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Lyme's Disease

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 12:38 pm    Post subject: Lyme's Disease Reply with quote

Lyme's Disease

Anyone know anything about treating Lyme's Disease? -Carol
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Lyme's Disease is caused by a microorganism that is transmitted to humans by ticks. It usually begins as a red spot on the skin that can expand to a diameter as large as 10 to 20 inches. Patients with Lyme's disease may experience malaise, fatigue, chills and fever, headache, and joint pains as well as other symptoms. Lyme's disease was first recognized in 1975 in the small community of Lyme, Connecticut, hence its name. Cases have now been reported throughout the U.S., but are most common along the northeastern coast from Massachusetts to Maryland, in Wisconsin, and in California and Oregon. It is most common in the summer and early fall, and usually affects children and young adults who live in wooded areas where ticks are common. The medical treatment of Lyme's disease has focused on antibiotics like tetracycline and penicillin. In the initial stages this may be warranted, but antibiotics are thought to provide only limited benefit in chronic cases.

Patients with Lyme's disease who go on to develop arthritis and nerve problems are not helped to any large extent by continued use of the antibiotics. My recommendations are to follow your doctor's advice if you are in the initial stages and if the tetracycline is given for no more than ten days. To support your body during the initial phase I would also recommend the following: Proactazyme 2 caps four times daily on an empty stomach, Vitamin C T/R three to six grams per day in divided doses, Golden Seal Root 500 mg three times per day, Colostrum 2 to 4 day, Lactobacillus Acidophilus 2 billion live organisms daily.

If your case is a chronic case and you are experiencing arthritis, I would recommend the following: Proactazyme 500-1,000 mg four times daily on an empty stomach, Flax Seed Oil 4 caps daily, Ginger 100 mg three times daily, Olive Leaf Extract, start slowly work up to 4 day, Thymus Extract take 375 to 750 mg twice daily (quarterly product). These recommendations are designed to support your immune system, reduce inflammation, and eliminate factors which cause the arthritis to develop. Castor oil packs on swollen glands. -Elaine Nerland
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According to Nature's Treasure Chest, it has the following info: Oregon Grape: 8 dropper fulls per day, Lymph Gland Cleanse or Lymph Gland Cleanse- HY-A - 6/day, THIM-J - Builds immune, SUMA Combination - Energy-antiviral, Vitamin C to bowel tolerance, B-Complex - energy, Antioxidant Arsenal, Milk Thistle Combination, High Potency Grapine, Drink lots of Liquid Chlorophyll daily. -Joan
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Does anyone have any information they could share with me on Lyme's Disease? Any help would be appreciated. -Randi Scott
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My Story: Lyme's & Herbs
In 1990, I noticed a red bite under my arm. I noticed that a circular rash continued to grow around the first initial bite. I didn't give it much thought until I started having some health problems. I became very fatigued, ached, and stiff in my back and neck. My joints would take spells where they would become very painful and I couldn't stand to walk.

My mother had read an article on Lyme's disease and thought it sounded like what I was experiencing. So I went to my physician. Even though he thought Lyme's disease didn't exist in our part of Ohio, he did put me on 10 days of antibiotics. After taking the medicine, the symptoms I was having disappeared. Gradually, though not as drastic as the first onset, I began to have health problems again. I began struggling with fatigue, a constant headache, heart racing, and joint pain. There were also periodic tremors in my arm which I could not control. Everyday tasks seemed too overwhelming. I felt emotionally that I was going crazy. My sister, whose daughter had been diagnosed with Lyme's in 1993, told me what I was experiencing could be directly related to the first bite and symptoms I had in 1990. I went to a doctor she recommended and was clinically diagnosed as having Lyme's disease. After taking 5 months of antibiotics (which made my symptoms worse), he took me off medication to see how I would do.

