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Multiple Sclerosis Program

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 11:27 pm    Post subject: Multiple Sclerosis Program Reply with quote

Multiple Sclerosis Program

I have been utilizing products for almost two years. In July of last year I started with the nutritional products that nature Sunshine offers . I feel great. I have a program that works with multiple sclerosis. I've done this with the help of Laura Lewars, Master herbalists. I am utilizing no drugs. I have gotten off of Avonex, and I do not take anything but my nutritional stuff. I have never felt this good in years. I have had multiple sclerosis for over 10 years. I was diagnosed relapsing remitting and it progressed to where I could not function. That is why I started my program. This is what I use . I can tell you when and how to start. You do not use everything all at the time, but these are the things I have utilized.

You do not utilize everything at once. There are lots of things that are rotational, you do for while, then you stop so everything works perfectly all the time. You will know the difference fairly fast. I know how to make you have a response - your body will know. I know how to fight fatigue, and all the symptoms.

Multiple Sclerosis Protocols by Jeff Frankel

Fighting back Against My Multiple Sclerosis My name is Jeffrey Frankel. I've had multiple sclerosis for over 10 years. I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting, after a time, It has progressed to the point where I could not function. I also had pain, fatigue, and many of the other problems. Spasticity, balance, numbness, tingling, and bowel problems they are just about all gone. I Just have some stiffness and numbness. I did this using Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements. It has been a long journey. It does not happen overnight. You have to give it time.

My multiple sclerosis protocols.

Magnesium # 1786-6
Calcium # 823-5
Potassium # 1673-3
Psyllium Hulls # 545-9
Co Q10 # 1895-5
Vitamin B-12 Sublingual # 1588-7
Vitamin B Complex # 1778-9
Fish Oil Omega-3 # 1609-9(If Allergic - contact)
Lecithin # 1660-5 Mega-Chel # 1611-1
Mineral Colloidal # 4013-6

You Should Also Add Sodium from natural sources Like Celery 35.2 mg per stalk , and you should replace you're salt with sea salt.

Grapine # 16993-3
Alpha Lipoic Acid # 1505-6
Vitamin E complex With Selenium # 1509-8
Acidophilus # 1666-7
Bifidophilus Flora Force # 4080-4
MSM # 4059-4
Vitamin C # 1636-0
IGF 1 # 966-1
Colostrum # 1828-7

Yeast Anti-fungal Detox # 508-9
SOD-W/GLIADIN # 1893-8
Zinc # 1657-9

All Cell Detox # 1078-2
Cellular Energy # 1879-6
Liquid Calcium # 3191-6
Summa # 1088-5
Super GLA # 1844-5
Chinese Blood Build # 1881-9
Liver Cleanse Formula # 1010-3
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Rotational Amino Acids From Free Amino Acids # 3664-5 Acetyl L-Carnitine N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Rotational Products with Grapine Bromelain Quercetin pop up with
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Herbs Capsicum # 160-5
Butchers Broom # 135-5
Herbal Pumpkin # 915-2
Una de Gato (cat s claw) #175-0

If you would like to test your body's pH you can do it with Litmus Paper. Kit # 2918-8

The Vitamin B family of vitamins is very critical. You may have to rotate and add additional B Vitamins at times.

These Are Real Deficiencies that people with multiple sclerosis suffer, a lot of these things can be corrected with a good vitamin B complex and B- 12 sublingual, you may find this all helpful. Everything is discussed with deficiencies. Pass this on to all your friends. This is what I have addressed, and it works real good.

Deficiency's Vitamins And Minerals: Deficiency of vitamin B1 A deficiency will result in beriberi, and minor deficiencies may be indicated with extreme fatigue, irritability, constipation, edema and an enlarged liver. Forgetfulness, gastrointestinal disturbances, heart changes, irritability, labored breathing and loss of appetite may also be experienced. With too little thiamin around a person may also experience nervousness, numbness of the hands and feet, pain and sensitivity, poor coordination, tingling sensations, weak and sore muscles, general weakness and severe weight loss.

Deficiency of vitamin B2 A shortage of this vitamin may manifest itself as cracks and sores at the corners of the mouth, eye disorders, inflammation of the mouth and tongue, and skin lesions. Dermatitis, dizziness, hair loss, insomnia, light sensitivity, poor digestion, retarded growth, and slow mental responses have also been reported. Burning feet can also be indicative of a shortage.

Deficiency of vitamin B3 A deficiency may cause pellagra, the classic niacin deficiency disease, and is characterized by bilateral dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia. A shortage of niacin may be indicated with symptoms such as canker sores, depression, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, halitosis, headaches, indigestion, insomnia, limb pains, loss of appetite, low blood sugar, muscular weakness, skin eruptions, and inflammation.

Deficiency of vitamin B5 With Vitamin B5 in short supply symptoms like fatigue, headaches, nausea, tingling in the hands, depression, personality changes and cardiac instability have been reported. Frequent infection, fatigue, abdominal pains, sleep disturbances and neurological disorders including numbness, paresthesia (abnormal sensation such as "burning feet" syndrome), muscle weakness and cramps are also possible indications that this nutrient is in short supply. Biochemical changes include increased insulin sensitivity, lowered blood cholesterol, decreased serum potassium, and failure of adrenocorticotropin to induce eosinopenia.

Deficiency of vitamin B6 Irritability, nervousness and insomnia as well as general weakness, skin changes such as dermatitis and acne as well asthma and allergies might develop when pyridoxine is in short supply. Symptoms may include nails that are ridged, an inflamed tongue as well as changes to your bones - which can include osteoporosis and arthritis. Kidney stones may also appear. Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms will be very much like those of B2 and B3. Vitamin B6 is needed by the body to manufacture its own B3 vitamin.

