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Mega Chel - Oral Chelation Program

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 11:52 am    Post subject: Mega Chel - Oral Chelation Program Reply with quote

Mega Chel - Oral Chelation Program

Oral Chelation Program (Mega Chel)
Not every product is needed for every person. The brain herbs are optional. Determine which product in each category is needed by the individual and check it. I suggest the manager keep one copy and give another to the person doing the artery cleanse.

Program for:______________________________ Date:_________
Recommended Usage: 1 month minimum for every 10 years of age!
Mega Chel Oral Chelate, 6 twice a day
Mineral Maintenance, 6 twice a day
or Colloidal Minerals, or Mineral Chi, 1 tbsp twice a day
HS II or Gingko & Hawthorn, 2 three times a day
*Capsicum, 1 or 2 three times a day
*Gotu Kola, GGC, Mind Max or Gingko Gotu Kola; 1 - 3 daily
*Blessed Thistle, 2, three times a day
Lecithin, 2 -4, three times a day
Food Enzymes, or PDA and Proactazyme, 2 three times a day
*These are optional products beneficial to the brain specifically
Suggestion: Start the oral chelate with 1 x 2, each week adding one more each time until reaching 6 x 2.
If you feel you want to see your progress:
Check your progress without expensive Thermography testing. Purchase one of the paper thermometer designed to be used on the forehead. These can be wrapped around each finger and then around each toe to give you a reading. This will he your starting point and in 8 - 12 weeks you can check again to see if there is an increase in temperature which would indicate an increase in blood flow.

Special Notes:
1. FLATULENCE: Because of a change for the better in the intestinal flora brought about by these tablets, lower bowel gas may occur for a few days. It will be over within 3-7 days.
2. INDIGESTION: Be sure to take tablets with meals at all times, preferably in a meal containing some protein. Never take them on an empty stomach. Following this advice will usually solve all problems.
3. FATIGUE: Because there is considerable release of debris into the blood stream, there may be temporary decrease in the ability of the body to carry oxygen. This will produce a need for more rest and relaxation for about 7-10 days. This occurs in the individuals who need assistance the most. Fiber and bowel cleansing will help prevent this.
These minor discomforts only occur in about 5% of the people using the product. As indicated, the relief from these changes is within the first 10 days after which no further problems should occur.

These and other fine products are available from the following Herb Specialist of Nature's Sunshine Products:
(Your Name and address)
The purpose of this information is not to prescribe or diagnose; only to offer information about what has been effective and helpful to others and to assist you in cooperating with your doctor in your health building program. In the even that you use this information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for yourself which is your right, but your supplier assumes no responsibility.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Posted by Kay Lubecke
Cleanse: Mega-Chel Artery
Oral chelation is of benefit to every person because it opens the arteries, making it much easier for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. A plugged artery is similar to a kink in a hose. It blocks the full flow of blood and puts a strain on the heart as well as slowing the circulatory system. Because high blood pressure is usually associated with such a diminishing of artery size, using Mega-Chel on a regular basis can result in a lower blood pressure. Those who use Mega-Chel report a feeling of increased circulation, a diminishing of cold hands and feet and/or soreness of the feet, a renewed vigor, and a normalization of blood pressure. This program is especially beneficial for diabetics who suffer from decreased circulation.