Not feeling much better, I decided to give herbs and vitamins a try. So in the fall of 1993 I went to the herb store where I received information on herbs and their traditional uses. I decided to take Echinacea, Oregon Grape, SUMA Combination, Ginseng, Rose Hips, and Vitamins C and B-Complex. It seemed like a lot but I was desperate. It was all or nothing. After taking these supplements one week, I noticed a big difference. I started actually feeling good, which felt wonderful. My health problems didn't disappear overnight but I began to work on them on by one. I took the Nature's Sunshine brand Thyroid Activator to feed my thyroid. I took some Chinese herbal combinations to help strengthen my immune system. I began to drink a protein powder supplement which increased my stamina so I could actually make it through the day without taking a nap. My headaches were still giving me some trouble so I started taking Valerian, Hops, White Willow Bark, and other herbs in a combination called Stress Relief. This brought a calming relief to my nervous system.

Then I read about how Pycnogenols (NSP's Grapine) could cross the blood brain barrier. In taking this supplement, my head actually felt worse at first. There was a tingling, heavy, and numbing sensation which made it hard to think. I was determined to finish the bottle though, realizing the symptoms meant that the Pycnogenols were probably working. After about two weeks, my head was clear. It was almost too good to be true. The headaches and constant feeling of pressure in my head I had for 3 years was gone! Today I'm a firm believer in herbs and nutritional supplements. I am so grateful for them! They gave me my life back!

Note: She has since shared that she continues with a maintenance program of herbs and vitamins. Favorites are Grapine and Stress Relief used daily to prevent the pressure in her head from returning, which it has tried to do on occasion. She realized she just needed to keep on these products. To ward off fatigue and increase stamina, she takes at least one of the following products Daily: SynerProTein, Nature's Chi, Ginseng, Bee Pollen. From time to time she also uses: Alfalfa, Colloidal Minerals, Calcium, Multi Vitamins, Vitamins C, A, E, and B-Complex, Uņa de Gato. Uņa de Gato was one that she used for a long time because it really helped her feel better. She will also take other immune system builders daily like: Pau D'Arco, VS-C, Echinacea. -Susan Lebovitz
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My sister has a rash on both of her legs. She was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. What herbal program do you know has helped people with Lyme's disease? Thank you very much. -Brenda
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I talked to a man who got rid of Lyme's disease by taking several bottles of Colloidal Silver. NOT just the amount listed to take on the bottle but several bottles a week. -Martha Trahan
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Could someone please share some info on this? I have a woman who was sent the following herbs to help with blood purification. Super Supplemental, Grapine, Oregon Grape and Liquid Chlorophyll. Since Red Clover is a blood purifier, I was wondering if this should be added. I am going to MT her for the correct amount of these tomorrow. This is not a recent case of Lyme's disease, but on that is several years old and was left untreated for one and a half years. -Janice Orlik
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In my "Recipes for Success" card it says to give infection herbs as soon as possible and lots of them. THIM-J to rebuild the thymus so that it can begin producing "T" cells once again. It also says that because of the severity of this disease, antibiotics should probably be used as quickly as possible after the infection is noticed. Add Flora-Force to rebuild the bacteria that the antibiotics destroy. -Kim Sanchez
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I would clean the blood and bowel first with VS-C and Slippery Elm. FOR the immune system I would use E-Tea and Uņa de Gato, for as long as it takes to build strength, then I would keep her on E-Tea and use a parasite cleans. Herbal CA-ATC helps with bone and muscle weakness. Im sure there are other formulas that would help, but I like this one myself. -Debbie Shook
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Has anyone had any experience with helping a client with Lyme's disease? He reports the classic symptoms: joint pain, tiredness. -Michael Hogue
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Yes, I have a friend who was diagnosed with Lyme's. She took the antibiotics for two months, and stayed on a special personalized herbal program for longer than that; 1 or 2 months more. When she was retested, nothing showed up on her tests! Can you muscle test? I used Colloidal Silver, Oregon Grape, Lymph Gland Cleanse, VS-C, and some others, but now I would definitely check Olive Leaf Extract and Colostrum, too. (We didn't have those then.) I would also now use some essential oils like Geranium and Rosemary. MSM/Glucosamine Cream might help the joints. He might need a lot of stuff for a while. -Nancy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I am a Lyme's patient for over 10 years now. Many patients discuss nutritional supplements based on their specific needs. I personally take: CoQ10, Essential Fatty Acids, B-Complex, Calcium, Magnesium, Echinacea, and Aloe. I also take MSM. Acidophilous is essential for me because of the large amounts of antibiotics. Unfortunately, I like many others, have tried several different natural regimens but have never been able to stay off antibiotics for more than 2 months at a time without the MS-like symptoms returning full force. If your friend is seeking traditional treatment, he or she should be aware of the politics of the medical community regarding this disease. More on that can be learned by visiting again, Lyme and also -Kate
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Suggestions needed for Lyme's disease. A distributor has been fighting Lyme's disease for four years now. He is much better, but right now it is really acting up. -Heather
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He must still have active spirochete bacterium that causes Lyme's disease. Sarsaparilla is used for syphilis, which is also caused by a type of spirochete bacterium. This may be of help to him. I would also make sure he uses Olive Leaf Extract. -Chottsie
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I am looking for a safe herb that is beneficial to the glands and will help with the gland swelling. Something that makes them work more efficiently. I have Lyme's disease and my one gland is swollen. Not Echinacea, it didn't work for me. -Lynn
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Have you ever used herbs before? If you have not, you will find that they bring balance in the body, unfortunately, sometimes this balance is found when the body throws off waste. Perhaps the Echinacea was trying to get rid of waste. I know people who have successfully fought Lyme's using TS II and Colloidal Silver. The virus seems to rob the body of proper sodium and TS II is a good source. (I am not referring to salt! But the electrolyte--sodium) Colloidal Silver kills virus. -Drew
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Lymph Gland Cleanse is excellent for this problem because the herbs in this combination are naturally antibiotic and helps the body fight infections. This includes swollen glands. Lymph Gland Cleanse- HY is similar to Lymph Gland Cleanse but substitutes Myrrh for Golden Seal. Be aware that Golden Seal can lower blood sugar levels. You can also take Vitamin C, B-Complex for energy, THIM-J to build the immune system, SUMA Combination, which is for energy and is anti-viral, and drink lots of Chlorophyll water daily. -Paige Paige
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Q: I have some symptoms and a bite mark that point to Lyme Disease. The bite mark is about 1-2 inches round. It is Saturday and I wondering if a trip to the doctor can wait until Monday. Any ideas? Thanks! -Laura
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From what I understand the knee joint area begins to bother the person a is some info I found on it:


