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Knee - Swelling

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 1:07 pm    Post subject: Knee - Swelling Reply with quote

Knee - Swelling

My husband hurt his knee and he has swelling around his knee. The swelling at one time was his foot and his calf which doubled in size. It has gone down but he still has the swelling around the knee cap. Also, a lot of tightness in the back of his leg. The doctor said it is from fluid leaking out. He is going through physical therapy and is helping but can you recommend anything that will take the inflammation down? Before this happened he complained of his legs feeling weak.
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Nature's Sunshine has some EXCELLENT products for inflammation. Diet is important also. BE SURE TO HAVE HIM TAKE ENOUGH OF THE SUPPLEMENTS. I, personally took 5, 2 times daily of the Omega 3 EPA along with 2 Hi Lipase + others.

Has he had an ultrasound for clots in that leg? It sounds like a possibility.

I've had knee injuries -- Have listed 7 suggestions below that I have found helpful.

#1 Alkalize his diet (Less grain, meat, dairy -- More fruit and veggies, especially green, leafy veggies)
#2 Super Omega 3 EPA
#3 Inflammation Homeopathic
#4 IF Relief
#5 Nature's Phenyltol
#6 EverFlex (for joint)
#7 EverFlex Cream
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Hi just looking at your question and I have one of my own what did the doc say was wrong with your husband I am going to get an MRI is a few days was wanting some heads up I had to jump off of a roof and messed my knee up real bad and the swelling is like the swelling your husband has. They have me in an imobilizer and it is terrible well any info might help. -Dan
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That's sort of what happened to me . . . . A step came loose on my daughter's front patio and I took a flying leap off the top and landed on my knee. I had an injury on my other knee a couple years before and had surgery on it. Was thinking I might have to have this one done also . . . . Never had the MRI because I had an auto accident and was pretty much immobilized for two months. Took tons of herbs and that knee is almost 100% well now. As far as what I took -- LOTS of EverFlex (I can tell the difference when I skip it for a few days). I have taken as many as 7 or 8, twice daily -- now maintaining on 4, twice daily.

I took things for pain from my other injuries and wonder if they didn't help my knee also. I took as many as 6 Super Omega 3 EPA, twice daily with Hi Lipase, also took Nature's Phenyltol & IF Relief when they came out. Both are for inflammation (and pain). Also took Skeletal Strength & Magnesium . . . but can't say that I had ever noticed that helping my knee before.

I was shocked that this knee has gotten so much better without surgery. OH -- I also had many Myopractic Adjustments. This aligns your skeleton -- hips, legs, shoulders, etc. It takes the strain off your knees and allows them to heal. VERY IMPORTANT!! Forrest, my myopractor told me before that knee surgery was NOT necessary if you were aligned. -Georgiana
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