Deficiency of vitamin B9 A deficiency of folic acid on an unborn baby may increase the risk of the baby being born with spina bifida and other serious defects of the nervous system. When deficient of folic acid, you might suffer from fatigue, acne, a sore tongue, cracking at the corners of your mouth (same as deficiency of vitamin B2, vitamin B6 as well as iron). Long term deficiency may result in anemia and later in osteoporosis, as well as cancer of the bowel and cervix.

Deficiency of vitamin B12 Some symptoms of a deficiency will include a sore tongue, weakness, fatigue, and weight loss, back pain and apathy. It might further result in loss of balance, decreased reflexes, tingling of the fingers, ringing in the ears etc. A deficiency may also result in the raising of the level of homocysteine in the blood - which in high doses can be toxic to the brain, which may be involved in Alzheimer disease. Severe deficiency may result in pernicious anemia also called Addisonian pernicious anemia. Another problem that appears in deficiency is the eroding of the myelin sheath - the fatty sheath of tissue, which insulates the nerve fibers in your body.

Deficiency of vitamin C When there is a shortage of Vitamin C, various problems can arise, although scurvy is the only disease clinically treated with vitamin C. However, a shortage of vitamin C may result in "pinpoint" hemorrhages under the skin and a tendency to bruise easily, poor wound healing, soft and spongy bleeding gums and loose teeth. Edema (water retention) also happens with a shortage of vitamin C, and weakness, a lack of energy, poor digestion, painful joints and bronchial infection and colds are also indicative of an under-supply.

Deficiency of vitamin D A shortage can lead to softening of the bone and muscle twitching and convulsions, and in children it causes rickets - resulting in bent legs. In adults, the shortage causes loss of minerals from the bones, (osteomalacia) where the bones are sore, tender, and weak muscles with the possibility of deafness developing. In older people, osteoporosis may appear when protein is also lost from the bone. Vitamin D in short supply is also linked to having a burning sensation in the mouth and throat, diarrhea, insomnia and visual problems.

Deficiency of vitamin E Deficiency of Vitamin E is not common, and the symptoms not very clear cut, but may include fatigue, inflamed varicose veins, wounds healing slowly, premature aging and sub-fertility. When Vitamin E is in short supply symptoms may include acne, anemia, muscle disease, dementia, cancers, gallstones, shortened red blood cell life span, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), and uterine degeneration.

Deficiency Vitamin F fatty acids Hair loss and eczema may be indicated when deficient in Vitamin F and may cause damage to the kidneys, heart and liver. Behavioral disturbances are also noted when deficient. The immune system can become less efficient with resultant slow healing and susceptibility to infections. Tear glands can also not work effectively and may dry up. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels may be higher when deficient and blood more likely to form clots.

Deficiency of calcium Prolonged bone re-absorption from chronic dietary deficiency results in osteoporosis - from either too little bone mass accumulation during growth or higher rate of bone loss at menopause. Dietary calcium deficiency also has been associated with increased risk of hypertension, and colon cancer. When it is in short supply, a variety of symptoms from aching joints, eczema, elevated blood cholesterol, heart palpitations, brittle nails, hypertension (high blood pressure) and insomnia can become evident. Muscle cramps, nervousness, numbness in the arms and legs, rheumatoid arthritis, convulsions, depression and delusions have also been noted.

Deficiency of chloride A deficiency of chloride is extremely rare and unlikely to occur but a deficiency of chlorine in the body may cause excessive loss of potassium in the urine, weakness and lowered blood pressured.

Deficiency of magnesium A severe deficiency caused by mal-absorption, chronic alcoholism, renal dysfunction, or the use of certain medications can cause neuromuscular manifestations, and personality changes can occur. Many cardiovascular problems are indicated with magnesium in short supply and rapid heartbeats as well as fatigue, irritability, and seizure can occur. Insomnia, poor memory, painful periods, depression, hypertension and confusion may also indicative of magnesium in short supply. It is used for the management of premature labor, and for the prophylaxis and treatment of seizures in toxemia of pregnancy. A deficiency may also be a contributing factor to incontinence in older people and bed wetting in children.

Deficiency of phosphorus Deficiency of this element is unusual but may have symptoms varying from painful bones, irregular breathing, fatigue, anxiety, numbness, skin sensitivity and changes in body weight. A ratio of 2:1 in the diet between phosphorus and calcium can cause low blood calcium levels. If calcium is in short supply relative to phosphorus there may be increased risks of high blood pressure and bowel cancer.

Deficiency of potassium The kidneys excrete any excesses, but deficiencies are seldom found in people on normal diets, although most people could look at increasing their potassium intake. A deficiency may result in fatigue, cramping legs, muscle weakness, slow reflexes, acne, dry skin, mood changes, irregular heartbeat. If you are into bodybuilding, it is also a good idea to increase your potassium intake, since potassium is needed to maintain your muscles in good form, controlling your muscle actions, and since potassium is lost in excessive sweating and urine. A great way to include this in your diet is to have a banana, citrus fruit or even a dash of apple cider vinegar.

Deficiency of sodium. A deficiency is rare, but can easily happen with diarrhea, vomiting or excessive sweating, and a shortage may lead to nausea, dizziness, poor concentration and muscle weakness.

Deficiency of sulfur Deficiencies will only really happen if a diet is deprived of protein, or a poorly planned vegan diet, and a protein shortage is more likely to happen than a sulfur deficiency. Sulfur is said to clean the blood and to help protect us against toxic build-up

Researching about multiple sclerosis and the different systems of our body.
-Jeffrey Frankel
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