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Paw Paw - Natural Defense for Cellular Abnormalities

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 9:26 pm    Post subject: Paw Paw - Natural Defense for Cellular Abnormalities Reply with quote

Paw Paw - Natural Defense for Cellular Abnormalities

NOTES from the May NSP Product Focus Meeting
Time: Wednesday, May 14, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern

Topic: Natural Defense for Cellular Abnormalities - PAW PAW

Join us at the upcoming Product Focus Call as we tackle the topic of cellular abnormalities and DNA damage.

* Learn about the Newly Introduced Paw Paw Cell-Reg (T).

* Hear Doctors Alex Duarte and Jerry McLaughlin discuss the lifestyle and dietary changes that can support your body's cells in the prevention of disease.

* Discover how you can nourish and strengthen your body while undergoing common medical treatments.

* Find out how Paw Paw Cell-Reg supports the body during times of cellular assault and recovery.

* Alex Duarte, O.D., Ph.D, is well-known for his natural, alternative approaches to solving health problems. He is a nationally recognized lecturer, author, and radio and television personality. He has written 15 groundbreaking books on nutritional and health topics. Dr. Duarte began his professional career as a research microbiologist. After earning a California secondary teaching credential, he taught biology and chemistry. Earning a doctorate in Optometry, he was in clinical practice for nine years. He has traveled the world to find nontoxic alternatives for treating degenerative diseases of the eye and body. Dr. Duarte also holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition and is Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Preventives. He has been the nutritionist for several Olympic champions and has lectured for the American Naturopathic Association and the National Nutritional Foods Association. Dr. Duarte is a member of the Board of Editors of the Journal of Applied Nutrition. Began medical career as research microbiologist - involved with natural healing for many, many years.

The problem we face:
_ Over 10 million Americans are battling cancer
_ One person dies every minute from cancer
_ World Health Organization (WHO) calls cancer an epidemic
_ Cancer causes one out of 4 deaths in US
_ Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US
_ Almost 2.3 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed this year _
_ Costs $165 billion annually to "treat" cancer
_ One man in two will get cancer
_ One woman in three will get cancer
_ One woman in eight will get breast cancer

Many things cause it - radiation, free radicals, HRT, pesticides,
poisons & toxins, parasites, infections, too much sunshine, etc.

* Only 5-10% genetically predisposed

* Changes in DNA start the problem in the other 90%

* Incidence of disease (cancer) increases as we age

* Early diagnosis leads to better prognosis

Top three types of cancer:

* Lung Cancer - most prevalent, 155,000 deaths a year, induced by inhaling carcinogens; Japan - many heavy smokers but low incidence of lung disease, due to their lifestyle - they eat and drink a great deal of anti-oxidants, so we know anti-oxidants

play an important role in fighting cancer.

* Breast Cancer - 39,000 women die annually, should be checked on a regular basis

* Skin Cancer - basal cell carcinoma - a million new cases diagnoses every year; easily treated, vs. melanoma

Majority of cancer is treated by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, with many side effects; chemo & radiation therapies are not benign, they do have a risk, and can even cause other cancers; they do have a time and a place and can give us benefits, but there are still risks. Surgery is often a life saver before the cancer metastasizes.

Beneficial solution:

* Paw Paw - adjunctive product, to be used with a regular, intensive anti-cancer program

* Has efficacy by itself but best used as part of a program.

* Grows in the US on the eastern coast

* Active ingredients: Acetogenins - anti-tumor, anti-pesticidal compounds - powerful affects on cancer; only a few have been isolated but there are at least 400 - long-chain fatty acids - with powerful effects on cancer. Some will attack specific cancers, but they have a synergistic effect working together vs. being isolated.

* Entire array of natural acetogenins should be used together in a standardized extract for best results; harvested at the time of year when there is the highest level of acetogenins

These acetogenins fight cancer in four different ways:

* Stops the production of cellular energy in abnormal cells; nothing in the body can take place without energy! Cancer cells gobble up as much glucose as they can, and send out biochemical messengers to dissolve your muscle tissue to make glucose so they can grow. These cells have difficulty propagating if you slow the energy process.

* Helps to prevent the development of blood vessels growing to or near the tumors - angiogenesis; cannot metastasize without a pretty good flow (2 ml in diameter); inhibit the blood vessels

* All cells must have DNA and RNA - inhibits the DNA & RNA replication so the abnormal cells cannot divide.

