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Sleep Apnea

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 5:24 pm    Post subject: Sleep Apnea Reply with quote

Sleep Apnea

Are there any herbs that help with Sleep Apnea? -Jack Sharp
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The SnorEase is good. He might also try adding 2 capsules of NSP's Fenugreek and Thyme before bedtime to see if that helps as well. He might also add additional Co-Q-10 (at least 30 mg at bedtime.) I would switch to NSP's Ginkgo (time release extract - one in the AM and one in the PM) and also take NSP's Brain Protex to help protect the brain cells. I hope he has also added vigorous exercise to his routine. The number one contributor to sleep apnea is being physically out of shape. Vigorous walking for at least 45 min. a day, or some similar kind of vigorous activity (e.g., biking, swimming, etc. - the kind of exercise that makes his heart beat faster) should help. Avoid sugars and processed foods (sugar, corn syrup, enriched flour products, etc. (But don't substitute chemical sweeteners like aspartame (Nutri-Sweet) for the sugars. It is even worse.) -Duane
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Lots and lots of enzymes, CoQ 200 just before bed, a sleep aid: valerian, herbal sleep, kava kava. MONEY SAVING TIP: If you take a single capsule of CoQ , open it and mix it with a enough flax seed oil to moisten it, its power is magnified by 3-4 times. -Anne M. O'Brien
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I have that problem too as did my late husband. I know that making extra sure of drinking plenty pure water was a great help as one night I awoke and counted my husband's missed breaths. The slower sleeping breaths not the faster daytime ones. He missed 11 of these slow breaths before I nudged him hard and told him he had missed 11 breaths! Still not breathing, he rolled over and continued NOT breathing!

So I prayed about it and the answer I got was more water! I got up and filled my biggest mug, holding almost 1 pint, with distilled water. Woke him up proper, making sure he put his legs over the edge of the bed so as to not spill any on the bed and made him drink it all down, successfully. I say successfully as he was too often unable to drink plain water. It really made him sick. I used to think it was "all in the head" his allergy to water but had to admit it was true after seeing him have an allergic reaction to it several times. And experiencing the same thing my self! To the point where I wanted to Vomit!

Anyway he got back down into bed and breathed normal all the time until I fell asleep! The following night I awoke again and thought it was an opportune time to get extra water into him, as if I tried in the daytime he just would not take it! So he downed another mug full. So often now at the end of the day I muscle test myself asking if I have taken in enough fluid for that day. Sometimes I have needed up to 3 of those mugs to make it enough. I recommend others doing the same as it does help. But test before the evening meal so as to give your body enough time to process it so you are not getting up too often to empty the bladder. I now sleep on my back and hardly move during the night. -Valerie Steiner
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Just a side comment: It is impossible to have an allergy to pure water. However, it is entirely possible to have an allergy to some ingredient in your water. That ingredient could be an added chemical such as chlorine or fluorine; or it could be a contaminant such as a pesticide or any number of the pollutants commonly found in our water supply today; or it could be something naturally occurring in the water, such as sulphur or any number of minerals. If it was bottled water it could even be the container that the water came in, such as a plastic. I would think that NSP's Reverse Osmosis filter, even though it doesn't remove absolutely everything, would help. -Duane
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The water I gave him was Distilled water. But our water is bore water from our own wells as we had a large farm at that time. The only time we bought bottled water was when we were with NSP on a trip to Bali. I find there is no real trouble with the boiled water and a herbal tea added. In Anaheim I had my travel jug and boiled the water well then skimmed all the rubbish off the top. But I would say you are right it could be a reaction to the sulphur in the water as I live in an area of fault lines, so at times the sulphur would be present. Especially as we have two volcanos 60 miles distant as the crow flies. I know it is not always present. But one night I bottled fruit and when I cleaned up the sulphur smell in the water was so strong. Then about one hour after falling asleep we had a strong quake, followed by many over the following 3 days. Following these quakes many had to drill new wells as some of the water courses changed underground. Thank you for pointing that out. Valerie
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Q: I am a respiratory therapist that has had experience with many people with sleep apnea. There are degrees of this condition, that may need to be diagnosed by a physician but here is some information you may find informative.

Sleep Apnea is simply defined as a condition that occurs when breathing is ceased during sleep for periods of time. (Usually 10-15 seconds but it can be for longer.) the periods of apnea alternate with periods of breathing. The real problem with this condition is that the person never really gets the deep and restful sleep that is needed to function during waking hours. Often, because REM sleep is not achieved, the person will not be able to stay awake during the day, Will drop off to sleep uncontrollably.
Most people with sleep apnea are overweight and or have a "floppy" upper airway. sleep apnea occurs when the upper airway (usually back of the mouth or upper throat) becomes obstructed during sleep, causing snoring or occlusion of the airway, thus not allowing air to move.

If you are overweight the best thing you can do is loose some. Often this reduces or cures the problem. Secondly even if you are not overweight, you still may have a floppy upper airway.

There are non surgical and surgical treatments for this condition.
I suggest that you see a physician and see if you are truly sleep apnea or if you simply snore. You would probably want to see a physician that specializes in Pulmonology. Depending where you live you may even be able to find a physician specializing in sleep apnea. Good Luck! -Sherry Dominesey
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