To achieve success, it is usually suggested that the product be used at the rate of 12 tablets per day for one month for every ten years of age. Thus, a 40-year-old would use it for four months; a 45- year-old for 4-1/2 months, etc. It is best to start with 6 tablets a day and work up to the recommended 12 a day gradually. It is suggested that you continue with 6 tablets daily after the cleanse for maintenance of good artery health. Always take one Mineral Maintenance tablet for each Mega-Chel tablet or Colloidal Minerals or Chinese Mineral Chi when using Mega-Chel.
University tests of those using oral chelation with no other supplements show a 200-300 percent increase in circulation after three months. If faster results, which bring a 500-700% increase in circulation, are desired, Dr. Jack Ritchason, N.D. suggests that the following supplements be added to the program:
3-4 Lecithin 3 times daily - fat & cholesterol emulsifier to assist in plaque removal
2 GC-X 3 times daily if experiencing high blood pressure
2 Food Enzymes to assist in the digestion of the Mega-Chel
2 Combination Potassium if fatigue or light-headedness is experienced when first beginning to use the Mega-Chel
1-2 Capsicum 3 times daily to increase circulation (always take with food)
2 Blessed Thistle or CoQ-10 3 times daily if angina pains are present
Remember, Mega-Chel is designed to stand alone and additional items are needed only if you desire faster results. Because chelation does strip away good minerals as well as the bad stuff, mineral supplementation is highly recommended. It is not necessary to use any additional multiple vitamin products while using Mega-Chel.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Oral Chelation
Tape Notes: Dr. Jack Ritchason Oral Chelation, March, 1995.
Taken by: Joanne Toates

In the beginning he tells a story about a lady with a hiatal hernia. She had pressure not pain, he had her lay on the bed, take a deep breath and pulled this thing down. He corrected the mechanical problem, it even popped when it came down out of there and then she could breathe OK, pulse became normal, face had nice color, blood pressure became normal, feet got warm again.

When you correct a hiatal hernia it will improve: digestive system, assimilation system, they can breath, bowels.

Dr. Ritchason was at one time involved with IV Chelation. It was discovered in 1940更s by the Germans. There were problems and they eventually found out that it was pulling out the good with the bad. They found out that they could pull out lead poisoning and a side effect was that it started pulling plaque out of the artery walls, it cleaned out the arterial system. In 1948 it was first introduced in the United States. It has been belittled and run down hill and doctors who know nothing about it tell you how bad it is, and how dangerous it is.

Book: Chelation Can Cure by Dr. Madogan

Bruce Holstead and Jack Ritchason were at a seminar together in Florida and had different opinions on Oral Chelation. Bruce said that oral chelation is a farce and Jack stood his ground on supporting it.

There really isn't actually an Oral Chelation - the term is not accurate. Chelate comes from the word chel - Greek which means claw, to pull out, it is a medical process, there is no such thing as oral chelation legally and technically in a court of law. But there are vitamins and minerals and amino acids. Amino acids mix with minerals and put them into solution and causes a chelate process Vitamins C & E are natural chelates.

We need natural chelates because the heart is a very important part of the body, it feeds blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels (that is if you are normal weight) obesity - for every 10 pounds of over weight you have 100 more miles of capillaries that have to be feed and taken care of. The heart only weighs 11 ozs., but it pumps over 2,000 gallons of blood in a 24 hour period - maybe more if you are an athlete or you更re obese.

Right Ventricle - the blood comes in to it and is pump back out to the lungs, to get rid of carbon dioxide picks up oxygen and comes back in, goes through the left side of the heart and out through the aorta valve and pumps out to the rest of the body. It takes 20 seconds to do that provided the lungs are not filled up with cigarette smoke, tobacco, nicotine, or you work in a job with pollution and get your lungs filled up with garbage, if the heart is strong and it can pump, if you exercise etc.

Part of this system is called the lymphatic system there are many more miles of the lymphatic system than what we call the blood system. It is called the secondary transport system. It collects debris coming from the blood stream, waste materials that have been thrown off, and it neutralizes it and eventually dumps it back into the vena cava system but it has a pump, we know now that it sits behind the diaphragm, but it doesn't work until you move.

You won't heal unless you move the lymphatic system. Exercise is super important & breath deeply.

Three major factors that cause heart disease & stroke:
1. high blood pressure - will kill you
2. high levels of triglycerides & cholesterol in the body (LDL)
3. smoking - primary OR secondary

Secondary factors:
hereditary - born with that weakness
emotional stress - you've got to get away from it

For stress use:
Stress Relief
Nerve Control
Skeletal Strength
B Complex

By Pass Surgery just treats a symptoms it does not take care of the cause. Case: 70 years man giggling, stumbling, liked to lay in the bath tub and giggle, senile. Eyes indicated aluminum poisoning & circulation problems. Put him on Oral Chelation - complete program.

