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Stressed Out America - Modue #5

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 4:12 pm    Post subject: Stressed Out America - Modue #5 Reply with quote

Stressed Out America - Modue #5

UNTOLD TRUTH SEMINAR Module #5 - America Stressed Out: The Health Hazard You Can't Ignore

Julie's story - "I honestly believe I would not be here today if it were not for Nature's Sunshine".

Grew up in a dysfunctional family Genetic nervous system degenerative disease which several close family members died from 8 pregnancies, 6 live births; home schooled for 7.5 years 1993 – skin began itching Kidney and liver dysfunction, lymphatic system clogged, arthritis So much adrenaline pumping through her body that she couldn't even walk; was carried into ER – vomited, diarrhea, coughing Did all kind of tests and biopsies; diagnosed with connective tissue disorder (lupus) - taking Vit. C at this point saved her from lupus. Injected with 2 ozs. of narcotics and had an allergic reaction that was so bad she almost tore the skin off her legs Skin was so inflammatory she was in terrible pain. After spending thousands of dollars, went to see an iridologist – saw severe damage to the nervous system; and when she starting taking Nature's Sunshine Products and working to repair her nervous system, she was finally able to heal. She studied to become an ND and with her children in school, she has been able to help many other people get well.

The United States of STRESS 70–80% of all visits to the doctor are stress-related. 1 in 6 Americans suffers from depression. Only 22% of depressed patients are treated adequately and say that their depression is alleviated. By 2020, depression will be the No. 2 reported treatable condition in the country. We spend more than $40 billion annually on anxiety treatments.

Stress statistics in the US continue to skyrocket as we add pressures to our lives: Financial Career Family Social Religious Health demands... We are overwhelmed by them, and our bodies are responding to these pressures with stress, depression, and anxiety. (Booklet contains "Life Stress Test" to rate your stress factors and risks.)

What is Stress?

A nervous response of the body and mind to external or internal irritants Essentially anything outside your comfort zone that you must deal with Not just emotional or mental. A prolonged illness or injury can cause your body to respond as though under stress, taxing your adrenal system as your body tries to heal itself. Can be caused by "allergic reactions, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, substance abuse or biochemical imbalances," —Dr. Konrad Keil, N.D.

UNTOLD TRUTH #1: Untreated stress leads to chronic illness, including heart attack, diabetes, obesity, depression and cancer.

Asthma, allergies, arthritis, atherosclerosis, cancer, colitis, diabetes, emphysema, gastritis, hypertension, hypoglycemia, neuromuscular syndromes, speech problems and ulcers— these are just a few of the conditions stress has been proven to aggravate. How does this happen? Stress worsens existing ailments in two ways: lowering your immunity and promoting inflammation.

Cortisol over-production (caused by stress) can lead to:

Increased appetite and fat buildup, especially in the abdomen Depleted protein stores in muscle, tissue, skin and bone Increased incidence of depression, insomnia, memory dysfunction and seizures Decreased bone mass, leading to osteoporosis Insulin resistance (the key factor in diabetes)

Stress Damages Health It weakens the immune system and creates conditions for inflammation to flourish and spark disease. Avoiding disease must begin with reducing stressful events in your life and improving your ability to cope with the stresses you can't change. However, even with lifestyle changes, stress can tax you beyond your ability to manage it. Diet and nutritional supplementation can make a critical difference.

CAN STRESS MAKE YOU FAT? Actually, cortisol and adrenaline (produced by the hypothalamus in stressful situations) will depress the appetite…but only for a short time. Over prolonged periods, cortisol actually makes you crave food, and we're not talking carrot sticks! Cortisol levels stay high even after stress subsides. "Our appetites stay increased for a very long time. So we eat when we're not really hungry – and we get fat." —Shawn Talbott, Ph.D.

Depleted proteins lead to connective tissue disorder STRESS CAN MAKE YOU FAT! Cortisol initially suppresses appetite, but in the long run, appetite is increased. Metabo Max E-Free will help balance out your glandular system.

UNTOLD TRUTH #2: Stress is the Ultimate Anti-Nutrient; It Robs Your Body of the Vitamins and Minerals You Need Nutrients and stress: Stress actually prevents nutrient absorption, or uses nutrients at a higher rate. For example, vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins are consumed quickly (faster than you can stuff them in) during stress, so you'll need more of them to support your adrenals and immune system. Thyroid and adrenal imbalance will also cause it becomes a vicious cycle.

UNTOLD TRUTH #3: Prescription Drugs are Over-Prescribed and Detrimental to Your Health Why? We're hurried. We want a quick fix. And doctors are coaxed by the pharmaceutical companies to push prescription remedies. Consider a leading antidepressant that, before going generic in 2001, was the top earner for its pharmaceutical company, earning nearly $2.6 billion per year—90% of that in the U.S. Depression is misdiagnosed 30-50% of the time. "Neuroscientists are coming to the realization that although many patients improve with a drug that enhances neurotransmitter activity, that doesn't necessarily mean that those patients were depressed because of a neurotransmitter deficiency. Such thinking is akin to saying that a skin rash that improves with a steroid cream is due to a steroid deficiency." —Journal of Family Practice Recertification, October 2000 The result is that we're overmedicated, and in many cases, the drugs aren't curing depression, panic and anxiety. They're merely masking the symptoms, making us only more vulnerable over time.

Look at root causes: thyroid out (uptake blocked by estrogen dominance); toxic gut Men – colon, hypoglycemia

Finally, the Answers!


Nutri-Calm (keeps you from out-of-body experiences - "Who is that yelling and screaming?!?" ) Great for: Anxiety issues Panic attacks Boosts your immunity Offers you a sense of calm High in B vitamins Good for ADHD

SAM-e – Great defense against Alzheimer's (improves the fluidity of the cell membrane, something that typically stiffens in Alzheimer's patients); Insomnia Works as well as leading prescriptions for depression. Great substitute for Prozac; depression – start at the same time, no contraindication for taking them together; Chinese blood build helps clean up the sluggish liver which is so often noted with depression. Most companies that sell SAM-e fail the tests for active components, so you are just wasting your NSP!!!

Chinese Mood Elevator – Chinese mood and depression combination Calm a fiery constitution Balance emotions Decreases irritability Pacify the spirit (formula is called "an shen" in Chinese, meaning "to pacify the spirit")

5-HTP Insomnia Raises mood Anorexia Controlling appetite Depression Anorexia – sometimes borderline schizophrenia with any abnormal fear; story of frightened young teen girl caught with an apple --- "I'm sorry, Mother, I only took three bites, but I haven't eaten in three days." Don't separate one part of the body from the rest of the body! Natural Healing for Schizophrenia and Other Common Mental Disorders (every home needs to have this book) Eva Edelman (ISBN: 0965097676)

Stress-J Great for internal stressors Calming Stressed Colons Stressed stomach Stressed muscles Antispasmodic

Adrenal Support – stops frequent waking up at night (look at adrenal and liver); DON'T EVER SUPPORT THE THYROID WITHOUT SUPPORTING THE ADRENALS. Restores the adrenal system (that fight-or-flight system) Restores energy Stops frequent waking at night Provides balancing for the stressed (temperatures, moods, focus and self-control)

HOW ABOUT YOU? Do you want to live your life with road rage? Anger? Depression? Brain fog? Or just sick and tired? Or do you choose to live life FOCUSED, CALM, UPBEAT, KINDLY, AND FULL OF HEALTH AND VITALITY!!!

Now that you are educated in the Untold Truths, THE CHOICE IS TRULY YOURS!
-Sharon Grimes
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