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Baby - Gas

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:00 pm    Post subject: Baby - Gas Reply with quote

Baby - Gas

I have a friend whose 4 month old baby has had continuous problems with gas. She has tried different formula's but nothing seems to make a difference. What do you suggest? Thx -Val
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Catnip & Fennel either taken internally or rubbed on the baby's back (watch out - sticky) should relieve gas. -Ruth
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If breast fed Mom should drink Anise seed tea--6-12 anise seeds in 4 oz. water at least 1/2 hour before nursing. She should watch what she eats because sometimes it is what she eats that makes the gas. If she can't stand anise then dill seeds will do. If the baby is bottle fed use anise seed tea to make the formula substituting 2 oz anise seed tea for 2 ounces of water. An old Bolivian remedy that works! -Marilyn Navarro
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All formulas are dead foods and can cause gas and other digestive difficulties. Open a capsule of Bifidophilus Flora Force and put some on her rectum each time the diaper is changed. If a formula is desired rather than nursing use freshly pressed carrot juice, fresh each morning, cut half and half with RO or distilled water and add 1 teaspoon each Flax seed oil (or 1 capsule Super GLA) and molasses or sorghum per quart. For this baby add a capsule (opened and emptied into the juice) Bifidophilus Flora Force per quart as well. Karen Jensen
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My son is weeks old and I have been breast feeding him since he was born. We've had our share of problems from an infection to a yeast infection which I'm still working on. The latest incident has been his constant fussiness throughout the day. I wouldn't say it's colic because he does not cry without stopping he seems to feel better after he burps which is now being accompanied by spit up most of the time. He could be breast feeding and seemed very content then all of a sudden he gets red and starts crying. His tummy also gets really hard. I have taken chamomile tea hoping it would calm him down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -I Smith
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Are you still breast feeding? If so you may need to be careful of what you are eating. What you eat affects the baby. If this is the case you may try about three Papaya Mints after you eat. If you are not still breast feeding it may be the formula you have the baby on. Soy is a good one to put them on if they are having problems with digestion. The angle that you are feeding may have a big bearing on it also. Keep the baby almost in a sitting position so as not to create air in the stomach while nursing. Short feedings until the bottle is empty with burping in between will also help with the gas. Hope this helps. We just had a new baby at our house and these are some of the things that we did. Good luck and enjoy your little bundle of joy. Reva
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This seems to be a fairly common thing to start at this age. My sister who does not breast feed her little guy had been going through this and he's about the same age. My daughter did this too. I would suggest to not wait until he's really hungry before feeding him. Try feeding sooner so that he's not gulping and taking in air. I think this may be related to growth spurts at this age and trying to adjust to larger quantities of milk. I'm sure you've noticed he gets a bit po'd not that he's in pain but down right mad. You could try giving him a little Homeopathic Calming or Distress Remedy a few minutes before feeding so he's more relaxed until he gets through this. Try to make sure he has a nice quiet atmosphere for feeding and if you think he's tummy does hurt you can use a little Catnip Fennel. This is excellent for belly aches of all ages. Also make sure he's being burped throughout the feeding. He may be gulping in air. I hope this helps. I sympathize as I've had my share of feeding difficulties. -Chottsie
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Thank you so much for your information. I did buy the Catnip Fennel Combination but he hates the taste and spits it all out. It is pretty strong. Instead I have been taking it myself hoping that somehow he absorbs it thru the breast milk. Last night it was pretty rough. I found myself massaging his belly most of the night. It still gets very hard and he cries as if he was in a lot of pain. This morning I found my calming bottle and gave him some drops. I'm hoping this works. He's still spitting out a lot. Someone said that maybe he's eating too fast. Thanks again for your help. I Smith
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Also try massaging a bit of Lavender essential oil mixed with some NSP Massage Oil onto the baby's tummy. If you have had problems with candida yeast I highly recommend that you take Bifidophilus and that you give the baby Bifidophilus suppositories. Empty Bifidophilus capsule to contain one half the amount, coat this with Golden Salve, insert into the baby's rectum. It will help to fluoridate the bowel and kill of candida which causes gas. This also will encourage a healthy bowel movement within minutes to one hour. -Gail Pfaff ND
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Have you tried exercise? No, I'm not crazy. My son was gassy and we were talking about it. He passed gas when we did reciprocal motion exercises with his legs like bicycle riding. It took time but it worked. The motion of pumping the legs up and down and a steady pace was relaxing. So be sure you don't pass your anxiety on by doing it too fast. My great uncle an MD always said that colic in a horse is cured by making it walk so even if the child is too young to walk make his legs go through the motions by moving them up and down left and right. The baby can either by laying down flat or slightly sitting up but very well supported. -Marilyn Navarro
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I have been reading all of these responses since the first day you posted your concern on the forum. I he been pleased with the suggestions that people are giving you so normally i won't try to add anything to these helpful suggestions. For the most part all of these different suggestions would seem to work successfully by now if you have been using these suggestions. You should have seen a significant improvement. If you have not, then I tend to wonder if something isn't being overlooked. If baby still seems very fussy and uncomfortable with his tummy it makes me think of a hiatel hernia, not to alarm you, because it is not uncommon for babies to be born with a hiatel hernia. I heard Jack Ritchason speak last year at a Herbaganza given by Frank and Irene Miesse in Ohio. He lectured on hiatel hernias and the symptoms of as well as therapies for fixing a hernia. I have his video on hernia's and since I have been reading all of your posts about the baby's fussiness and spitting up while feeding it made me think of what all Jack talked about. Suggestions were several times a day especially before and after a feeding take your index and middle finger press firmly just below the joining of the breast bone. Press finger a little up and under the breast bone and slowly pull fingers down about 2 inches. Repeat this motion several times for a minute or two. This pressure of pressing up and pulling down will temporarily help to close the herniated area. This will help with babies fussiness and should help him hold his feeding down. You will know if you are pushing too hard. Baby will probably let you know that he doesn't like it. Just a steady firm pressure should help to get his muscle flap toned so that it will be able to eventually stay down on its own. Just a suggestion for you. Don't want to step on any toes because other suggestions were good but in this case standard of care didn't seem to be progressing like it should have. Hope this helps. -Stacey Brown
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