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Myofascia Pain - Chronic

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 11:14 pm    Post subject: Myofascia Pain - Chronic Reply with quote

Myofascia Pain - Chronic

I would like to find an alternative to Ultram -pain reliever and Flexeril- muscle relaxer.

I've tried Triple Relief, Pregnenolone, Kava Kava, Lobelia, Magnesium, Skeletal Strength, IGF, all take the edge off but only the above prescription drugs give me true relief. *I just ordered Fibragila but CMP is not the same as Fibromyalgia.

I eat primarily organic foods that I prepare myself and drink an abundance of reverse osmosis water. I do Yoga poses to relieve pain through out the day.

The muscle spasms in the neck, shoulder and middle back are a constant. I do not want to rely on drugs for relief. Has anyone else struggled with cmp and what has worked for you? -Gina Miller
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When you drink RO water, you should supplement with Trace Minerals because they are removed from the water. I have used PLS II for over 20 years for Muscle Spasms and back pain. Works great -- the only catch is the amount you MUST start out with. . . . . . I explain it in the document called "BACK PAIN" on the FAQ page. (click FAQ on any forum page - it's alphabetical) Depending on the amount of pain and the weight of the person, it could take as little as 15 and as many as 35 the first time, taking them every 12 hours and cutting back each time by approximately 5. It's wonderful for neck and back pain. I call it my herbal antispasmatic/anti-inflamatory. For your problem, I would try 20 the first time, taking 15 the next time. If the pain returns, you know you cut back too many -- if not, next time cut back another 5 to 10. When you can't cut back, you know you have to stay at that amount for a week or so. -Georgiana
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I have had problems with muscle spasms in the muscle where the shoulder blade is. I have used chamomile and have recently been using Nature's Fresh. This has really amazed me at how this works!! I spray it on my hands and then rub it into my neck and shoulder muscles, drink a glass of water and go to bed. Wake up the next morning and no pain and a good nights sleep!! -Gwen
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Q: I have had CMP for 2 years now, and what a struggle it has been. I started with the pain meds (which hardly took the edge off) to muscle relaxers and anti-seizure meds for the muscle cramps to more natural remedies and lots of vitamins and minerals, even B-12 shots.
This is what has helped me...
Continue the vitamins (especially minerals). Our bodies are really depleted of the minerals. Gentle stretching is great - yoga can be too intense, depends... nothing repetitive - that can hurt us worse.
Now, for the main thing that's helped me...
working on trp's (trigger points). If you can get rid of trp's you can ease your pain greatly!
If you don't have it - get Devin Starlanyl's book on CMP and there's another one i have on trigger point therapy self-massage - it's super!
I'm not going to say I'm pain-free. but I'm much better than 2 years ago. Make small goals for yourself. I am not on any pain killers at all. It just doesn't make it go away. If I have too I take a motrin at night. 2 years ago I couldn't even work in my flower garden at all, now I'm up to 30 min. at a time. Take a break and can go back to it with working a full time job. It takes patience and setting small goals, but it can be done. 1 year ago i couldn't even unload my dishwasher without cramps running up and down my arms. Praise God today I can. Yes, I still have the cramps at times, and the pain sometimes. But learn to pamper yourself during those times - but don't ever get too still - our muscles tighten up if not moving!!!

There is hope! I have a wonderful Chinese doctor who told me to "have faith". He also said he's seen many people who a year after being on pain killers, he asks, "so, are you any better?" and they always respond, "no". and that's why I'm not on pain meds. I have friends with fibromyalgia who are so addicted to their pain meds. our hope is not in the pain killers, dulling it will not get rid of it, we have to work on the source - which is the knotted nerves - trp's. God bless! -Darla
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I have severe chronic pain. One of the things that really help me is Germanium. I don't know why my herbalist suggested it but I know that I can be pain free on it. There is nothing else that can do that! I have run the gamit of pain, neuro, anti-depressants meds. and the likes and this is the only thing that works COMPLETE. Like you mentioned the others just take a tiny bit of the edge off.

If you ever want to experiment you might want to try it.

You can't explain to someone who has never had chronic pain what it's like to live with and if you have lived with it and have found relief you want to tell everyone that still suffers. -Armor Herbs
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Have you had any dental work or root canals that could possibly be giving you a problem ????? -Kris
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