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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 12:57 pm    Post subject: Leukemia Reply with quote


Has anyone dealt with a client that was long distance (in other words, can't muscle test them), with acute leukemia? 60 years old, on Prilosec, Tegritol and Norpace for 8-15 years. Been taking Red Rice (NSP of course) for cholesterol) instead of Rx drug. Does well on Red Rice - but all of a sudden Acute leukemia. Count is holding at 60,000 WBC but only taking Vit C and Grapine with Red Rice right now. Any helpful suggestions? I'm looking into Essiac Tea of course, but don't want to overstimulate the situation. How about Colostrum? He has O blood type and they plan to start chemo after Thanksgiving. -Joanne Crane
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I use Large amounts of Chlorophyll for the blood. Pau D'Arco to purify and kill the virus. BP-X for the spleen. And Either Rosehips OR Garlic for the bone marrow. Now do test and use as high a dose as tested but I generally ask [eg., 1 cup of Chlorophyll for 2 days, then 3/4 cup for 1 or 2 days etc., ] -Valerie Steiner
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One of the best things that we have for Leukemia is Germanium. I use this along with the E-Tea and Milk Thistle. -Kimberly Balas
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My husband who is 67 was just diagnosed with adult acute myeloid leukemia. We have been using NSP products since 1996. Now he is having to take different meds to combat all the ills befalling his body. Could any of you please give us some news on natural herbs we can take. We don't want to have to take the chemo . And hope there is a better choice. -Brenda
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Years and years ago, I heard of drinking 3 to 5 quarts of Pau D Arco Tea daily for Leukemia. I would give it a try. -Georgiana
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Keep the emotions balance, Look at the spleen -- Zinc, and Uva Ursi, Immune Support Una De Gato or Olive Leaf and Sarsaparilla. S. Mitchell
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Dear Brenda, I agree with Georgiana about the Pau D' Arco tea. It has been used in Brazilian hospitals to treat leukemia for over 30 years. There have been very good results for many people.

It is important to boil the Pau d' Arco bark for at least 10 minutes and let it steep for another 15 minutes. It seems that more of its medicinal properties are excreted when it gets a good boil.

I would also have him take support his thymus gland and immune function. Probably 3 caps, 3x a day for the first month and then 2 3x a day. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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The brewing method I learned for making therapeutic strength Pau D'Arco Tea was to simmer 20 minutes and steep overnight or for 8 hours. Make it by the gallon because it's important to drink enough of it to get the job done. -Georgiana
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A lady in her middle 50's I am working with has elevated Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets are up. She was sent to a oncologist for follow up. Now she has been told she has early signs of Leukemia. Dr states full blown leukemia may take another 20 years or so to develop. I would like to know how I can help her get the blood to come back in line and maybe ward off this terrible disease. Thanks Laurie
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You would help to detoxify with mild things like chlorophyll caps and then add germanium and astragalus to help rebalance. This is a sign of excess thymus energy. Try THIM-J for that. -Kimberly Balas
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• Use liquid Chlorophyll to help produce hemoglobin.
• Drink 1 quart of Red Clover Blend tea a day, and take Chinese Blood Build for the liver.
• Also, I-X (12/day), Special Formula #1 (12/day) [from Olevia
Coleman, now deceased, who fought leukemia successfully for 23 years, as of 1991]
• Pau d'Arco
• Give enemas with these teas. (People can't wait to have an enema every day, ‘specially if they have hemorrhoids
-Karen E
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