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Hirsutism - Excessive Facial Hair Growth/Women

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:07 pm    Post subject: Hirsutism - Excessive Facial Hair Growth/Women Reply with quote

Hirsutism - Excessive Facial Hair Growth/Women
Has anyone had SUCCESS with getting rid of facial hair on women? I am 36 years old, my youngest child is 4 , and in the past two years I have developed hair on my upper lip and chin. I am taking 5-W, 6/day, all the time. I heard that it would do it in two weeks, but I've had to stay on it, and sometimes, it works better than others. Enzymes seem to help some also. -Sheryl Hackett
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I think this may be an estrogen deficiency problem. You might want to try Phyto-Soy and Black Cohosh. I have one on my chin I pluck out that grows right back all the time. It's like a deformed hair. I think it can be hereditary too. Seems like many women on my mom's side of the family have those little black hairs on their top lip. My mom does. -Chottsie
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You might muscle test yourself for the Progesterone Cream as well as the estrogen products. Sometimes hair growth can be a progesterone deficiency, rather than an estrogen deficiency. The premenopausal period can begin in women who are quite young. Check it out and see which one seems to be best for you. -Kathy1Mac
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If women have facial hair work with the adrenals. HY-A, HY-C or Pantothenic Acid. -Tonja Wells
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Q: Because of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, I am wondering if there is a remedy out there that will diminish excessive facial hair growth. I also heard that there is an herb out there that begins with an S that helps decrease androgens, such as testosterone, in a women. -Kathy Burris
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In a CNHP class I heard that Sage will help to stop facial hair on woman. -Barb Gruenke
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A naturopath told me that unwanted hair on women was the result of very exhausted adrenals. They start pumping out androgens when exhausted. -Sylvia Rogers
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Dr. John R. Lee MD in his book "What your doctor may not tell you about menopause" talks about androgen dominance. He says women who develop symptoms of androgen dominance such as thinning hair on the head, heavier hair growth above the lip and a prominent belly may be lacking in the enzymes or enzyme cofactors (usually vitamins and minerals) necessary to convert androstenedione to estrogen.

High levels of insulin in the blood can block this conversion as can obesity. He also talks a lot about the progesterone levels falling and getting the system out of balance.

I have had good luck in the past with Flash-Ease and the Pro-G-Yam Cream used together. When I read Dr. Lee's book it answered a lot for me. The Flash-Ease being a like a natural estrogen has Dong Quai to keep the body from assimilating too much. The Pro-G-Yam Cream further balances with the Wild Yam to quickly get the body back in balance often in a few months. -Carroll Knauf
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If there are any of you interested in hair removal without using razors or waxes there is a natural product on the market that does this. Since it is made of products that were found in her kitchen, the maker says that it is safe (edible if you must, but that is not its purpose) and that it does a great job. My daughter who must trust others to get rid of her unwanted hair has tried shaving (other people cut her, ouch!) and wax (hot, hurts). She tried this product and it works. Since it is based on an ancient Egyptian formula but revised by a nature loving Aussie to be safe and effective--could NSP make a product that is similar or even better? Meanwhile, you can find it at this link: http://www/ Some interesting things about this hair removal product: Repeated use causes less hair to grow. It can take off heavy hair growth (caused by imbalances or disease or genetics) and leave skin smooth. It uses no heat. It does not cause chemical burn. Oh! Wouldn't it be a nice thing for us to be able to offer a product like it to our customers? -Marilyn Navarro
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Q: What do you do for a women who has excessive facial hair on the face and body. What herbs would be best. I believed it's called Hirsutism -J. Taxter
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She probably has excess estrogen in her body, and or Adrenal Stress. she needs to balance the hormones, start with using the Pro-G-Yam Cream. Other suggestions for adrenals are Chinese Mineral Chi with Nervous Fatigue. Other hormonal suggestions are Damiana, C-X, Sarsparilla -Dorie
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We often recommend taking one capsule of Saw Palmetto daily. Seems to work for most women. -Debbie O'Connor
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I think Saw Palmetto is indicated for this if the underlying cause is excessive testosterone. -Mancy
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