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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 11:16 pm    Post subject: Mycoplasma Reply with quote


My daughter who is 22 months old has mycoplasma which has attacked her liver, nerves, cerebellum, heart and veinal circulation. Her joints also click. Treatment consists of long term use of antibiotics which I am not keen on. Are there any herbal preparations that would help to kill the mycoplasma and to repair all the damaged organs and tissues? -Christine
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Well, I can't help you out with what to do, but I found this information in the January, 2000 Sunshine Journal and thought it might be helpful. There is a website given at the end for this disease also. Perhaps with this information, someone else might have some suggestions.

MYCOPLASMA What Is Mycoplasma? Mycoplasma is the smallest and simplest subclass of bacteria. While it is not new, the recent discovery of certain altered forms of Mycoplasma reveals some species that have become more invasive and more difficult to find. These varieties may have wide-ranging and complex effects on the systems of the human body. Mycoplasma has the smallest genome of any bacteria that can replicate independently of host cells. Unlike typical bacteria, it has no cell wall, which allows it to invade tissue and penetrate deep inside the white blood cells. Mycoplasmas are slow-growing micro-organisms that activate the immune system and then can successfully hide from it within the immune cells. These organisms are systemic; that is, they can go to all the tissues and organs of the body causing complex symptoms. Mycoplasma infection has been implicated as a cofactor in AIDS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Respiratory Infection, and a host of other illnesses, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

How can it be detected? Because Mycoplasma is one of the few major pathogens that can not be easily cultivated in vitro, conventional antibody tests can't identify these organisms and they can go undetected for years. A new, very sensitive testing method known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has been developed that can detect Mycoplasma in the blood of the patient. This method was developed by Immunosciences Lab., which remains one of only a few locations where the PCR test can be done. PCR test results are expressed as a number, which allows researchers and clinicians to monitor disease progression and evaluate the effect of drug therapy. Seven different species of Mycoplasma have been associated with a variety of human infections. Mycoplasma & CFS Researchers have been especially interested in the relationship between CFS and a particular Mycoplasma species, Mycoplasma fermentans (ingognitus). A recent study found that 52% of CFS patients have some kind of Mycoplasma infection, as compared to 15% of healthy people. Specifically, the study revealed Mycoplasma ferments in 34% of CFS patients and only 8% of healthy people. The researchers emphasize that these results should not be construed to mean that Mycoplasma infection causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However, it may be a cofactor in compromising the immune system and allowing other agents to produce symptoms of CFS. In addition, military forces returning from Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield have reported a variety of health problems. A disorder referred to as Gulf War Syndrome or Gulf War Illness (GWI) has afflicted approximately 100,000 veterans and their families. Dr. Garth Nicolson and other researchers and physicians have noted the similarity between the symptoms of CFS/FMS and those of Gulf War Illness. Studies using the PCR methodology have found a sizable number (32%) of Mycoplasma fermentans infections among GWI sufferers. This evidence indicates that M. fermentans may also be an important cofactor in the illness of Persian Gulf War veterans.

Can Mycoplasma Be Treated? In order to eliminate the pathogenic Mycoplasmas, the human body needs a functional immune system, which most patients with chronic illnesses do not have. Therefore, strategies to enhance the immune system along with prolonged drug therapy may help. Some CFS/GWI sufferers who test positive for M. fermentans have realized dramatic improvement with long-term cycles of antibiotics. Since the organism resides deep in the cells and has a long life cycle, antibiotic treatment can take several months or years. There are several antibiotics that researchers and specialists recommend to treat Mycoplasma, but treatment commonly begins with Doxycycline. Taking the medication orally works well for most patients, whereas a few highly sensitive people may need to have antibiotics given intravenously at first. It is not yet known whether antibiotics are a cure for Mycoplasma infections. Since M. fermentans has the ability to change its cellular makeup with every cell division, it may be difficult for readily available antibiotics to completely eliminate this organism from the body.

Obtained from the following website: -Georgiana
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