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Asthma Drug

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PostPosted: Dec Sun 17, 2006 10:27 am    Post subject: Asthma Drug Reply with quote

Asthma Drug

Does anybody have experience--good or bad with Singular? The doctor just prescribed it for my 10 year old daughter. She's been having slight symptoms of asthma and has been on albuterol. I've been giving her the Chinese formula "lung support" for a few weeks and she seems to be benefitting, but still the prescription for Singular was made. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Julie Sergel
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Hmmmm, I don't know anything about it. Off hand, I'd say any med for asthma isn't wonderful for you. I had a gal in my downline maybe 20 years ago who had a child with asthma -- she would give her liquid Lobelia for asthma attacks and . . . . I'm trying to remember what she used on a day to day basis. I'll write back when I think of it. It might have been ALJ.

I was at a baby shower and this lady started coughing and choking something fierce. Unknown to me, she was having an asthma attack. She told me later. Anyway -- I had a bottle of Tei Fu Oils in my purse. I offered it to her -- suggested that she tap a couple drops down her throat, close her mouth and breath deep. She did and just started raving about how wonderful it was. Turns out she was having an asthma attack -- she said the Tei Fu Oils down her throat worked better than her inhaler!!! I don't know if a child would do it -- it's not tasty -- but it works.

The biggest point I can make is the relation to the bowels and respiratory. Make SURE she moves her bowels after each meal. Preferably get her to take some psyllium. Perhaps the Tiao He Cleanse would be good for her. . . I've used it with teens quite a bit. Especially when they have skin eruptions.

I had a man in my downline who would ONLY take Sinus Support (SN-X) (for sinus) and Psyllium Bulk. . . After the first year, he didn't need as strong an allergy shot, 2nd year, NO shot, 3rd year -- He could HIKE. . . . BIG hike w/boy scouts and NO asthma!! He was thrilled!!

Hope this might give you some ideas of what you can try. . . . -Georgiana
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Well, I so agree about the connection between the lungs and bowels. I've had her on the Chinese Lung support and just added Stress Relief. She does not swallow capsules yet, so I empty them in a spoon and give her 2 twice a day. I've given her LB Extract--but nothing regular. I'd like to try the Tao He, but there's no way she'd get all those capsules down (especially with opening them) three times a day. I'll give the psyllium a try. I've heard about the Tei Fu and even tried it with her, but it didn't bring much relief. This is where things get gray--she doesn't have the coughing and "attack" like that. She simply gets this pain in the left side, right under the breast, on the side of her rib cage. truly, gas makes things worse. Last night when she would lay down in bed, her "heart" (as she calls it) hurt. if she sat up she would feel better. I rubbed Lobelia on and then catnip and fennel--after a while she could comfortably sleep. I've been keying in on nurturing the lungs and relaxing her nervous system--but maybe just cleaning her out would be even better? would psyllium and lb extract be a good enough alternative for the Tiao He? Thanks!!! -Julie Sergel
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I'm sure the extract would be fine. I would try to adjust her diet also. No pop, sugar, etc -- lots of veggies, especially green and leafy -- and a couple apples a day (skin, core and all) in the winter and watermelon in the summer (seeded, chewing the seeds).

The dietary things would be excellent for her bowels, will make her more alkaline, and in a long run, help eliminate the asthma. Also be sure to be giving her a probiotic -- you may want to rotate them. Bifidophilus/L-Ruteri/etc. -Georgiana
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As I'm reading this, she's eating an apple in the kitchen--good and sure word; thanks!! I don't know about eating the core. My mother always did and we thought she was crazy. Plus, I've "heard" the seeds are like arsenic, or something? Anyway--thanks, will push more fiber filled God food! -Julie Serge
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Everything in balance. IF she were just eating apple seeds all by themselves, maybe there would be a problem. (I'm not even sure about then). But as long as she's eating the whole thing -- NO problem. I've eaten apples and core for all of my life. Not to worry. . . . .