* Some cells have a very unique method of pumping out chemotherapeutic agents before they can enter the cell and kill the cell; multiple drug resistant pump, driven by energy (ATP molecules) paw paw inhibits the ATP energy production to the pump; pump cannot work, and these cells will die. In vitro studies show Tremendous tendency for these multiple drug resistant cells (cells resistant to the chemotherapy) to die first using the paw paw.

* Blocks the nucleotides (depletes the DNA and RNA building blocks) - significantly reduced in just 3 days' time!

One of the most powerful anti-cancer substances known - almost a million times more powerful than standard chemotherapy adriomyacin (spelling?) in killing certain cancers, murine (spelling?) lung cancer and murine leukemia in mice (Abbott study).

Not making a claim that this cures cancer - although studies are ongoing (Dr. Forsythe in Reno, NV) - but people with cancer respond wonderfully to the paw paw.

Reports on clinical trials (130 patients) - prostate, breast, skin, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, etc.:

* Patient #3, tumor size began to be reduced, unable to be detected by MRI

* Patient #8 - seven months of chemotherapy + paw paw tumor almost irradicated, after a radical mastectomy, biopsy showed no cancer in 14 lymph nodes - considered cancer free.

* Patient #12, breast cancer, Stage 4, paw paw for 6 weeks, 50% reduction in tumor markers, 160-80, 50% reduction in tumor size

* Patient #66 - Prostate, 25% reduction in tumor mass, verified by cat scan, after six weeks

* Patient #75, PSA 4.5 after 6-8 weeks PSA dropped to 1.7

* Patient #52 - non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, 6.5 years, 3 rounds of chemo, normal 3.5 - 12 (thousand) - white cell count 34,000, 35 days on paw paw, cells dropped to 11.2. Total lymphocyte count should be 16-34%, dropped from 67% to 30%, well within normal range.

More powerful than any other anti-parasitic drug except for invermectin (spelling?).

Nutriceutical contraindications - should not take certain supplements:

* CoQ10 - one of the primary enzymes that drives ATP energy production in the cell

* Antioxidants - a few are okay, but you don't want heavy doses *

Thyroid stimulators - 7-Keto, Thyroid Activator * S.O.D. with Gliadin

Should take:

* Nature's Noni - potent immune modulatory effect

* Immune Stimulator - contains potent bi-products from mushrooms and colostrums

* Protease Plus - digests the coating of tumor that protect it from the immune system from recognizing the cancer and going after it


* Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, Vice President of R&D/QA and Chief Scientific Officer of Nature's Sunshine Products, has earned his degrees from the University of Michigan. During 34 years of professional service, his research group produced over 330 scientific papers, 34 masters and Ph.D. graduates, 50 visiting scientists and post-doctoral associates, eight patents and over $5 million in research grants and contracts. His devoted years of research into the health benefits of the Paw Paw tree have come to fruition in this powerful, new product.

Dr. McLaughlin - published over 100 articles on the biology and chemistry of this plant
In 1962, Pres. Nixon began a war on cancer, but we haven't made much progress on the treatment side of cancer, even though we have a much better understanding of the biology of cancer.

Started studies at Purdue in 1972; started mouse studies in 1974 with Upjohn study. Given leukemia, usually die in ten dies, if they live 12 days said to be significant; mice lived 13 days longer with taxol but lost 10% of their body weight in ten days; taxol is not a pleasant compound to take. On paw paw, mice gained weight, and lived even longer; paw paw proved to be 300x more potent than taxol.

Another study - $66,000 - utilized mice without thymus gland (no T-cells, so they cannot reject a tumor); planted human tumors under their skin which they could not reject, so they will die in about 60 days; these studies done at ten days - cysplantin (sp?) used (human ovarian cancer), planted , also lost 5% weight of total body weight, 78% inhibition; paw paw produced 75% inhibition, less weight loss in ten days. (Study done in 1993, study published in Life Sciences)

Learn these simple warning signs!!!

* Changes in bowel or bladder habits - most common sign (rectal bleeding, getting up several times during the night to urinate)

* Any sore that does not heal

* Unusual bleeding or discharge - serious for postmenopausal women, pap smear helpful

* Thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere (other lymph areas 8 out of 10 are not cancerous)

* Indigestion or difficulty swallowing - obstruction of breathing also

* Obvious change in wart or mole - would indicate melanoma (black mole cancer - extremely dangerous, can kill you within six months because it spreads so rapidly)

* Nagging cough or hoarseness

(Also watch for unexplained weight loss)

Had to demonstrate that paw paw would be safe; scientists don't like to do dog studies. Eli Lilly sold a paw paw extract as an emetic in 1898 - caused people to vomit. (Physicians from that era purged and bled people to treat them.) Dr. McLaughlin related that he ate too many paw paws as a 4-year-old child, caused him to vomit. 32 capsules, 4 times a day, given to dogs, was not toxic, just caused dogs to vomit.
So, if you are physically able to vomit, no toxicity!