Lyme disease is a bacterial infection which is transmitted primarily through the bite of ticks which have become infected from some other mammal or marine birds. This is usually the Black Leg tick (also known as the Deer Tick). It is becoming more and more obvious as time goes on, that there are other vectors of transmission besides ticks as well. It is not thought to be transmitted by the common dog tick, although the fact that dogs regularly get Lyme's is an indication that this may prove to be a false assumption. There is also evidence evolving that transmission from person to person through the bites of mosquitoes, fleas and biting flies may also occur. Not all deer ticks are infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Ticks will become infected if they feed on animals that are infected. The disease can be spread when a tick infected with the bacteria bites a person and stays attached for a period of time.

The bull's-eye rash that is supposed to appear after being bitten by a tick carrying the Lyme spirochete appears in only 30% to 40% of infected people. Some doctors report that fewer than 10% of infected children exhibit the rash. A flu-like illness along with the rash is common, and the physician will also probably look for muscle and joint tenderness, especially around the knees.

When the rash is absent, Lyme disease may be hard to diagnose because the other symptoms mimic those of many diseases. It is important to consider it, however, because early treatment is much more effective at preventing long-term problems.

Animal studies have shown that less than a week after infection, Lyme Disease bacteria can be deeply embedded inside tendons, muscle, the heart and the brain.

