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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 7:43 pm    Post subject: PSA Reply with quote


I have a client with elevated PSA (Prostate specific antigen). Have tried Vitamin E w/selenium, Men's formula, PS II to name a few with no drop in the level. Any Suggestions? Thanks! -Lindy
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Try Urinary Maintenance Saw Palmetto and Oregon Grape. -S. Mitchell
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In 1986, physicians began using a diagnostic blood test called prostate specific anti-gen (PSA). Prostate specific antigen is a protein that is produced only in the prostate and its level in the blood rises in men who have prostate cancer or other prostatic disease.

The beauty of PSA is that it's made only in the prostate-nowhere else in the body-and its level correlates with both benign and malignant disease. It is the most sensitive and important tumor marker available to us for diagnosis and detection of recurrence. I don't know that we have another human serum tumor marker that equals it.

However, PSA also turns out to be the most sensitive marker once treatment has been delivered. A rising PSA after treatment can predict relapse, usually months to years ahead of when we could detect it using conventional methods.

Most men who have elevated PSA levels and further diagnostic tests such as a prostate biopsy are found not to have prostate cancer. Frequently, the source of prostate enlargement and higher PSA levels is found to be benign prostatic hyperplasia. This condition can be treated by medication, surgery, or non-surgical alternatives such as microwave therapy.

If there is NO Cancer, and it is just benign prostatic hyperplasia, then if it were me, of course I would discuss this with my doctor, and then I might try Standardized Saw Palmetto by itself.

READ~ "Saw palmetto is an herb that is sometimes used to relieve BPH. A review of clinical trials of saw palmetto found that it apparently produces much the same effects as Proscar with fewer adverse side effects. Journal of the American Medical Association, 1998 Nov 11;280 (18): 1604-9. Some trials, however, have found it to have virtually no effect. Bear in mind that if saw palmetto can lower PSA, it may also lead to a delay in discovering a cancer."

I would Increase my Zinc,and I'd take Super GLA. I love Pro Pancreas great all around product, and listed in the HART book under BPH.

However, Men's Formula has all these ingredients in them, so I would maybe try them separate from the formula.

Most of the studies done on Saw Palmetto have been on supplements right around 160mg of Saw Palmetto standardized at 85-90% fatty acids and sterols, taken twice daily.

BPH and Saw Palmetto

"The information provided on this website is to be used for educational purpose and not to be substitute for medical attention. This material is NOT meant to diagnose or treat a medical condition. If you need to see a Medical Doctor then please do so. "

Learn About Things That Cause An Elevated PSA -Dee
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I have just discovered this forum, after finding that I have slightly elevated PSA readings and a relatively large prostate for someone my age (41). I started taking a supplement containing saw palmetto on my own initiative, but was told by my urologist that I should stop because it might affect future PSA readings. I have done some research on this and found that there are contradictory results.

My question is this: how long does it take for saw palmetto to clear from the system? For instance, if I have another PSA scheduled for 6 mos from now, can I take it for say the next 5 mos, reaping its benefit, but still be clear to get an accurate reading when it's time for my test?

I would ask my urologist, but I suspect - like many mainstream doctors - that he just say no to any alternative treatment. Thanks. -Franz
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It is my understanding that PSA is not a problem to reckon with, it is the underlining problem that cause the PSA to elevate. Why would you be concerned with bringing the PSA down per say. Unless, you are thinking that if the PSA is down the problem is gone, or being helped?

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a protein originally found in semen, the fluid that carries sperm. Normally, PSA is made in cells of the prostate called epithelial cells. Epithelial cells make some of the semen that comes out of the penis at the time of sexual climax (orgasm). PSA helps to keep the semen in its liquid form.

The PSA is just an indicator, and can be very important in the early diagnoses of prostatic cancer. PSA is made only by prostate cells. Small amounts of the protein get into the circulation and can be measured in the blood.

High PSA levels in the blood, however, may be a sign of a prostate problem, perhaps even a serious one. In addition to prostate problems, some medical treatments can affect PSA levels.

The growth of the prostate, as well as the production of PSA itself, is controlled by male hormones. Any treatment that lowers male hormone levels will lead to a drop in PSA blood levels.

In addition to false-positive tests, the PSA may be falsely negative -- that is, normal even when prostate cancer is present. Some 30 to 40 percent of patients with early-stage prostate cancer have a normal PSA. Repeating PSA tests once every year may be useful to find some of the cancers in men who have a normal PSA at first.

False-negative and false-positive findings limit the value of PSA testing. Despite this, PSA testing has led to an increase in the detection of prostate cancer.

So I guess I am wondering why there is such an emphasis on the PSA as if it was the disease, and I do not think concentrating on bringing it down per say is as important as when it is elevated. At least I have never heard an elevate PSA causes cancer. If anyone has any information on this I would certainly like to read it.

If it were me I'd concentrate on balancing the body possibly with coral calcium (I heard great stuff about this product) if they have a acid base problem, and continue to take saw palmetto, zinc, increase those antioxidants like Grapine or Olive Leaf Extract. I focus on the health of the prostate and take preventive measures to protect myself from developing cancer. If it were me of course. May be others can help. -Dee
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It is my belief that raising the antioxidant level in the body is directly linked to cholesterol. Antoxidants do a host of things but to name only one, the keep HDL (good) cholesterol from going through the process called "oxidation" that creates LDL (bad) cholesterol. Having said that, it would seem that the host of other tasks, not the least of which is to provide a health immune system, it would not be a stretch to include the prevention of cancer.

In researching this specific thing I have found prommissing things in this area, but nothing conclusive. I would appreciate the views of persons having the knowledge of such reaserch.

Mentioning antioxidants, it is worth considering my research on what specific products cause the level of antioxidant to raise the most significantly and, the latest technology to scientifically prove this level from baseline to each improvement. -David
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My fathers PSA test have come back higher than the past. He has opted not for medicine, or biopsy at this point. He is thinking of changing his diet to his blood type, and has gotten off of sugar TOTALLY. Trying to eat as organic as possible. He is currently taking Saw Palmetto, Mens Formula, Cholester-Reg, E & C FOR THE Antioxidants, Lecithin..His LDL IS 170. Can anyone help with info., as we are new with Herbs, and want to do the best we can. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. -Cory
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Did he just start taking these products since the results came in or was he on them for some time and been getting tested regularly? Seems like he's doing the right stuff; maybe hasn't been taking the products long enough to show the difference. The Men's Formula and Saw Palmetto are the strong points for prostate health. Herbal Pumpkin helps too because parasites sometimes settle in the prostate and it helps get them gone as well as being high in zinc which is the prostate mineral. -Nancy
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He is taking the right herbs for the prostate but needs to add E-Tea, SC Formula, Phyto Soy, High Potency Grapine, perhaps not all of them but at least one or two of them for the abnormal PSA. This is what my Dad did and his PSA dropped dramatically especially after he got off the white flour, white sugar, red meat, coffee, dairy. He also started eating 10 raw almonds every morning for the natural laetrile. Also my Mom juiced carrot, apple and cabbage juice fresh. Hope this helps. -Diane Toombs
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