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Summer Buzzers

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 4:09 pm    Post subject: Summer Buzzers Reply with quote

Summer Buzzers

Hi! It's summer and the bees are buzzing..... don't let them annoy you too much! Bees play a big part in the pollenation process so we have crops that grow the food we eat. VERY IMPORTANT JOB!

Also, (honey) bees make honey, which is an incredible food. The darker, the better - it has more anti-oxidants!

Bee Pollen has nearly everything required by the human body, so is virtually a "complete" food source! I have found that when my clients start with small amounts of bee pollen in February/March, then increase the amounts slowly, they don't "come down" with their usual spring time allergies!

Researchers have found that honey, when applied to injuries and fresh wounds, heal faster with no infections. Why? Bacteria won't survive in the high potassium content of honey. Cuts and scrapes treated with honey heal faster than other commercial ointments.

Other researchers have found that honey can alleviate asthma, calm nerves and induce sleep, ease pain and relieve diarrhea.

So, what do you do when the buggers sting you? One source says the honey is the cure: it will neutralize the venom, ease the pain and draw the stinger out. Don't want to carry honey around with you? Not to worry...... some people have used a baking soda paste, others use Peppermint or Tei-Fu Oil.

Personally, I carry Tea Tree Oil ("the wonder from down under", "first aid kit in a bottle") wherever I go and have used it very successfully on bee stings and more! It neutralizes the venom, stops the pain and draws the stinger out. I've read that Tea Tree also works for snake bites, but I'm not willing to try that out!

Tea Tree Oil (not really oily, and has a clean antiseptic smell) is also good when applied to mosquito bites. Stops the itch, redness and swelling.

As an insect repellant, I take a few drops of Tea Tree, add water, put it in a small water spritzer bottle, then spritz myself when going outside where mosquitos, gnats and ticks will be. They don't like it and steer clear!

Oh, did you know that eating bananas will ATTRACT mosquitoes to you? And Vitamin B-6 taken in the afternoon will REPEL the evening mosquitoes? Of course, EVERYONE needs NSP's B-Complex capsules to nourish the nervous system - because if you aren't feeding it - it's "eating" at you! Unless you like feeling cranky all the time, by all means, then skip your B-Complex - but don't expect your friends to hang out while you're in a bad mood! Add the extra B-6 to your daily regime. When my kids were around ages 3-14, I gave 50 mgs. of B-6. As an adult, I used 100 mgs. This worked for us. Of course, it may depend on your body weight, so play around and see what works for you!

Oh, and if a bee lands on you, don't freak out - stay calm! They probably just want to get some salt off your skin. It will tickle a little, but they won't sting you unless they feel threatened. I ask them politely to leave, and they do. Swatting at them will just make them mad - that's when they sting! -Nancy Coulter
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