If you do highly suspect Lyme's Disease and what ever your doctor ends up giving you...consider starting immediately with Nature's Sunshine Colloidal Silver, Nature's Immune Stimulator, THIM-J AND PROTEASE PLUS (take between meals). Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
- - - - - - - - - -
NO!!! please do not wait to go to the doctor, my name is Gabriella, I am in the 7th grade (12 years old) and I was diagnosed with this disease when I was 10 (in the 4th grade) while living in New Jersey, this disease gets worse with each day that you don't get treated! I'll tell you my story... It was the day before Field Day and I was so excited, that night I was going to shave my legs for the first time, as I took the first stroke and the shaving cream disappeared from that spot, I noticed something strange, a large oval rash, I rinsed of the shaving cream from the rest of my leg immediately, and there were two more (3 all together) I didn't want to tell my mom because I thought it might just be sirisuis, and if something was wrong, I didn't want to miss out on field day. The next day, all was well, I was having a great time-all up until the relay race, I almost collapsed, but I covered it up so noon would notice. As you can imagine i was scared by that time. But I still didn't tell my mom. A few days later, I was hanging up clothes in my room and when I tried to stand up, I couldn't I tried again, and that time I knew something was wrong, I experienced the worst pain in my life. It was in my right knee. I went down stairs to tell my mom, and she thought it was growing pains (i hadn't showed her the "bulls-eye rashes yet and hadn't told her I couldn't get up the first time I tried) The next day, when I came home from school I was very very dizzy, although it was the middle of the summer, I went up to my room, and put two comforters on top of me, I couldn't stop shivering. I was also running a fever and had a migrane, which isn't very common for 10 year old. My teacher was worried about me, but I kept denying that anything was wrong with me. I took a nap but when I woke up, I couldn't move my neck. That time I was really scared. So the next morning (it had been about 2 weeks since I'd noticed the rashes) I told my mom and showed her the rashes, she almost started crying, I could tell she was scared, but I didn't know why (I wasn't sure what the symptoms were for Lyme's) She rushed me to the hospital and begged to get me an appointment, we got one right away-the doctor diagnosed me with Lyme's Disease, my mom and I cried while the doctor went out of the room. It might seem like a little too much, but when you're a little girl that has just been diagnosed with a blood disease, you can get a little scared. We went to have a blood test done (although the doctor already knew what it was since the symptoms were so bad, and the knee pain-arthritis) all the tests came back positive. That night, I was running a fever of 105 degrees, my mom rushed me to the children's hospital in Philadelphia. I stayed the night there and went home with lots of medication, the doctors said if I waited any longer I could have heart problems or even brain damage. They checked for those things and found a heart mummer. -Gabriella
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Q: Need help with Lyme's Disease, client who's 10 year old girl has Lyme's, just recently diagnosed after about 4 years of health complications. Thanks in advance for your help. -Paul
- - - - - - - - - -
I used to be a teacher of a 10 year old girl who had such advanced Lyme disease that she was getting sever psychological symptoms (hallucinations, etc...) and severe all over body pain and impaired learning. Her mother searched the country, and tried every natural remedy, and found that the only thing that worked was high-dosage antibiotics. It really completely changed and cured this little girl, she gained back all of her learning, and became COMPLETELY normal. The mother used natural remedies to combat the effects of the antibiotics....high potency garlic, acidophilous, Bifidophilus, olive leaf extract, anti-yeast herb combinations and pH balancing. I don't know the exact NSP products, but that should give you a start. -Reba
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I have seen many great improvements with people who are using Ultimate GreenZone. Here are the stories of three middle aged men who have tried this product:

Another man, who has a history of environmental illness (Enviro-Detox and Master Gland worked like a miracle to help him overcome that problem a few years ago) was having trouble with serious gall bladder and pancreas flare-ups, mental confusion and fatigue, and generally feeling out of sorts. Oh, he also has had Lyme's Disease.

He hadn't been eating right and he knew it, but he didn't know what to do. He tried Ultimate Green Zone, a digestive enzyme, Grapine, Mega Chel, Brain Protex, Cordyceps and Skeletal Strength. He started very slowly because his system had become extremely sensitive from the poor eating choices he had made lately.

At first he just took one pill of each a day and one-half a scoop of Ultimate Green Zone in apple juice and water once a day. Over a couple of months he has gradually worked up to two full scoops of Ultimate Green Zone (one twice a day) and one of each of the pills a couple times a day.

Now he reports his thinking is clear again, his memory is back, and he has so much energy he doesn't know what to do! He gets up early every morning raring to go. Doesn't need an alarm clock. The Ultimate Green Zone helps him feel satisfied, giving him easily digested essentials his body needs, so he is able to make better food choices when he gets hungry. -Susan Lebovitz
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