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Lips - Dry

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 12:50 pm    Post subject: Lips - Dry Reply with quote

Lips - Dry

Lately my lips have been EXTREMELY dry. I've tried using all sorts of balms, but nothing seems to help. They are very tight and dry and burn, and today I noticed tiny, tiny blisters on both my upper and lower lips. Is there any remedy? -Delilah
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Whenever there is a dry situation, look to the EFA's or essential fatty acids. Flax and evening primrose are wonderful for any type of dry situation. You just have to make sure you take enough. I would recommend starting with 6 a day for quicker results and, if I'm not mistaken, that is the recommended daily dose on the bottle of flax. Try it and see for yourself. -Annie
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Try HSN-W and EFA. -S. Mitchell
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I am one of the people who has the Very Dry painful lips, I use Super GLA, and take HSN-W, Mineral-Chi tonic,( as part of the Mega-Chel Cleanse, and I do not take the Mineral Chi Tonic at the same time ), Green Zone and other things. I still have the problem. And as I stated it started slowly, once in a while, but now is constant. Any other thoughts or more to the point has anyone had experience with this. Thank you, -Jeannette
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Have you tried Vitamin A & D? I know that this helps me with cracked lips...I took lots of it at the time. -Gwen
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I do take A&D, I am on my second bottle, I started taking 5 a day a few weeks ago and now am taking 3 a day, could I be getting too much? I know there is some in the Mega-Chel and other things I take also. What do you think? -Jeannette
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You may not be taking enough. I have taken 6 a day for a week and then slack off and then up it again for a week until I get rid of the cracks. -Gwen
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Dry peeling lips I found was caused by Adrenal Stress! One day I worked under great stress for a couple of hours. and within a short time my lips completely peeled. But I do suffer from time to time with very dry lips and occasionally burning and or cracked lips. My quick remedy is using Irish Moss Hand and Body Lotion!! This sometimes stings greatly but I get relief. The cause I believe is an INFECTION. I do not know what infection but when I had a sore cracked tongue. I dropped a large drop of freshly crushed Garlic Oil on it and WOW!!! Did it sting!! I was so sorry I did it... But later I noticed the crack had disappeared! Wonderful! I do not know the name of the infection. But I do recognize it IS AN INFECTION! Irish moss does work on skin Cancers too and will help out topically with the cracked lips. You may need something extra for the rest of the body. Some infections seem to need a special herb to totally kill them. Garlic is not for everybody! Hypoglycemic cannot handle Garlic. Irish Moss makes my lips really sting but it makes them better. One lady would not use it again as it stung so bad. But keep applying it thickly. You will get results. -Valerie
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Q: My lips keep peeling and are VERY dry. I am on the Mega-Chel cleanse and have been for about 4 months, 2 to go. I take a lot of other supplements, not all together, I rotate them. I use one of our Reverse Osmosis units, and watch my diet fairly good. This started a while back, perhaps three weeks, it seems to be more pronounced after I take 6 of my 10 Mega-Chel daily, I take the other four later in the day. Any thoughts or experiences with this would really help me, I have to keep either Lip balm or healing cream on them almost all the time. Thank you, Jeannette
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With Mega Chel I have found after a few wks one should add minerals. Most people usually test for Parsley but alfalfa and HSN-W are sometimes needed I usually add colloidal minerals and EFA The above as a tea is sometimes better if you can do it. -S. Mitchell
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Does anyone know why my lips would feel like they are swollen and ready to crack when I open my mouth wide? Last week they were red and sensitive in the line where the two lips come together and when I ate a bowl of chili yesterday, they burnt terribly. Now today the whole lips feel warm and bruised or swollen and slightly bumpy when I rub them together, but they don't look bad. I have been taking 2 caps of conc. feverfew since this spring for migraines. I read a while back that chewing the live feverfew leaves could cause mouth sores. Would it be possible that the feverfew is causing this? I'm going to stop the feverfew for now, but any other suggestions? It if very uncomfortable. I have also been using Golden Salve on them. Thanks! -Barb
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This used to happen to alot. Sometimes in the midst of doing absolutely nothing and sometimes when I came in contact with something that triggered it like acid in orange juice. I later learned that my system was toxic and upon cleansing and removing the toxins, the symptoms subsided. Don't know if this is your problem but it sure does remind me of me. I had other problems too like accessional hives, welts and unexplainable swelling of the fingers. I had gone to numerous doctors but no one could tell me anything until I begun learning about cleansing. My symptoms mostly occurred out of the blue. My husband and I would be watching TV and suddenly, he would say, what's wrong with your lip or did you know that you have hives all over your arms and legs etc.... Would scare me half to death. Because of ignorance, I keep benadryl around and used it often to control my unknown problem. Since I learned about cleansing in 1995, I haven't had one occurrence. -Yolanda Roy
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Many times when the corners of the lips are sensitiva and sore, that is an indication of low B-Complex. However there are other considerations. Allergy is one. When this is suspected we usually encourage B-Complex with COQ-10 - 100 mg twice a day -to reduce allergy reactions. We also have found that the COQ-10 is also good for some migraines. You might try to alternate days with the feverfew, because if the liver is not filtering properly, the fever few may be building up in the system and causing the swelling of the lips. One other consideration you might make is that many who are hypothyroid may have this swelling in the lips. Are you taking any medication? -Tom Mather
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
had posted a couple of weeks ago about having problems with my lips (sore, cracked, dry as if exposed to very cold weather, etc.). I tried what was suggested to me, which was the Herbal Trim mixed with Lavender. This seemed to work for a while (I am also using it on my face). Since yesterday, the symptoms started all over again. I wish I knew what is causing this problems...could it be the acidity, rosacea? If anyone has any idea, I would love to hear it!!! Thanks in advance. -I. Smith
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I don't feel you should approach this externally. It's obviously an internal problem. Some things you might try:
*Water (and more water) - You need 1/2 to 1 gallon of water a day. Pure water, not juice or other beverages
*Essential Fatty Acids - not enough 'good' fat in your system. Black Currant Oil might be good to try. Others are Evening Primrose, Omega 3 and Flax Seed Oil. I have found cracks to usually respond well to the Black Currant Oil though. . . Probably 6 a day anyway.
*B-Complex might be a possibility. Lots of it. -Georgiana
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I was told by my upline manager that a chapped upper lip is indication of adrenal burnout and to use Nervous Fatigue Formula. It has always worked for me. -LeRae
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Does being dehydrated cause dry/chapped lips? and what can be used to correct this? -Rosemary
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Yes, being dehydrated CAN cause dry chapped lips -- WATER internally is the solution IF that is the problem. ie, DRINK lots of good, pure water!!
Occasionally, an imbalance of amino acids can cause this -- in which case, taking L-Lysine can sometimes correct this problem. I would try drinking more water first tho. -Georgiana
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They can also be caused by liver congestion. Of course liver congestion can be caused by dehydration, too. But I would think that if the liver wasn't already congested one day of not drinking enough water wouldn't cause the dry lips. It has helped me in the past to do a liver/colon cleanse when suffering from dry-chapped lips. To make the water you drink get into your system better there are several things you can do.
(1)Add Nature's Fresh to your drinking water. it contains an enzyme that helps break water down into more available particles.
(2)Drink smaller amounts every 1/2 to one hour. If you don't drink more than 1/4 cup at a time it doesn't go through you so fast.
(3) Swish the water around in your mouth before swallowing. This helps it to mix with enzymes and be more available to your tissues. Remember -"Chew your liquids!" :) -Jeanette Barcus
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