Purdue holds 8 patents on it, and NSP has exclusive rights to produce it.

1982 - mouse model had to go; started using brine shrimp; all anti-cancer drugs kill brine shrimp; using potatoes, growing tumors on slices of potatoes (30 per disc of potato); anti-cancer drugs will stop those tumors.

Went through 3500 species of plants and Paw Paw was the best; isolated over 50 compounds from it. Again - there is NO toxicity if you can vomit.

NSP owns all patents; no one else can sell this Paw Paw product. Competitor has another product on the market --- Graviola plant - "Brazilian paw paw" - wrong type of compounds (single vs.double-ring), much less potency; no standardization to that product and one tree can from from the next by a thousand times. No studies done on this.

100,000 pounds of paw paw being collected right now; most potent in May. Also kills worms, so added to the Para-Cleanse; can even be given to animals. Other uses - toenail fungus; new golden salve product (3% extract) for cold sores (Herpes simplex) [will be released this fall], clears up shingles in three days (herpes zostrex); eczema and dermatitis.

Q & A -

Q: Useful for drug addicts?
A: No.

Q: Non-small cell cancer of the lung - any studies? Caller currently on laetrile.
A: Dr. M cited case study #46, clinical improving, gained weight, no shortness of breath

Q: Started radiation today, can it be used simultaneously with radiation?
A: Yes, can and should be used together, along with other products (immune Stimulator, as radiation does suppress immunity)

Q: Non-malignant or benign tumors - 5" long tumor removed from inside of spinal cord, started to grow back, will paw paw be effective?
A: Yes, because it stops all rapid-growing abnormal cells.

Q: Any effectiveness on AIDS?
A: (Dr. M) Working with AIDS Research Alliance in Hollywood, several AIDS "guinea pigs" patients, no definitive answers yet.
A: Duarte - Viruses are intracellular, take over the DNA, and start
forcing the cell to produce those substances to make the virus replicate, they absolutely need the nucleotides to achieve this, and since Paw Paw can reduce the nucleotide pool significantly within three days, you can inhibit the replication of those viruses. Building blocks of the viral nucleotidal acids.

Q: Prostate cancer - taking paw paw, thyroid problem
A: Do not take TS-II with the thyroid, for the kelp benefits.

Q: Would it be to anyone's advantage to take a round of Paw Paw for a few weeks, even if they have not been diagnosed with cancer?
A: For the parasitic benefits only
A: use the Para-cleanse with Paw Paw rather than the Paw Paw by itself. Just have it available when you really need it. You wouldn't take an antibiotic every day to keep from getting an infectious disease. NSP will eventually have Paw Paw in different forms for people to try for various symptoms.
A: Ten most frequently asked questions about Paw Paw posted on the NSP website:

Testimonial for andrenanoma (pituitary tumor); started on paw paw, remains of tumor shrunk noticeably in three weeks; doing chemotherapy, will not need radiation unless further testing shows it is necessary.

Q: How do you use Paw Paw for eczema, vs. Oregon grape (Related to golden seal, works within three weeks)?
A: Wait for lotion to be released this fall.

Q: Two-year-old with leukemia - how do you create an NSP paw paw program for a two-year-old?
A: Open capsules and mix with food, some people put it in applesauce. No test results for children; for every 50 pounds, 1/3 of capsule 4 times of day. Paw paw wouldn't be a
first choice for leukemia based on mouse study. Pau d'arco has been used to battle leukemia in South America - burdock is the powerful agent, also cat's claw. Can be combined with the paw paw.

Q: Help with emphysema in the lungs, or asthma?
A: No. Collagen-based products will help, also Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula.

Q: Gentleman caller with basal cell carcinoma - has been taking the Paw Paw for 5-6 weeks;
A: Continue, and if you are very large (4 recommended for 150-175# adult), you can take more. Take the shark cartilage with it, since it has been shown to inhibit skin cancers. Surgery may be indicated, but take all these other products to keep it from spreading. Many different ways to treat skin cancers since they are right on the surface. Surgery can be successful if you get good margins.
-Sharon Grimes
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