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Anxiety Attacks

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PostPosted: Dec Sun 17, 2006 10:37 am    Post subject: Anxiety Attacks Reply with quote

Anxiety Attacks

I am looking for NSP products that would be helpful for anxiety attacks. Distress Remedy helps, but we would like suggestions for something more long term. Thanks -Mary
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Look at Nutri-Calm and Pantothenic Acid. -Howard Tokarski
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You've got to get to the root emotional cause of the anxiety. It's probably some deeply suppressed emotional trauma. The anxiety attacks are your body's way of protecting you from situations it finds threatening. The anxiety attacks get you out of the situation fast. Try flower essences which work on the emotions. Distress Remedy has flower essences in it, but try Bach, FES essences, or some of the other essences you can locate on the web. The flower essences work directly on emotional issues. You'll need to get therapy at the same time. -Emil
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Most of the time, these attacks are from adrenal problems. I use Stress Pack and the liquid herbs that deal with stress. No caffeine. Go walking or biking, something physical to relieve stress. Get a massage a couple times a month.
I hope this helps. -T. McIntyre
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The key is to work on the adrenals. Try the Nervous Fatigue (HS-C) formula. Also the CoQ10 could be added with this. -Kimberly
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If you are in peri-menopause these can happen. Progesterone cream can help. Also helpful is Nutri-calm. I had terrible anxiety or panic attacks during peri-menopause and they went away when my hormones were regulated. It can be elevated estrogen.
Other nervine herbs that are helpful are Kava Kava, Chamomile, and valerian. -Suzanne
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Q: Is it possible to have all three at once? If so, I have it. Does anyone know what would be good for me to take? Nutri-Calm sounds like it is good. What about St. John's wort? Can these be taken together? Thanks -Michelle
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Yes, all three can definitely happen at the same time, it happened to me years ago. To find out what is best for you please use muscle testing but here are some ideas of things to test. If you are suffering from anxiety attacks, try Distress Remedy. For the stress, the B Complex or Nutri-Calm can be very good but also make sure to take your calcium, especially at night. Also, Stress-J can also work especially if you tend to hold your feelings inside. For the depression, St. John's works for some people but you may want to test the Mood Elevator. This is a Chinese combination that works by helping to cleanse the liver. Of course, good nutrition, proper sleep, exercise and lots of pure water are essential. If you are sleeping but not resting (always waking up as tired as when you went to bed) you may want to test on either Herbal Sleep or Gaba Plus. Also, take time for yourself, even a few minutes a day to meditate, do some yoga, take a walk or play with the dog are essential to your well being and don't forget the power of prayer, ask for help! -Mike, N.D.
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I find that when I take Nutri-Calm, B-complex throughout the day and take my calcium at night all three of those symptoms are reduced drastically. Also, Female Comfort helps me especially when it comes on strong during my time of the month. Exercise, water and relaxation are definitely key in alleviating the stress. Even if it is just taking a long bath with no interruptions, relaxing helps a lot. -Mandi
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FEED THE ADRENALS! From my experience, I usually use Nervous Fatigue Formula (the capsules can be opened and put into Thai Go) or use Chinese Mineral Chi (Great product, especially for those who don't like to swallow pills) and I would add Stress-J liquid.
Has this person ever been checked for parasites? Does this person have alot of amalgam fillings? (Heavy metals and/or parasite infestation can wreak havoc on the nervous system.) -Jan
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I suffered from panic attacks & found it to be associated with hypoglycemia. Change diet no sugar was what they told me in the 70's. Since coming to NSP products I use licorice & HY-A to level out the blood sugar along with lots of B Vitamin. Black Walnut strengthens the pancreas & kills parasites. Diet is most important to watch the starches. No potatoes or wheat products. No caffeine as it depletes the adrenals. Change to brown rice & brown rice pasta. Worked for me & it took me many years to get it right. Good luck. -Joan Karger
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Q: E.O. - Anxiety I was given this recipe for anxiety. The blend is: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Geranium and Frankincense. I need to mix with a carrier oil and the only thing I have from Nature's Sunshine is the herbal trim product. Is that OK to use or should I use another oil. Thank you. -Kris
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A: The Herbal Trim would be excellent. Whenever it says to mix with a carrier oil, you can ALWAYS substitute the oil for things like lotion, Aloe Vera Gel, or Herbal Trim. Anything that will disperse the EO's would work. -Andrew
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