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Baby - Aggressive

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:19 pm    Post subject: Baby - Aggressive Reply with quote

Baby - Aggressive

I received the following from a friend of mine regarding her son who is less than two years old. Any ideas? Thank you. -Christine

"I do have a question for you about Cooper. I had a conference with the director and his teacher at daycare a few weeks ago. They said that about 1 month ago his personality changed, and he got to where he would cry all day every day, and got extremely aggressive, so much so that if any kid even brushed past him he would lash out and push, hit and/or bite them. And these were very bad bites - breaking the skin all the time. So, I've been trying to figure out possible causes. First, found he did have a bad ear infection, so decided to put him on the antibiotics, with a probiotic at the same time. That seemed to help a bit, but not totally. Now, I've been reading a lot of research on the effect of food dyes and it seems like that may be a lot of it with him. I tested it out on the weekend - he was in a great mood, I gave him a drink with red dye, and about 1/2 hour later he turned all freaky. I was wondering if you have any ideas on possible food allergies, or have heard anything further on the food dye concept. I tried to go through all our food and get rid of anything with dyes in it, figuring it certainly can't hurt. I thought you may have some thoughts and/or tips that might help. I'd like to try everything I can naturally if possible, rather than getting the doctors involved."
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I would check in to physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse... -Kim S
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Food dyes are in so many products including kids toothpaste, shampoo (even some organic, natural stuff) , cereal, you would be surprised.
Food dyes and also other foods and food additives will cause such behavior. Have her read "Is this you child" by Doris Rapp, MD. I would eliminate food dyes, MSG, sugar, aspartame, milk..... and put him on a liver balancing formula...... probably Chinese Liver Balance. -Lora Slaughter
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Just in case it might be allergies, check out the book The Impossible Child by Dr. Doris Rapp. She's done some amazing research on food induced/allergy induced psycho-social problems. Sometimes, it's not true allergies, but malnutrition. Steven Horne knows of at least one good book about the effects of malnutrition on behavior - had to do with teenage delinquents...(I should remember the name of it!)

I worked with a very aggressive little boy (3 or 4 years old) who had been in foster care and was finally placed with a family who fell in love with him. They had adopted other children and wanted to adopt him but were afraid they wouldn't be able to handle his aggression as he got older. We did a lot of diet change, lots of supplementation with herbs, etc. and after months the family proceeded with the adoption because they had seen such a remarkable change in his behavior. He didn't have any allergies but had been very malnourished (junk food) before he ended up with his adoptive family. All we did was repair the damage of the malnourishment and made sure his new family understood what this little guy needed for food and supplements. -Judith Cobb
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The book is Food, Teens and Behavior by Barbara Reed. -Steven Horne
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Also, consider depleted vitamins and minerals. What wonderful calming effects come from B's. Our new Vita Wave would be a good one to try. Or the Herbasaurs chewable. -Rhea
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