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Herbs - Do They Really Work

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:12 pm    Post subject: Herbs - Do They Really Work Reply with quote

Herbs - Do They Really Work

I've been taking herbs over the past year for a variety of physical problems as well as for anxiety. None of my symptoms have improved. My friends all say I should stick with standard medicines b/c herbs obviously don't work. Has anyone out there had any success stories with herbs? -Merrianne
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Yes, I assure you herbs work. Have you worked with an herbalist? If you are just pulling items from a shelf and the root cause of your problem is not being dealt with then the herbs may not be working for you. It is important to work with someone who can determine what is causing the problems you are having. An Iridologist is a great way to start. They can look at the iris and see what system is having a problem and customize an herbal program to give you the best results. -Janice McComb
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I use herbs daily with excellent results. I used herbs 2 years ago to resolve the causes of my menopause symptoms. Results occurred within 2 weeks. Herbs work! Learn to muscle test yourself so that you can choose the herbs that work best for you. Or find an herbalist or ND. -Cathe' Fish
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YES, HERBS DO WORK! Most of us on the forum have seen them work. Are you taking any enzymes? You may need help digesting the herbs you are taking in order to get the most out of them. Also, you haven't mentioned your problems and what herbs you are taking for each one. If you have had a problem for a long period of time, it may take you a longer period to see results. A case in point, I had suffered from Osteoarthritis for over 20 years and didn't see a major difference in my condition for about two years of taking my herbs. Get help from an Herb Specialist. Let us know where you are located and ask for help in your area! -Mike, N.D.
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Hi Merrianne, You know, I would suggest you join the email forum. You could read peoples problems, solutions, testimonials daily. You may want a separate email address though, because there is quite a bit of mail daily. Easy to delete with one click though if it's not mixed up with your personal email. Go to

There are many things that may effect your lack of results -- often you need a lifestyle change besides the herbs, or it may be what you are taking and how much of it you are taking.
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Without knowing your specific issues and your constitution it is hard to just guess what works for symptoms. That is exactly what pharmaceuticals are based on - an educated guess to relieve symptoms. Herbs are used to work more with the root cause of a problem to bring the body back to balance with a program of food and lifestyle changes to support this as well. Some herbs can cancel others out energetically and then even your best efforts at healing are flushed down the toilet.

This is why it is important to seek a professional herbalist in your area that can offer advice on how to determine the root cause of the problem and work with you to acquire more education on how an herbal program should work. -Kimberly Balas
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I've watched messages on this forum for about a year now and sometimes people give a list of things they take or recommend to people. It blows me away. The list that had the most things one person took PER DAY had over 37 different herbs and herbal combinations on it, and that was only if they took one-a-day of each, which I doubt was the case. It was probably much more when combined. And that was 37 PER MEAL!!! Now THAT is ridiculous!!!

I've heard Steven Horne talk about this and state that we need to pare way down on what we take. With herbs, you can't just think you need this one and that one, because they should be synergistic and work in harmony with each other. Sometimes, if you pick the wrong ones, they work in opposite directions and that may be why you aren't feeling any changes. Maybe.......but sometimes you don't feel anything anyway; they just work silently.

Perhaps this is your situation. You can take too many herbs and wash your money right down the drain at the same time. Be wise. Call NSP and find the nearest hebalist to you who TRULY knows what they are doing. Don't rely on muscle testing either because I've found that the person doing it can influence the outcome, depending on their OWN health or their mood or if they got a good night's sleep themselves, your facial expressions can influence the outcome, and so many other variables are present. I was muscle tested once by three different people in the same office, alternately within a 20 minute time frame, and it came out three different ways. Go basic with what's bothering you. Research and you'll find a good combination of products.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, and I realize I haven't been at this as long as some of you, but you can spend hundreds of dollars each month on herbs and not feel a thing, with plenty of enzymes included even. I am basically very healthy and I don't "feel" changes from herbs the way some people say they do, but I think I'm taking a good solid program that fills my needs without breaking the budget.....and that budget gets more and more delicate every week with the prices of gasoline and other skyrocketing costs, right?????

I always want to say so much and have it come out right........I hope this did. I may be wrong, but I just think you can be way out of balance with herbs too. -Annie
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I was interested to read how you did not get any better! Now I have just recently had a lady come who after YEARS has been on so many herbs. It bothered me that she did not seem to cut down much or cut out lots like normal! WELL this time we covered Chlamydia! In a week she had a lot of cut downs with many herbs going to 2 weekly. Frankly it was amazing. Of course we have to treat her husband and children. The moral of this story is that there is an underlying condition that is needing attention. She worked out she could have had that for over 30 years from her wild youth. Do not feel embarrassed over my suggestion. Many such things are caught off toilet seats, baths, mosquitos bites etc. Valerie
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As nurse herbs work, but herbs are not drugs. They do not function in the same way.

Some mental disturbances do not respond well to herb therapy, and need strong antipsychotics. People who suffer with stress syndrome ,and who have mild depression usually respond well to herb therapy. If you are not responding to self herb therapy then my suggestion is see an ND, and see if they can help you figure it out. -Darcy
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