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Iridology - Sclerology

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 1:40 pm    Post subject: Iridology - Sclerology Reply with quote

Iridology - Sclerology

(White Portion of the Eye) Is Brownish
What are the possible deficiencies and possible supplements or a supplemental program needed to help the sclera (white part of the eye) when it is brownish? -Alan Joynes
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There are many reasons the sclera gets the brown coloring to it. Was it there before or is it getting worse? If it is preexisting then it is just melanin deposits that you really can't clear. If it is getting a brownish yellowish tint to it then it is liver and blood congestion. I would do some alternatives and some Liver Balance and Milk Thistle Combo. -Kimberly Balas
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According to the Footprints on the Path book under the heading Jaundice, this problem is a symptom and not a disease in itself. One should cleanse and/or support the liver by using Milk Thistle - to build the liver, Liver Cleanse Formula, (liver tonic) or Chinese Liver Balance - for stressed liver/ inflammation. Cleansing the colon and considering the gallbladder would also be good. -kaydan
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I had a client yesterday who has two areas one in each eye with lots of grey/black showing. In the right eye it is at 3 o'clock. In the left eye it is at 9 o'clock.. I haven't come across this before and could use some help. It isn't pronounced black or grey but just under the surface. Probably just smaller than the top of an eraser.

Could someone help me with this please?
I know these areas correspond to the bronchioles. She does take Breast Assured as there is always weakness in the left breast area. She has had heart issues and cholesterol problems. The doctors have her on way too much statin drugs and I showed her the new booklet Cholesterol and Your Health and showed her that 125 was more dangerous than having too high. She did buy a bottle of COQ30. -Diane Toombs
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, describes this as a Metabolic Cloud occurring in the medial and lateral sides of each eye (3 o'clock and 9 o'clock). Usually in people over the age of 70, it signals the area of the heart and throat areas (in the case of your client, most probably the latter), central and pulmonary circulation, the central and primary lymphatic-immune, vital throat center, the principal organizing energy center of the body. Signs to look for is generalized anemia, debility, weakness in the transfer of nutrients and waste products at the cellular level. Also fragility of bones from demineralization and other mineral metabolism dysfunction. Look for endocrine system imbalances, mostly at the thyroid level. Look for lines (sclera) in the heart and liver areas, too.

Obviously, you'll need to look at the iris and the rest of the sclera (specific medial area of gray and other markings in all quadrants) to give you more evidence for confirmation on particular areas of imbalance. The information above was given in his book, "Sclerology, A New View of An Ancient Art." Hope this helps. -Sharlene Miyamura
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Darkened areas in the sclera are a sign of lowered oxygen. This is a very bad situation and should be addressed aggressively with vascular openers, GC-X, APS II, Feverfew, Niacin. Then piggy-back CoQ10-Plus on top. MT or rotate. You can get these to go away. Lowered oxygen is usually a result of long standing acidity. These areas are ripe for cancerous processes. -Pat Block
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