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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 4:11 pm    Post subject: Stroke Reply with quote


What is the best policy for preventing strokes? I have a client who has a great family history of strokes--her blood seems "naturally" thin as she bleeds easily---a slight bump makes a huge bruise just under the skin---she took some garlic at one time and her little "red" warts suddenly started to bleed----so she doesn't want to take anything to make her blood thinner as she worries about "seepage" strokes---and the family also has the regular "clot" stroke.. so she wonders what is best? She shows alot of congestion on the BTA and so stays away from minerals all she can? Any good ideas for prevention?? -gh
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Has she ever been checked for a bleeding disorder, such as a Factor VIII deficiency, which is also known as Von Willebrand's Disease? This would certainly be worthwhile pursuing before trying to deal with stroke prevention. She can get more info from I just found out a year ago (at 47) that I have a very rare one, a Factor XI deficiency, and I cannot use about 50 herbs, supplements, etc.; even have to limit Omega 3's because they thin the blood. Obviously cannot use any pain meds or anti-inflammatories either. I would really encourage your client to pursue this! -Sharon Grimes
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I use HVP and Dong Quai for this problem. HVP is a Herbal B Complex. I found that it worked to prevent Strokes with my Husband and another young lady who was always having little strokes. The Dong Quai thins the blood as well as stops internal bleeding. My husband had Thrombocytopenia Purpurea.

I believe certain Parasites are also involved with this problem. Putting it simply, my husband was a farmer and would often get plashed with manure. The next day he would be off color. The following day worse. The 3rd day so unreasonable and the 4th day you could not talk to him! He himself noticed how it went each time and said there must be some herb he could take, at the start, so he did not get so bad.

We went over all the herbs we had at that time, asking what would help. HVP came up. So we tried it with such success, he never had to get to Day 3 + 4 again. He was picking up Leptospirosis. I had read where an Angel is said to have told someone that Dong Quai would stop the Plague. The Plague was Rat Leptospirosis! Same family!

I also used these both after my husband had a stroke that paralyzed him and he came out of it really quick and well. I piled these two herbs into him when I found him floating in the bath one night. First I growled at him for not turning the bath water off as it was flowing over the floor! [All very hot] And for not calling out or banging on the wall! Then I realized all he could move was his eyeballs! I called for help to a Grand daughter-in-law to get me the herbs and the water while I held him up as the water ran out. Then cushions and towels to keep him upright and covered while I got the Dong Quai and HVP into him. After a short time he was able to walk to bed.

I always muscle tested for the amounts he needed and how often they were needed. I did write this all out once before and a lady queried HOW could he have swallowed the herbs when he did? I have thought about that since and can only conclude that I got them into him fast enough before the swallowing mechanism that prevents the food and drink from going down into the lungs, had not cease to operate. As it did with the biggest stroke months later.

Much later, after he passed away, I re-read what I had written about this incident and found that I had forgotten I had included HVP along with the Dong Quai at this time. Valerie
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Q: My brother-in-law just had a stroke and the extent of damage is not yet known. He is in his 50's and not sure of his health habits. I am very new to the forum and I would like to know what can be done for him. I know in this situation the doctors will only be guessing. Thanks for your response -Karen Collins
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I would consider Cardio Assurance. It has Hawthorne and Gingko in the combination. I would also add CoQ10-30 or 100. Checking his pH would also be helpful. If his urine is low, it also means he is low is Potassium and Magnesium, which are important to the circulatory system. NSP's pH brochure and cassette tape called Untold Truth II will help with info. -Sherri
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Q: I recently had a TIA (mild stroke)......I have history of high blood pressure, but was taken off medication couple years ago & I wasn't monitoring & I was under tremendous stress (job loss, finance, etc) Anyway I've been using herbs, essential oils for years, can anyone recommend something that helps regain motor coordination/balance......& I can't write (right-handed) like I use to......Dr says I'll fully recover, but takes time............. -Sheri
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It does take time and stressing over rushing your progress is not going to help, but you know this I am sure.

May I suggest some healing visual exercises? First go to a quiet room, get comfortable. Sit upright in a chair place palms up lay across knees touch middle finger and thumb together. Take your tongue press it up against the back of your teeth right on the roof of your mouth, then Take a slow deep breath through your mouth keep tongue in position at all times, hold breath for a few seconds and breath out through mouth slower and longer than inhaling. Clear your mind, and think this thought "Life is change, and I adapt easily to new. I accept life-past, present and future" " I feel pretty good, my memory is improving and my strength is returning" You will want to do this at least twice a day.

I like Ginkgo/hawthorn or Ginkgo/Gotu Kota to improve circulation to the brain. I also like Protease Plus because enzymes will increase the healing process. Of course if I take Coumadin a blood thinner I would need to be careful using any of the above therapies since they all have anticoagulant properties, and monitor my PT, PTT and INR more frequently, so as to prevent bleeding.

Enzymes are the keys that fit into the locks and they help do so many things. They definitely help with the healing process, as well a prevent blood clots in DVT, they are anti-inflammatory, so they reduce swelling, enhance the immune system highly recommended for people with auto-immune diseases like MS and Rheumatic arthritis, help decrease the aging process, Proteolytic enzymes are so important they help in the treatment of hepatitis, Mono, or Epstein Barr, herpes, acute herpes zoster, and viral infections, great at clearing lymphatic drainage. They have been useful with cancer therapy patients. They help heal dental work, and surgery faster.

You are not suppose to take enzymes 24 hours before surgery, but you should start 36-48 hours after to prevent post-op to speed up the healing process, reduce swelling and hematomas. -Dee
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