because she keeps most of the milk down from the bottle but heaves it when she is on the breast. Thanks for the help. -recycled
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The way her mother is holding her may create a hiatel hernia - which can cause spit up, or if the mother is stressed and the baby is picking up on that (they do that so well) which creates the hiatel hernia/stomach stress - have the mother try to change positions, and listen to some relaxing music. -Kasara D'Elene
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I'm wondering if the baby is taking in too much milk too fast from the breast whereas from the bottle it might be released more slowly and consistently...-Barbie Paine
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I think you are right Barbie, This was what happened with my son Thomas (now
12). I just had to burp him a little more often during the feedings to keep the bubbles moving. I would also fit in a diaper change right in the middle of the feeding to give him a minute to let it settle a little before the second breast. The breast definitely gives more milk quicker. One suck and on goes the faucet. I used to laugh because all I would do was hear my baby wake up and mine would start releasing. But those bottles you really have to work for it. With a little coaching, eventually they will learn to pace themselves a little better. -Karen Herrmann-Doolan
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The baby probably has some reflux going on. Are they holding the baby more upright when feeding the bottle than you would when nursing? -Elaine
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Q: A young mother recently came to me with her 3 month old baby who spits up excessively which I witnessed first hand. The doctor had recommended formula changes which has been done 4 times to no avail. The doctor then diagnosed the baby with acid reflux and prescribed Zantax. I tried 1/2 capsule of probiotics but doesn't seem to work. I'm rather new with NSP and am timid to try much else on a baby. Any suggestions? -Mary
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A friend of mine had a baby that did this. It turned out to be caused by the kind of bottle she was using. Give the bottle switch a try. It could be the problem. -Qiana Stewart
- - - - - - - - - -
My nephew did the same thing. I closed the valve between the large and small intestine. Iliocical valve. Never spit up again.

Draw a diagonal line from the belly button to the hip. You should be in the rt. lower quadrant. In the middle of that line gently feel for a hard knot. Press down and up and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat. Massage in an upward direction.

If someone else has better instructions for her that would be great. -Jenniefer
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Q: My daughter is here with her baby and just said to me, "Here's one for ya, Mom. Every single time I give Riley her bottle with the Bifidophilus in it, she regurgitates for the next three hours. She never did it with just the organic formula alone, only since I've added the Bifidophilus into it. How could good bacteria do that?" I asked her how much she was giving her and she said about 1/16th of a teaspoon. I have no idea why and would appreciate your help. -Nolee
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Hmmm, dunno. My daughter always gave her babies their acidophilous as a suppository tho. The reason you would do that (as a suppository) is because, as you know, you don't take a probiotic by mouth with food unless you are taking it FOR digestion because stomach acid kills the bacteria. That's why NSP puts them in tho se special capsules that don't dissolve until they reach the intestines. Someone else suggested putting it in the formula -- I never did think that was a good idea because in contradicted what I ever learned about taking probiotics.

IF you want to split a capsule -- why don't you have her empty part of a capsule into an empty cap and insert it rectally. See if she likes that better. Actually, an entire cap, once a day or every couple days would do JUST FINE. Just my thoughts on it. . . . -Georgiana
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