You're on the right track. You don't want to just take herbs for her (quote) "asthma" -- you want to change her lifestyle, so it's no longer an issue. So she has LIFE without asthma!!! -Georgiana
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Found this from

Question - Do apple seeds have arsenic in them? Is it dangerous to process apples with the seeds still in the fruit?

The good news: apple seeds do not contain arsenic. The bad news: apple seeds DO contain cyanide. As for processing the apples, what kind of processing are you interested in? Grinding apples and pressing them for cider doesn't release enough cyanide to be a problem; neither does cooking apples and straining them to make a sauce. About the only way you can actually ruin into a problem with the toxicity of apple seeds is if you save the seeds from about a bushel of apples and eat them all at once.

Richard E. Barrans Jr., Ph.D. Assistant Director PG Research Foundation, Darien, Illinois

Possibly helpful:

Anthony R. Brach, Ph.D. -Marianne
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Dear Julie, I have had adult clients with mild to moderate asthma, what I found that was a common problem with all each of them was that they had a yeast overgrowth problem and they needed Bifidophilus as well as the yeast/fungal detox.

I'm not sure which way would be best to have a child ingest the yeast fungal detox. The capsule can possibly be opened in 6 ounces of water and then add 100% juice (i.e. raspberry, grape...etc) to mask the taste of the herbs. I have done this with Enviro Detox capsules for my 3 year old (cleared up her eczema 95%!).

I also discovered that the adrenals were in an overactive state with those that had asthma. I gave them licorice root. And they were low on omega-3 essential fatty acids.

In all my asthma adult cases they recovered from the asthma. Took about 8-10 weeks.

Lung Support sounds like a good choice to help the lungs heal as the root causes of the asthma are dealt with. Hope this is helpful. -Lourdes Martinez
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Lourdes, Thank you so much!! It's only been 2-3 days, but I added the Chinese Stress Relief along with apples, fruit and psyllium (and still Chinese Lung Support)and she hasn't had to use her albuterol inhaler!! I do give her flax seed oil but she doesn't like taking it, so it's not so regular. That would probably help in keeping her regular--bowel-wise--though, too, right? The yeast could be a culprit as she's got a sweet tooth for sure. Since she's only 10 and takes the Chinese capsules twice daily, should or could i wait on the yeast/fungal detox or would you give that in the middle of all the rest? Would it cause too much busy-ness in her body? Thanks so much for all the insight here!! -Julie
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The suggestions for asthma in response to the singular questions posted earlier, would this also work for someone with bad allergies? I know a guy who's allergies get so bad during allergy season he has the worst issues I ever saw. I suggested ALJ and he said the more of those he took the more he couldn't even breath. I was going to recommend a 90 day colon cleanse and some of the things mentioned for the suggestions for asthma. Would that be good? Any other suggestions? -Marguerite
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Definitely!!! Respiratory health = Bowel health

Did you see my "story" about my downline who took nothing but SN-X (Now Sinus Relief) and Bulk Psyllium -- 1st year, weaker allergy shot/2nd year, NO allergy shot/3rd year -- did a long hike with the boy scouts, no asthma, no problems!!!! -Georgiana
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Yes, what I suggested for the singular question will work with your client (yeast detoxification, flora...etc)...however with allergies to pollen, animal dander, wool...etc. I have found the following:

They tend to have a need for: - Omega-3 and omega-6 EFA's. - Magnesium - B vitamins - And liquid chlorophyll helps with detoxification

People with these type of allergies also tend to be allergic to wheat so you may want to advise your client to stay off wheat products for the next 6 to 8 weeks...after this time it should not be a problem because the elevation of the nutrients that were off will allow the body to neutralize and metabolize wheat properly.

Make sure they stay off sodas, coffee, and any carbonated drinks they leach our b vitamins and magnesium. Women on birth control pills lower their b vitamins as well.
Hope this is helpful. -Lourdes Martinez
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