This was in October, in February he was driving his own car again. June his daughter who is a nurse came to see him and said you can't take any more of this witch doctor medicine, took him to an MD who gave him some kind of shot and he went into a coma almost immediately, and died about 30 days later.

You can not rebuild what has been destroyed, you can only make what you've got left work better.

Case Study:
Lillian Baily - 76 years old
-two doctors wanted to do surgery on her ASAP
-she came to Jack Ritchason to see what he could do, he suggested oral chelation
After using the Mega-Chel program:
-her hands and feet were warm (restored circulation)
-she could feel where her feet were and easier to walk
-her doctor thought she had surgery someplace else -he ran more tests
-she showed him the Mega-Chel and his comment was well, there isn''t anything in here that will hurt you but this couldn't now, in fact if all my patients were doing what you're doing I wouldn't have any patients.

Rule of thumb for Mega Chel
-take it for one month minimum for every 10 years of age -therapeutically 10-12 capsules per day (it may take months to get up to this level because it is a real cleanser, a real flusher & the time element doesn't start until you reach that level)

If you have a problem with this program it's probably because you haven更t followed some of the rules:
1. take it with a meal that has protein
2. take it with your protein digest aid (PDA)
3. never take it with out adding Mineral Maintenance, equal amounts of Mineral Maintenance & Mega Chel
How long do you need to take it?
4 to 6 per day for the rest of your life to maintain, use it as your multiple vitamin or else you will get right back to where you were
#1 rule of good health

Jack Ritchason is on a board of a hospital in Mexico. He wrote protocol, went through the programs, checked records etc

When you register in that hospital they document every single case of cancer, hiatal hernia, ileocecal valve

Some other things he adds to the program:
+ increase Vitamin C with citrus bioflavonoids because it increases the bodies assimilation, absorption and utilization rate
+the older you are the more Vitamin C you need because you have less ability to use it and retain it, because it goes out of the body so fast
+ add 400 units of vitamin E
+ LBS II because their bowels are plugged up
+ You have two herbal chelates, Special Formula #1 & BP-X, they work like Mega-Chel but much slower, he adds it because their bodies are very toxic, so he detoxifies them, you may use these instead of the LBS II if it keeps their bowels moving
+ Bowel Build also
+ extra Lecithin, the brain is bathed in a solution of lecithin (with out it the brain gets hard on the outside and soft on the middle), fat emulsifier, brain food, the spinal cord is also bathed in lecithin, all the nerve endings are bathed in it also
+ add Gotu Kola especially when there are severe circulatory problems to the brain
+ add niacin because it keeps cholesterol in solution and controls the build up of cholesterol, controls the LDA & HDL, increases circulation

One cigarette can cut down 45% minimum of the circulation to the extremities and finger tips.
+ add germanium to carry oxygen
Book - The Miracle Enzyme Co Q10
This should be called a vitamin but it's not
Was used for periodontal diseases
They found that gum tissue and heart tissue are identical, so they started using it for heart problems
The lowest therapeutic amount of Co Q10 they have found to be effective is 30 mg per day
The highest amount 100-150 mg per day (any thing over that you are wasting your money) they have never found any toxic level of CoQ10
NSP has a Q10 formula and they added hawthorn and capsicum
All you have to add is vitamin E
Dr. Shoot (most noted authority in the world on vitamin E) said you need a minimum of 100 units of vitamin E for every 10 years of age, that's for a healthy person, you may need 200 per 10 years if you have a cardiac problem
Dr. Shoot used hawthorn himself but he never mentioned it because of all of the ridicule he received over the vitamin E. He felt they would never accept an herb.
CoQ10 acts like a target formula -
Do you understand Target Formulas?
When you bind these with amino acids and you bind them at a specific temperature, a specific amino acid acid, not a shot gun approach
Book - Target Minerals by Steven Horne & Harvey Ashme.
Example : if you take 95 mg of zinc into your body you may only get 5 mg absorption and utilization factor, Why? You更ve got a conveyor belt going, no one pushes a button to stop it, it is constantly moving through the system, if things are not exactly perfect you don更t absorb perfectly, and it doesn't wait to be absorbed.

