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Iridology - Reversed

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 1:42 pm    Post subject: Iridology - Reversed Reply with quote

Iridology - Reversed

Had an iridology appointment this week and after explaining what was showing up in the iris, the person said, "That's weird and I have all those Symptoms, but they are all on the other side."

Why? The marking were in the LEFT iris, symptoms on RIGHT side:
eye problem (optic neuritis, from MS) venous congestion in brain ("yeah, it feels like the blood isn't all working right but its on the right side" pointing to neck and skull) medulla (does have pain in "back" of skull, not just right side)

Client also has the old "one-sided" pains, all on left. Now that makes sense because of the brain crossing issue. But if you have actual "venous congestion" on one side, wouldn't the FEELING of that be on the same side?

Oh well, what's the best thing for that? I was thinking sage, since it also feeds the medulla. -Desiree
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I have had this happen with a few people as well. In this case the person is reversed (know as a reversed eye) and there's nothing you can do about it that the way they were born. Just a little more figuring out for you. -Donna
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Actually, I would like to refresh my memory with MS if you don't mind sharing. Will be having another MS client coming in shortly. Thanks. -Lisa A.
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Is there a chance that the polarity is off when something like that happens? -Alice Davis
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So does this mean the ENTIRE eye is reversed, i.e. the left eye is entirely the right side of the body and visa-versa? -Desiree
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Instead of looking at who this is happening to we should look at what type of signs are showing in the opposite side. Remember the brain works the opposite side. -Chottsie
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Possible not always, I muscle test to see if polarity is off. If so I pick a product form this list: Bee Pollen (don't use if allergic to bee stings), licorice, adrenal support, Chinese Trigger Immune, Chinese Mood Elevator, Chinese Mineral Chi or liquid essential minerals. -Donna
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Yes that's right. -Donna
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[1. That would be very dark pigmentation in zones 1 & 2, yes? Is that how you knew it was very inflamed?]

Very dark pigmentation is toxic versus inflamed. Her "autonomic nerve wreath" (ANW) or "collarette" which is the ring 1/3 out from the pupil was: thick and white (inflammed / acute) jagged (spastic and easily irritated) little bit colored yellow and orange in a few areas (chemicals/toxins)

[2. What's the direct correlation to the nervous system? I didn't know there was one.] Steven's "Practical Iridology" course teaches the ANW reflects bowel AND autonomic nervous system strength, etc. (Great course!

Then an article in an old Dr. Jensen magazine is awesome. He explains iridology has always taught the nerve wreath is a MAJOR landmark and anytime you find weakness here, it will eventually affect the related organ outside the wreath. The link was thought to be toxins in the bowel (inside the wreath) "reflexing" or "spilling out" to the actual organ, found outside the wreath in the iris. Which makes sense to us, but boy does the term "reflex" in this context make a doctor roll their eyes. (Almost as much as "hyperpingia" makes me roll mine! Cute parable!!)

Then they started studying itsy bitsy babies and guess what? The first thing that forms that can begin to be recognized as "something" is your GUT TUBE and your NEURAL TUBE, and one other layer that becomes muscles, blood vessels, etc.

From the Neural Tube comes your brain, spinal cord, eyes, inner ear, skin, hair, nails, etc. (Mmmm, see the health observatory connections?)

From the highly nerve saturated Gut Tube comes of course, the gut, but then also the lining "buds" out to form the internal organs. So the liver "buds" off the gut tube when you are ITSY BITSY. And it is still wrapped in this "gut lining" as it grows but the name of the lining or wrapping changes to peritoneum. And around the heart it gets another name, the pericardium. As it grows, it still has high amounts of communication (nerves), but very few pain receptors. So while there may be no "direct nerve" from bowel to organ, there ARE direct nerve RELATIONS from bowel/gut to organ if tissue has "memory" which it indeed does.

The article has a neat color coded chart, too, which shows an itsy bitsy baby curled up in the iris showing how our nutrient needs really don't change much, just our appearance (thank God!!). Each organ or system that comes from those three layers, for example the neural tube, still has 4 or 5 major nutrients it uses. Mmmm, silica, phosphorus... ahh I need some more of whatever they are for the neurological system!!! One for the gut tube was of course magnesium. Duh! It's just way too cool and I will definitely email more on it later (the book's upstairs).

But does this answer your question? Those two form first, and both are highly "innervated" or nerve saturated to record AND receive information. Then God lets us see this information on the "monitor" (irides) for quick viewing. WOW!!

AND since the nails, skin and hair came from the same layer, you can begin to see why those parts of the body are also valuable at assessing health levels in the body. Back to the gut/nerve wreath connection. In iridology, the gut is the wreath and inside the wreath (Zones 1 & 2). The nervous system is the wreath and brain, and some other clues found below on question 4. Then most glands are "within" the wreath itself or just outside (pituitary, adrenal, etc.) And the organs, muscles, bones, etc are further out.
"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself;" [Psa 139:14, Isa 44:24]

The magazine from the Jensen's was part of a bundle of old back issues they are "closing out" selling what they have. They send you one of each journal THAT THEY STILL HAVE for $25. My shipment had about 15 or so. Still haven't read them all. Just go to and click on "SPECIAL OFFERS" and scroll to the bottom right for the item.

[3. The brain (top of irides, I assume) can look great while nervous system is having trouble? Please explain...] Well, the brain is one part, a very important part, but not all of the nervous system. And the small intestine has more nerve cells than the brain. (Is that true? It makes more serotonin than the brain, so it would make sense.) And maybe her brain doesn't look GREAT to a more experienced iridologist, but to me it did NOT look like her WORST area and there were no spokes or lacunae or dark areas, except for the one "contraction furrow" that circled her entire iris. When she's some better a second look will be in order. That digital iridology camera from the Jensen's is on my dream list! :-)

[4. And anyway, how can I identify nervous system dysfunction in the irides?] The 4 areas I check on a first visit are:
1. Digestive Area (1 & 2)
2. Nervous System (Pupil, ANW, Brain, Nerve rings)
3. Glandular System (all glands)
4. Anything specific they ask to have checked

For nervous system, check the following list: A. Shape of pupil (spinal misalignment, etc) B. Tone of pupil (large, small, pulsing, normal) C. Shape & Location of collarette D. Thickness of collarette E. Color of collarette F. Presence of "Spokes," especially if they go "through" the collarette, very weak area G. Presence of Contraction Furrows (nerve rings) H. Markings in Brain I. Markings in Adrenal glands

Everything about the collarette deals with nervous system AND/OR the bowel. Looking at the other clues helps determine which needs the most support. -Desiree Sunshine Yoder
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