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Baby - Asthma

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:18 pm    Post subject: Baby - Asthma Reply with quote

Baby - Asthma

My Grandbaby (2 1/2 yrs) was diagnosed with asthma and has been in the hospital for past 4 days due to breathing problems. His mom feeds him terrible and he has a weak immune system. Can a baby do some form of colon cleanse? He is always constipated. He was with me for two weeks and the constipation stopped and his nose quit running. I believe he could be healed if he ate right, however, they do not live in the same city and I only see him once in a while. I have sent some of the supplements, however, she FORGETS to give them to him. I need a quick, easy approach to give her so that the baby regains his health. -Donna
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LB extract can get his bowels moving and it is gentle, but you are right...unless mom is willing, then it would be pretty hard to get him really well. She needs the Dr. Mom Dr. Dad course...maybe as a Resurrection (or Easter) gift? Unless her birthday is sooner than that! -Leslie Lechner
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My son was in the hospital with RSV for a few days. About 4 mo. later diagnosed with asthma at 18mo. old. I gave him liquid Red Raspberry to boost immunity and liquid ALJ for lung development. That's ALL I did for him. It took about 6mo. and he was fine except with extreme activity. He's six now and fine all the time. I'm a busy mom, at the time this all started happening, I had a newborn baby, watching 4 other children in my home (all of them under 3) and I was going to school. Since this is your child your talking to, I'd lay on the guilt trip thick. How important it is to give him the herbs. Sure, everyone forgets once in a while. But there are tricks to remember. And truthfully, I've been through the nebulizer treatments 4 times a day. It's a pain in the A double scribble!!!! The nebulizer treatments won't heal him, so it will go on, and on, and on.... Taking this into consideration, the herbs are much easier then the alternative. And that's just now. Think of the burden she'd be putting on her child in the future. Every time he goes out to play football with friends, he's wheezing home for his inhaler. At school, after every recess and every gym class, off to the office for his inhaler. Is she really that busy? She has the power to prevent this from being her child's future. I think others can chime in when I say that nothing is more important to a mother then their babie's health! I'd play on that if I were talking to my sister or any other family member with children. If you haven't done it already, it's worth a shot. If you've already tried, don't give up. You have a personal interest in this too. -Susan
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The inhalers won't always work in all cases. One night while doing an ER rotation they brought in an 8 year old boy. he had asthma-- used his inhaler-- he'd done everything right. Instead of opening him up-- it constricted everything. inhalers have a nasty way of working sometimes-- opposite of what they are supposed to do. One can kick the body only so many times. He died. We often think of these drugs as being harmless. They can be extremely beneficial, but can also have the exact opposite effect. Use as needed, with caution, and make every effort to get off of them. -Angelica Pattison
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