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Baby - Introducing Solid Food

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:56 pm    Post subject: Baby - Introducing Solid Food Reply with quote

Baby - Introducing Solid Food

I've got a mom with a totally herbal baby wanting to know if there is a website or book that would give her the proper introduction of solid foods to her 4 month old baby boy, who is an "O" blood type.

The Dr told her to introduce cereal through his bottle (she is supplementing breast feeding with a whey-based formula), then fruits, vegetables, then anything off the table.

I think we can do better than that. I've been out of this loop for quite some time, so thought I'd ask for a little help from my friends! : ) -Carol Matz
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Call me old-fashioned, but I counsel all moms to wait until their babies have teeth before they start them on solid food of any kind. This is usually 6 months at the earliest. I have seen so many children with food allergies who were started on baby food TOO EARLY. Just my thoughts... -Sharon Grimes
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I may be odd, considered weird about food and babies. Solid food was never meant to be bottle fed. Does not make any sense. We have enough grain allergies in the world without pushing it. Why do I feel this way? I was the oldest sister with two very much younger siblings. I got to "feed" the babies. Wiping peas off a babies face and poking them back in bothered me 53 years ago. It bothers me now. The liver has to be grown up enough to produce the enzymes needed to digest food and avoid allergies. My little brother was started on food at 4 months and has life threatening allergies to this day and must carry medication at all times because he is allergic to peanuts, peanut oil, peanut plant parts as well as to many other foods. He has a limited variety of foods that set well with him. My sister was started on foods at 6 months and does better.

So I breast feed my kids and did not give them any solid food until they were able to eat solid food. No baby food. Period. (Have you tasted baby food?) Both were about a year old and were wanting food off of plates in a big way. They both enthusiastically started eating everything we were eating. Neither is overweight as an adult. Both are very tolerant of foods. Only my daughter has trouble with shellfish. Both are very aware of what foods are attractive a any given time and eat balanced diets with no effort.

The only time I ever suggest food early is when the child is not breast fed exclusively, and then not to repeat a particular food for at least three days. Give the liver a break and do no ask to set up allergies by doing only one food every day, or even the same foods every day. Introduce one food at a time and observe carefully for the next 24 hours before giving a different food. Might be slow, but it seems to reduce allergies to foods that we just do not need. And make those foods organic, even if you can only buy organic for the baby because of cost.

That is my stubborn opinion, and I have seen many babies grow up healthy that have done it this way. -Marilyn Navarro
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This is what I have found out too. I started my daughter at 8 months on veggies and we skipped the whole high glycemic thing of cereals. She stayed on raw goats milk for 10 months too for the good fats -Kimberly Balas
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I read somewhere that each tooth ( when it comes in) has to do with what kinds of food can be digested. Not sure which might have been Paavo Airola book called Every Woman's Herbal. -Lora
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Woman's Herbal is by Dr. Christopher I am pretty sure. -Denise
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I have to concur with everyone who is saying to wait to introduce solid foods - 4 months is simply too young - they are meant to still be nursing full time at this age or bottle feeding if nursing is not possible. All 4 of my children did not start solid foods until they wanted them - around 9 months old. And this is the best possible thing for all sorts of allergies and tummy problems.

I was born in the '70's and the wisdom then was to shove mashed grains mixed with milk into the baby as early as 2 WEEKS old - which is what my mother faithfully did, thinking it was the 'new' right thing to do (and mistakenly thinking it would help me sleep through the night earlier) - I had major digestion issues as a child - very painful ones - and I am STILL battling digestion issues - and grain intolerance issues - and other related effects -

I tell every new mom I come across to please don't feed their baby solid food, until the baby wants it - and to make it vegetables first and then a little protein, and then add the grains. Sally Fallon's 'Nourishing Traditions' book has a great section on feeding babies- and also formula alternatives - lots of good info - -Allison
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Paavo Airola wrote a book called "Every Woman's Book." It is a really good resource book. -Ann Jones
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We started solid food with the first tooth also. We started with rice cereal and then added yellow vegetables with the cereal, then green vegetables. We went through all the vegetables first then went to fruit so we wouldn't create a taste for the sweet first. We only added one thing a week, so it took us a long time to get them all in. To this day, both my boys will eat anything that you give them. My youngest (almost 7) will choose salad over desert.

I would cook the vegetables and put them in the blender and then ice cube trays to freeze and then put them in ziploc bags until used. Start with one cube a meal and go from there. Seemed to work well for us, so we rarely used bought baby food. -Kathy Davis
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Q: Q: For a nursing infant, at what age should solid foods be introduced? Which foods? And in what order? Any other guidelines that would be helpful? Thank you. -Cynthia Russell
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Infant can be nursed for up to two years if you find it possible. No starches for 1st year - baby has no amylase to break it down until after 1st year. Mild vegetables, fruits (both mushed up) and soy milk, goat whey, Chlorophyll, Spirulina are good starters. Avoid formulas, white sugar, white flour and too much dairy. -Mike
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Just wanted to add that the WHO recommends children be nursed for at LEAST two years, and breast milk certainly doesn't lose its benefits once they hit the two year mark. :) As long as the baby is nursing, there's no rush to introduce new foods. Some babies don't show an interest in eating food until around one year! -K. Amspacker
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I just wanted to add that banana are the best first food because they have everything you need in it to survive. I learned from La Leche League that any foods introduced in the first year(which shouldn't be done before 6months I would think) are mainly for the baby to play with and test. Not actually needed for survival because all the nutrients they need are in breast milk and they usually still have that tongue reflex which pushes the food out. Some signs that a baby is ready for solids are: able to sit without being propped, showing interest in food and if the tongue reflex is gone. (I can't remember what it's called when they push their food out. sorry.) -Stephanie
- - - - - - - - - -
This is how our allergy/homeopathic doctor had us start our grandchild on food. She didn't really get interested in food until after 7 months.

Veggies first--we handed her a whole stalk of steamed asparagus, or green beans, or Broccoli just to get her to adjust to flavors and introduce food. Shortly after we used the baby food mill to actually start her on a few small spoonfuls. We did this for weeks.

Meat next---starting with some fish and chicken and then introducing beef. All thru the food mill. But he had us rotate the choices. Nix on hotdogs and processed meats.

Grains next----after 1 year of age. Then we rotated millet, rice, rye, oats etc so that we didn't repeat a grain until the 4th or 5th day. We didn't add wheat because of family wheat allergies. We used baby biscuits from the health food store for her to teeth on.

Fruits last, because they will always take to fruit--but if they get this first he told us they get used to the high sugar content, and then forget them liking veggies.

It worked--loves veggies, and she is not a problem eater even at 4.

For fluid we gave her R.O water since she nursed until two. No fruit juices because of the high sugar content---no milk or other dairy. We introduced rice and goat milk later on.

When we juice now, her favorite is beet with apple and lemon---homemade lemonade.

Anyway, we felt like we were going against mainstream thinking doing it this way but it was worth the effort. She is an excellent eater and didn't have the ear infections and other problems other mommies were putting up with. - Ardis Nehlich
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Don't introduce solids before 6 months, and hold off to 9 months if at all possible. Start with orange veggies and continue to all veggies, then meats (but not before 12 months), then grains after 15 months, then fruit. -Judith Cobb
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Generally around 6 months. A wonderful book on this subject is "Mommy Made and Daddy Too" by Martha and David Kimmel.

My daughter used this as a guide for all three of her children. The reason for certain foods at certain ages is that if they are given certain foods at too early an age, it can cause food allergies later in life. Hope this helps you. -Georgiana
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