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Hiatal Hernia Repair Technique

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:09 pm    Post subject: Hiatal Hernia Repair Technique Reply with quote


Try drinking water slowly after eating your meals and learn to massage after eating. Start at the sternum and slowly massage down to the navel. Do this about 5 times and see if this helps. -Suzanne
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How to correct a Hiatal Hernia.
One way is to bounce a basketball onto a playground slide. Aim for a part of the slide that would cause the ball to fly just within the reach of the outstretched arms of the catcher.

The catcher stands with arms stretched toward the sky. As the ball flies overhead the catcher stretches high to catch it. The weight of the ball pulls the catchers arms back/far overhead. The catcher may feel a slight, pulling/tearing/burning sensation in the abdomen. He plays catch until he no longer feels this sensation. He/ she can come back day after day until the sensation ceases.

I was all better in one day. All I was doing was having fun acting like a grownup kid at the playground. You see, this process is so simple that I just chanced upon it. I would love to hear back from someone else who has now tried this as well. -Wendy Kraft
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In my own experience and with dealing with others over the years, I feel like Georgiana in that Jackís method might be of some help. I was taught this method about 12 years ago and have since done many of my clients. It is easy to do as long as you are careful. Look for the V of the ribs where they join at the solar plexus, and go down 1 inch to stay away from the sternum, and take 3 fingers and as they breath in with a big breath, then gently at first pull down, as they breath out, and do it a few times. I usually feel for a lump and sometimes have to pull down from the liver or pancreas side, sometimes straight down, and you can do a little heavier as each day goes along and it is instant relief with some. Jack also does a manipulation of the ileo cecal valve, I donít usually, but it is good.

Then I tell them not to bend over, but squat to pick up things. The major thing that seems to be a problem is WHEAT. I had to go off all breads for 4 months and most people feel that BREADS will just stay in that area and it is agony, now I can eat them sparingly. Caffeine, and alcohol and mint as well is a problem, I donít know if she has any of these. The liver is usually congested and should cleanse, but if you canít, try the above. It is true about HCL, Protein Digestive Aide being good. Also I take 2 capsules of Slippery Elm and put it into the Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, and take it 3 times a day. Safflower cuts acids in the stomach. Maybe just one liver herb, such as Chinese Liver Balance or Liver Cleanse Formula, if she will not cleanse. The Chinese Spleen Activator has been very helpful to some as well. This has been a wonderful program for my clients over the years. But I can not overemphasize the BREADS! -Joanne Thaxter
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Hiatal Hernia Technique: I was told of an exercise which has had success for me and two other people with this. Stand straight and bend over forward as far and as well as you can, stick your four fingers from both hands up under your rib cage as far as you can manage, one hand under each side of front of the rib cage. Exhale completely, so that your lungs are empty and you are bending over forward. Begin to rise slowly back to standing up straight and inhale completely in a long slow breath at the same time, so that by the time you have fully inhaled you are standing straight. The tendency is for the fingers to want to come out during this process, but keep them are far under the rib cage as you can. You will feel something strange, it is said to be the closing of a valve that separates the two intestines. You will know what Iím talking about when you do this, it is kind of uncomfortable but you know it works by how it feels, try to take as much of that feeling as you can handle. I had acid refluxing for weeks before I tried this and it got it fixed, it provided some instant relief also. A friend of mine had symptoms which sounded like what I had so he tried it and it worked, although he is quite sure that what he had was an ""energy"" condition and not acid reflux. Another friend of mine has had bad Irritable Bowel for years and she was describing other symptoms, which sounded like it, she tried it and was also so grateful to me a few days later. She said that she talked to someone who said a lot of people with Irritable Bowel get hiatal hernia also. Food enzymes, acidophilus-Bifidophilus, pure water, quitting coffee and acid beverages, eliminating problem foods should help too. -Orion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have an hiatal hernia. I don't know if it's the same thing you are speaking of but my manager told me first thing in the morning drink two 8 oz glasses of water on empty stomach and then immediately stand on tip toes and allow the weight of the body to drop back down on the heels. -Marianne Petersen
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The water needs to be warm or room temp and you should put lemon in it. -Tonja Wells
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You can order a Hiatal Hernia tape from Joan Vandergriff that shows you how to manage it at home. It includes a technique for maintenance and nutritional support for digestion. . -Nedra Denison
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This is a very valuable tape (for you personally, your family & your clients). Fixing a hiatal hernia can fix a lot of health problems. Well worth the money! In fact, I was experiencing panicky feelings when I lay down to sleep at night. After fixing my hiatal hernia, I no longer experience them! -Kay Lubecke
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If you are using the correct technique for placement of the hiatal hernia, you will also need to close the ileocecial valve using another technique. -Soni Copeland
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I felt impressed to suggest something I had heard several years ago for adults. Get a stool, jump off it several times to jar the hernia loose and close the trap door. In this case, I suggested she hold the baby tight and jump off. She did this and with a "poof" suddenly the baby stopped crying and they finally got to sleep after 7 nights of baby crying and them walking. Praise the Lord it worked. They are confirmed herb users now. I saw the baby again a few weeks ago and he was doing great. And so were the parents. -Jack Welch
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You can manually put the stomach back down by pushing in just below the rib cage lying down with both finger tips together and then push in and down. Also work on the ileocecal valve (halfway between the belly button and the right hip) by pushing in and down. Jack Ritchason taught us this in an Iridology School in Hawaii back in 1992. Also Intestinal Soothe and Build is great for this problem. Of course there are other ways of helping but this is one suggestion. -Diane Toombs
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Steven Horne has it on his old muscle testing tapes (I do not know if it is on his new tapes). Dr. Jack Ritchason in Bakersfield has a video devoted to the subject. You can call home office (800-223-8225) for their telephone numbers. -Jim Duffy
Editorial Note: Also look under Acid Reflux and under Hiatal Hernia
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