When you use the Target Formulas, they have been so designed that if you take (using the example of the zinc) 5 mg of zinc, now you are getting about 95% absorption, that更s how effective it is.

Calcium & Magnesium
*Ladies need twice as much calcium per day as a man
*you need 1.5 to 2% calcium in your blood stream, or your dead
*your heart needs calcium to beat
*nothing will heal in your body without calcium -leg ulcers, stomach ulcers, etc.
*Ladies also need more magnesium than a man
*in 1986 the government raised the RDA for calcium but did not raise magnesium, putting them farther apart again.
The largest lobbying arm in the US (Dairy Industry) was responsible. Milk is always deficient in magnesium and it is the richest source of calcium.
*without enough magnesium, calcium can give you a steady heart beat and suddenly lock it up
*without enough magnesium you get muscle cramps

out of solution in brain senility or Alzheimer's
out of solution in eye glaucoma
out of solution in heart disease
out of solution in arteries arteriosclerosis
out of solution in joints arthritis
out of solution in ovaries premature aging
out of solution in skin leather looking skin

*Skeletal Strength has calcium & magnesium AND HCL needed to break down minerals, it also has horsetail (for silica)
*the older a man gets the more magnesium he needs
*regarding TUMS for a source of calcium
-poor grade of calcium (calcium carbonate)
-the body can absorb any calcium (inorganic or organic) if it can chelate it with a process where it binds it with amino acids and an organic calcium, if you don更t have enough organic calcium you start building deposits, spurs and stones
-they add an alkalizing ingredient which lowers the acid needed to break down minerals
*dark scurf rim indicates a deficiency in silica in the body
*silica binds calcium in the system for utilization
*hair follicle - 98% protein on the inside, but the outside is pure silica
*silica in your skin - if you have skin problems - look for silica
*Nail problems - look for silica
*One out of ten women need twice as much magnesium as calcium
*low magnesium = muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, neck spasms
*how much should you take? If you take too much magnesium the bowels will get too loose (you've heard of Milk of Magnesia), back off
on the amount.
Psyllium - brings down cholesterol so our circulation works
Omega 3
Fish liver oils
B3 (Niacin) - increases circulation
Butchers Broom - increases circulation to the legs
White Oak Bark - strengthens the capillaries
Garlic with allicin - if you have a problem with the odor, drink chlorophyll - blood purifier & cleanser
Blessed Thistle - carries oxygen
Bugle weed - strengthens the hearts capability to hold oxygen
Dr. Ritchason's 10 Golden Rules of Health
1. Stop putting poisons in the body
2. It takes 5 - 7 times the normal amount of nutrition to build and repair than it does to maintain
3. Nothing heals in the human body in less than 3 months, then add one month for every year that you have been sick
4. Have moderation in all things
5. Make peace with nature
6. Live closer to God
7. You must take responsibility for yourself and your health
8. Eat as much raw food as possible
9. Exercise regularly the rest of your life
10. Practice and learn to understand completely Herring''s law of cure: All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared.

*If someone is having problems with angina while taking Mega-Chel look for potassium loss. The cells have potassium, the blood stream has sodium, it更s the exchange of the sodium and potassium ions that gives us the spark of life.

Pull up the skin on the back of your hand, it should snap back like a rubber band. If you have to poke it back down, your potassium is low, you're losing cell integrity. When you go through a healing crisis you will have major potassium loss. Put potassium back into your body to build that cell integrity.
-Georgiana Duncan
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