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Nail Fungus

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 11:12 pm    Post subject: Nail Fungus Reply with quote

Nail Fungus

Does anyone have a recommendation for Nail fungus mini-program? My friend's doctor prescribed some medication orally, but there are side effects. We are looking for a natural solution. Thanks. -Jane
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Olive Leaf Extract works marvelous, no side effects. I Barrett
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I was told that tea tree oil works well for nail fungus. It may burn when it's on but it is supposed to do the job. -Naomi
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I have found that soaking the foot affected in Pau D'Arco tea - as hot as tolerated but not burning, is very good. We usually soak our feet for 30 minutes in the evening. Then mix Pau D'Arco lotion- size of quarter with tea tree oil- size of a dime and put the mixture on nail before bed time. This usually works quite quickly. -Tom Mather
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Apply one drop Oregano, one drop Tea Tree and one drop Thyme to a day nail 3 times a day. Keep the nail cut back as it grows out. -Suzanne
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Q: Over the last 15 years or so I have noticed that my toe nails have become progressively misshapen, thick, horny looking and, as they grow, will eventually peel off in a soft, spongy layer. I have tried Tea Tree Oil externally for months at a time with no improvement. I have also tried treating this with Colloidal Silver taken internally - that has not worked either. I know there are commercial products available to treat these symptoms but everything I have seen so far carries a warning of possible liver damage. Any suggestions for an herbal or dietary treatment. Thanks! -Russ Cogar
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Russ, I am the absolute expert on toe nail fungus. My father has had it for over fifty years my sister got it last year and I got it two years ago. Let give you the rundown - if you do nothing it will get worse to the point that it will destroy the nail bed - ugly and horrible! We have gone to several doctors over the years, and let me tell you that Lamisil does not always work, and it does have a lot of side effects that I experienced. One doctor even had some concoction with bleach in it and it did not work. Another doctor confessed that he even had it and could not cure it. It is a much larger problem than you can guess. Myself and my relatives have tried the medicines and a ton of other products sold on the internet (even an oil from New Zealand!). We have tried tea tree oil, Vicks vapor rub, Colloidal Silver, and many other assorted home remedies. Nothing worked! Finally I came across this trick - and it actually works! Use a water pick to clean out under the nail - use Listerine instead of water to disinfect the infection. Make a mixture of ordinary dry hot mustard and enough vinegar to make a soft runny paste. Put this paste under the nail on the infection every night until it grows out. Use the blunt end of a needle to get it under there. DO NOT cut away the nail for easy access. The fungus is a living thing and feeds on the nail - if you cut the nail away, the fungus only turns to a new section of your nail almost overnight looking for it's dinner plate - you will have in fact, spread the infection. (I learned that the hard way). So I know this is a long message - but like I said - I have a lot of experience in this - unfortunately. But the good news is that I have finally found a cure! -Joyce
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I think although Tea Tree is recommended the most for fungus that other essential oils are actually more anti-fungal, especially patchouli. I researched this for a customer of mine a few months ago and also found out that Aloe gel added to the oils is a great fungus buster. Follows is a recipe from Larissa's Aromatherapy for Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Toenail Fungus 9 drops thyme 5 drops geranium 4 drops lemon 3 drops sandalwood 2 drops patchouli

combine with an equal volume of massage oil or extra virgin olive oil. apply to affected nail twice daily, and cover with bandage at night.

We had great success with this recipe and I used Aloe gel instead because of it's anti-fungal properties. Mixing it with the oil is good too. If you don't want to get all the oils, I'd try just the patchouli with the carrier. You absolutely don't have to try the drugs with side effects. -Mandy
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I have always recommended Tea Tree Oil; however, I was told some months ago that Vicks salve rubbed on the nail for a period of time is also good for treating nail fungus. You may also want to check for candida, try the candida diet for a couple of weeks along with the Yeast/Fungal Detox and Acidophilus, Bifidophilus or L. Reuteri. Hope this helps. -Judy
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White vinegar worked great for me. Just fill a plastic bottle with some and spray it on the nail morning and night. The nail will grow out normal. It takes time (as long as it takes for your nail to grow out) but there are no side effects and it's a lot cheaper than lamisil!!! Nh
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