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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 12:40 pm    Post subject: Lungs Reply with quote


A lady called me today with COPD. Had a severe case of pneumonia in Dec. had tubes put in, etc. She is taking Mullein, Can Sol & L Acidophilus. Feels she is not getting better. Is on oxygen and 350 m g. of Iron for anemia. Anyone worked with this health problem. Drs. tell her there is no cure. I am thinking Cordyceps, MSM maybe will be a better choice, however, I am not familiar with this health problem. Thanks for any and all help. -Janice McComb
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Give her Bronchial formula, vitamin B Complex for the amenia and 4000 mg of vitamin C daily. Red blood cells need to be increased for oxygenation. Iron does this and so can red meats or bone marrow soup. -Suzanne
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Red meat is a mucous-forming food, so it would be best to avoid it and all foods that build mucous in the body: dairy, red meat, refined sugar, white flour/breads, cloudy juices (especially orange); eat herbs and spices that are drying and will warm the respiratory/circulatory systems: fennel, cinnamon, ginger, cardomom, red and black peppers, and garlic, for example. Green Tea contains antioxidants and is an excellent overall tonic. -Denise
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Q: We recently had a small fire at our home, just a lot of smoke damage. We have all gotten the flu or colds with bad coughs and are having a hard time getting over them. I think the smoke and debree floating in the air has really been bad for us. What would be good for cleaning out the lungs, and getting rid of coughs? -elkman
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I would use the Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula, or Lobelia. The Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula cleans out the Aveoli. Lobelia is what the Native Americans used to use to clean the dust and dirt out of their lungs. It encourages a good cough to pull up the debris. Next boost your immune system with Trigger Immune. -Suzanne
- - - - - - - - -
Suzanne has some good suggestions here but I will also add Enviro-Detox and some good cleansing like the Tiao He Cleanse or CleanStart. Let's get all that yuck out of your body. If you haven't already, clean the drapes, any overstuffed furniture, the rug, the walls, etc. Smoke damage may be sticking around in ways you haven't thought about.

You might also want to diffuse some of the Breathe Free essential oils or muscle test for one of the Allergy Homeopathics, these things really do help! -Mike
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Q: Have a client that smokes, does not want to quit at this time. Am trying to convince her to at the very least do something to support her lungs. What NSP product would be beneficial? Thanks. -Judy
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Antioxidants reversed to some extent the changes in respiratory tissue caused by smoking Dr. Weil has stated in his book. If it were me the one I like best is Co Q10 enzyme. I'd take 200mg daily. It also has been suggested to add beta carotene. A product full of wonderful antioxidants, with Grapine and beta carotene is the SynerPro Antioxidant Arsenal. Also, I'd buy Hepa filters for my home to improve my air around me and protect my family, if I smoke in my house. -Dee
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Q: client on medication from her doctor who has diagnosed her with lung fungus. No improvement, may be a little worse.

Will suggest Yeast/Fungal Detox., probiotics, something for the immune system. Anyone with experience with this or other suggestions? -Barbara Moldenhauer
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Dear Barbara, Does your client live in an agricultural area or valley area. Does she have Valley Fever?

If she does have this I suggest very high amounts of Pau d' Arco tea (6 cups a day) for 3 weeks then 4 cups a day for another 6-8 weeks. Yeast Fungal detox is a good idea as well and also Olive Leaf supports the lungs and also contain anti-fungal properties. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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