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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 5:02 pm    Post subject: Hypoglycemia Reply with quote


Recipe for Hypoglycemia:
Licorice Root*, HY-C, Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula, or HY-A - (avoid these in the evening unless you want to stay awake)
Chromium GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) 2-4 tabs
Pantothenic Acid
Spirulina or Super Algae to provide protein
Adequate protein for breakfast - SynerProTein or Thermo-Meal within one hour of awakening
Small, frequent meals containing protein & complex carbohydrates
High fiber diet effectively helps regulate release of sugar into blood
Nature's Three or LOCLO
-Kay Lubecke
© Lubecke Enterprises, Inc
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Q: It seems that much of the help for blood sugar issues is to lower the blood sugar.. What about the person whose blood sugar keeps dropping all the time?. I have one client who always eats a good protein breakfast, takes HY-C plus other things and usually can't make it to the next meal without a lot of low blood sugar issues--has to get up in the night to eat also----is now taking 6 Sugar Regs between meals trying to keep it more level and it does seem to help-- but that is a lot of Sugar Reg in a day---- and besides wants to lose rather than gain weight and eating so many times a day does not help that----she does no sugars, or breads--mostly meat and vegetables. (O blood type)
I have another person who does not usually eat breakfast and gets by pretty good --the strange things is that if she DOES eat breakfast, it seems to trigger something and she gets a low blood sugar slump 10:30 or 11--whereas, when she does NOT eat breakfast, she usually makes it until noon?? I can't understand that????? Any ideas? -ghuisnsp
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Liver, liver, liver....try some Sam-e and MSM together here for a while. -Kimberly Balas
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
What would be best for a "liver cleanse"---??? The first one will not take Sam-e as she tried it before and immediately started to gain weight---which she does not want to do---so I know she will not try tható MSM -yes and she does do some Milk Thistle???? Anything else?? -ghuisnsp
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Try the SF instead then. -Kimberly Balas
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My husband is diabetic, but has problems keeping his blood sugar, or energy level, steady. He has tried Sugar Reg, but can't stay on it for long before it becomes ineffective. His body is weird.
Anyway, he has tried the high protein/low carb diet and found that it drops the sugar numbers down -- especially if he eats lots of celery. But, he runs out of energy very quickly. We have found that if he eats something whole grain, that it helps him to keep his energy levels up. Without the grains, he just can't function.
I don't know what to suggest for your person who can skip breakfast, but for your other person, I would definitely recommend adding in something with the whole grains. -Sharon Baldwin
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I was doing some cleaning up and organizing in my office today and ran across a older Sunshine Sharing about hypoglycemia. Thought you might like to read this part: Studies show that hypoglycemia is directly linked and possibly caused by consuming foods which are high in refined and pricessed sugar. When a person consumes a food high in sugar the blood sugar levels quickly jump to high. Because the blood sugar levels are so high after an intake of refined sugar, the body recognizes the situation as an emergency. To remedy the situation the pancreas produces and releases insulin. The insulin then carries the glucose to the liver to be stored. Because of the perceived emergency, the pancreas produces so much insulin that the blood sugar then drops to levels below normal. At this point the person experiences hunger and weakness which usually causes the desire for another sugary food.

The other person who gets a reaction when eating; have you considered maybe that the core of the problem may be food allergies? -useherbs2000
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The adrenal cortex really controls the insulin more than anything else. I would look at working on the adrenals and then using something more fat soluble for transport here like the Super GLA and B-12. -Kimberly Balas
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Q: Hello everyone! I just have some questions, Maybe some one can help. I am a 23 year old female I have very low blood sugar. (glucose reading about 81 1hour after eating 2hashbrowns,1 cup of orange juice, and MC Donald's steak bagel.)

About 3 months ago I was told by a doctor to cut out sugar in my diet all-together because my insulin over shoots its self, (when I eat sugar). She told me to cut out juices, carbs, and other simple sugar foods. I have done most of it but I am having the following problems:

1) I am not sleeping at night ( maybe sleep a good 2 hours a night)
2) My energy level has gone down to almost zero
3) Constant headaches
4) Craving for sweet food has increased (its like I am addicted, a monkey on my back)
5) Body odor has changed, and I am now sweating a lot.
6) Losing weight ( I'm already skinny, like 106lbs, I really dont need to lose any weight)

