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Iridology - Calcium/Sodium/Lipid Ring

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 1:47 pm    Post subject: Iridology - Calcium/Sodium/Lipid Ring Reply with quote

Iridology - Calcium/Sodium/Lipid Ring

Lipid ring. This is the material that forms plaque on the arteries. It is a sign of cardiovascular and liver problems. Emotionally it is a sign of a stubborn, strong-willed person who can be very hard-headed but tends to do very precise work. -Steven Horne
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Also I would like to add hard to show love to people. -Donna
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I am a little confused in that I had read in Nature's Field that this sign will never go away. I read in Jensen's stuff somewhere that it can. I also was informed by my upline's upline (both very gifted) that this sign was caused at least in some circumstances by lymph congestion rather than inorganic sodium, high cholesterol or calcium out of solution. So...will the ring ever go away and can it also be due to congested lymph as well as the other associated things? Sometimes it gets confusing when you get 2 or 3 different schools of thought. -Lisa
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Hi Lisa: I was also taught that the sodium ring will disappear when the underlying problem is solved. A sodium ring and a lymphatic rosary look very different in the eye. I am not aware of any connection between the two, but if you get a definitive answer, please post it. Thanks, -Copper
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The lymphatic rosary usually occurs in a hydrogenoid iris sub-type and is a tendency towards things like fluid retention, lymphatic congestion throughout the body or in certain areas. If the tophi are distinct in certain areas then that area should have more attention to congestive issues
(i.e. - lung, sinus). This can also be an indicator of allergies, weak digestion and a difficulty in breaking down proteins. When a lot of tophi are present then it may reveal a dormant or active antigen-antibody reaction (allergy). This tends to keep the immune system on an alert over cautiously though not acutely. This is when the system is likely to be aggravate by certain foods, pollens, dusts and reactions such as eczema, asthma, diarrhea, arthritis, bronchitis and more. Especially when these are topo stabile with that area. Emotionally these sub-types have difficulty with discord and disharmony. They don't want to rock the boat and want to keep everything happy and balanced for everyone - which is almost impossible. They tend to take on other's garbage. They need to learn how to set boundaries and just say NO. These tophi aren't likely to go away but can change the overall color that they appear from being really white or light to yellow and back.

The sodium ring is a lipemic diathesis sub-type. This really isn't on the iris at all. It is plaque that is laid down on the 7th layer of the cornea. It is indicative of blood fats in the blood stream or high free calcium index which would affect joints and tissues. Avoid any calcium supplements here. This can also be seen in low cholesterol as well as high. It will depend on oxidative factors in conjunction with the LDL. The position of the arcus will help with differentiation. Frontal can mean cerebro-vascular insufficiencies. Medial or temporal arcus can indicate coronary and/or pulmonary artery blockages. A ventral arcus reflects insufficiencies of hip, thigh and leg arteries. This sign can also suggest liver dysfunction with disturbed fat and/or glucose metabolis (especially if there is a yellowish lipid deposit in the sclera in addition to this), cardiovascular degenerative process, thyroid, adrenal, mineral deficiencies and insufficiencies. The cardio risks are more prevalent if this indicator is detected when they are younger (under 40). Emotionally this is a determination ring. It can indicate rigidity. Their lesson is to learn to let go and develop trust. This sign will not go away. It can look less opaque but will remain there. -Kimberly Balas
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The corneal arcus (also known as the lipid ring, sodium ring, sodium/cholesterol ring and lipemic diathesis subtype) is an acquired iris sign. However, there are genetic predispositions towards it. It is more common in the brown-eyed hematogenic constitution.

The ring is composed of the same material that forms arterial plaque and suggests the development of hardening of the arteries. It is usually accompanied by disturbances in fat and cholesterol metabolism and may also be a sign of thyroid and liver problems, these being two of the primary organs that control the combustion and utilization of fats in the body.

I have heard conflicting reports about being able to make this ring go away. Since it is an acquired sign (you don't see it in children and it becomes increasingly common as people get older) it is theoretically possible to make it go away, although I've known people who have worked to greatly improve both their circulation and fat metabolism and had the ring remain. I've been told it can go away, but I haven't had anyone produce a set of photographs confirming this. There are many claims made in iridology which have not been backed up with documentation, so it is sometimes difficult to sort fact from opinion or speculation.

The lymphatic tophi (also known as the lymphatic rosary or hydrogenoid subtype) is not an acquired sign. It is often present in children. It is a genetic pre-disposition to lymphatic stagnation and congestion. I have seen no evidence that it will go away even if a person clears up their lymphatic system.

For more information you can order my new Practical Iridology course.-Steven Horne
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