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Noni Juice

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 10:38 pm    Post subject: Noni Juice Reply with quote

Noni Juice

In the lecture that Joan V. gave in Nashville she spoke of a Noni cocktail. Does anyone know what is in it and how much? Thanks. -Marcy
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Noni is now NSP's #1 best-seller; it leaves an alkaline ash in the body. I have a friendly competitor who is in the "million dollar club" for Noni. He has been in the health field for over 20 years and has sold numerous products. He told me that he has never seen a product like Noni. It is especially good for joints, allergies, digestion, and for the immune system. You need to take 1/4 cup twice a day until symptoms subside; then cut down. I personally mix 1/4 cup Noni and 1 Tbs. Mineral Chi and take it every morning. I have yet to have allergies nor have I been sick. -Jennifer Weiss
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Thanks Jennifer for sharing this, I thought I'd "drop by" and see what info I can gather on our Noni. I have an Herbal Hour coming up in a couple weeks on Nature's Noni and have limited experience with it. I'm waiting for a bottle to come in my next order. I'd used a bottle or two of the capsules when they first came out but beyond that don't have much experience with it.

Do you find the juice more effective? The same? Thanks! -Chottsie
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This cocktail is a quicker way to pH balance. Use noni, coral calcium & colloid minerals. This works well where there is inflammation in the body. How much? Go by the amounts on the bottles. This does work, I have used this on my clients. -Janice
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I am having great results with this ~ Add to 16 oz. purified water:

1 tbsp. GreenZone 1 scoop (1/4 tsp. Coral Calcium 1 tbsp. Colloidal Minerals 1 tbsp. Nature's Noni

Stir and enjoy, it has a pleasant taste and really helps with energy while lowering pH. -Annette
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One of my clients had a question I'd like some help with. She had a hip replacement a few years back, and she is concerned about the safety of taking her daily Nature's Noni juice before undergoing outpatient dental surgery. Does she need to be concerned about this? -Sheryl
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I would think that the Noni would actually be good for her - helping the immune system and to quicken her healing process. I don't think it would be any different than drinking any fruit juice, just a lot better for you. -Melody Lambert
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No she does not need to worry. Noni is a COX 1 inhibitor, thus she would have less inflammation. It is also helpful as an antibacterial, so have her hold it in her mouth after the dental work. Take on an empty stomach. Noni is not a blood thinner. No worry. -Elaine Nerland
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Q: How effective is Noni in helping diabetic people Anybody get good results. Thanks. -Howard
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I have a client i am working with on weight loss-Juvenile diabetic. she uses a pump to administer the insulin. she was very convinced that i could not help the diabetes at all. we have been using the Noni for 3months now and after the 2nd month she had to make a Dr. appt. to reduce the amount of insulin as she had it set at the very lowest she could. The only day she found her numbers out of control was the day she forgot to take her Noni. she is also a nurse and teaches diabetics what to do after diagnosis. -Anne Obrien
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I was trying it for the torn meniscus in my knee -- I MT'd for 5 or 6 ozs at once (I don't remember for sure, it was a while back) - and I was so surprised when it not only helped my knee, but my back also.

Maybe it would work good in smaller amounts if you took it daily, but I need a larger amount for something really hurting. I just got a ton of it when it was on special last month, so am planning to take it morning and night on a daily basis to see what happens. -Georgiana
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I have a client who came to me 30 days ago at wits end. Been to Drs. (8) they gave up on her and told her she would have to put up with the severe pains she was having in her stomach. I placed her on Noni Juice and Artemisia. She returned today, stating she was a new woman. Her employer also stated how bright eyed she was and has not missed a day of work in 30 days. She has been pain free. She had tested for parasites. So here's to herbs - They Do Work. -Janice McComb
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