Blood sugar keeps getting lower after I go through a sugar rage
(satisfying my sugar cravings) What herbs can I take, or what can I do? Thank you. -labaran
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
HY-A (contains Dandelion-Horseradish-Licorice and Safflowers),Vitamin B-6, Chromium GTF, Spirulina (good protein,) and maybe Pro-Pancreas. -Nora Weigl
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have been hypoglycemic since I was in Grade 6. I am now 53. The key to controlling this is diet, with a few supplements to support the pancreas' job of helping to balance blood sugar. The doctor is right-- no sugars. However, you need to be able to burn something to give you energy, so you must turn to proteins and, to a lesser extent, to carbs. Proteins burn slowly, carbs burn fast, and sugars put you into a binge. Here is my basic rule-- like a diabetic, you must eat often. Breakfast is high protein because you are coming out of a fast. Eggs, cheese, yogurt-- some cereal if you want a little carb. Mid-morning you must eat again, including a protein, eg yogurt, cheese, nuts. NEVER eat fruit without a protein to balance out the sugar. A banana with peanut butter (sugarless, of course), an apple with cheese (not processed....) or nuts, etc. Lunch is a salad with salmon, egg, tuna, or some other protein, and perhaps a small amount of carb to give some fast burn energy. Mid-afternoon another small protein snack with a little carb (since for you weight is not an issue..). Supper, lots of veggies and protein. Be careful with protein bars, as they often have hidden sugars. Fructose is as bad as sucrose. Go on to the internet and look up a glycemic index of foods. You could find a good book on the subject as well, and keep it on hand as a reference. Fill your diet with foods that have a low glycemic number (low in natural sugars)-- these will burn more slowly for you and give you the energy you need. You will also need to do some research on the difference between simple and complex carbs. rition.html
There are many other sites as well...

As supplements, I use 3 Chromium GTF each day (one with every meal) to help keep my blood sugar balanced, and to help keep the sugar cravings at bay. I also use Spirulina each day between meals because it is a high quality protein that helps to keep my energy levels up. If I get too hungry, that's when I binge on fats, carbs or sugars. Also, coffee and other forms of caffeine are a no-no. Coffee actually lowers your blood sugar. Drinking lots of water helps, especially when adding Liquid Chlorophyll or fresh-squeezed lemon to make it more interesting. High protein shakes are a welcome addition to my regimen, as well, so Green Zone and protein powder are a must. If I get hungry in the middle of the night, a tablespoonful of Collatrim Liquid with water, or a teaspoon of sugar-free peanut butter are usually all I need to get me through till morning.

Last, but not least, you should perhaps search out a good nutritionist in your area who can get you up and running on a plan that works best for you. -Dorothy Turner
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It sounds to me that you are having issues with your adrenal glands. Seems that they are fatigued/exhausted. This can cause low blood sugar, low blood pressure, insomnia, frequent urination at night, tongue quivers when it is extended, sensitivity to noise or light ...and more.

If this sounds like you...I highly advise you take the chinese formula Nervous Fatigue (9 a day...3 morn., 3 lunch and 3 at dinner). Along with this take 4 Licorice Root a day (2 morning and 2 lunch), this will control the low blood sugar along with the chinese formula. The Nervous Fatigue formula will begin to strengthen your adrenal glands and you will begin sleeping through the night within days. You will notice your blood sugar stabilize.

The Chinese formula KB-C will also help with the frequent urination at night (4-6 a day)if you have this issue.

There may be other things you may need...but these supplements along with starting your morning with a high protein breakfast...especially a meat product will work wonders. I hope this will be helpful. -mamalu
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A few observations.
First of all, you probably need to build up your adrenal glands. You have a lot of symptoms of low adrenal function (sugar cravings, low body weight, low energy, poor sleep patterns, excessive sweating). I would suggest you try Adrenal Support or Nervous Fatigue Formula. I would start with Adrenal Support (1-2x day)

Second, you are probably a thyroid type (body build). Not only do thyroid types tend to have adrenal weakness, they also tend to have problems with hiatal hernias and poor protein digestion. Protein helps stabilize your blood sugar. Are you able to digest protein foods easily or do they sit heavily on your stomach? If you do get a heavy feeling when you eat protein, then you probably should add some enzymes to your program (Protease Plus, Proactazyme or Food Enzymes). Also, try taking Super Algae or Spirulina (2-4 capsules) with breakfast and lunch and whenever you feel sugar cravings. Protein for breakfast is very important to get your blood sugar off to a good start for the day. You can also eat a small protein snack (some nuts, peanut butter, a protein bar (one that isn't loaded with simple sugars), or a piece of natural jerky when you have sugar cravings. Third, you can reduce sugar cravings by taking licorice root (2 capsules with breakfast, two with lunch and two in the afternoon if you experience an energy slump or cravings for sugar).

Emotionally, cravings for sugar can signal a lack of sweetness (or joy) in one's life. I've found that the flower essence of zinnia can be helpful for this problem. -Steven Horne
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