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Heel - Painful

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:25 pm    Post subject: Heel - Painful Reply with quote

Heel - Painful

For a month now I have been experiencing a very sharp pain in only my left heel. It hurts really bad when I am off of it for more than 10 minutes and then go to stand on it. The longer I'm off my foot the more it hurts on the first attempt to stand on it. If I wait a little and slowly put pressure down on my heel I can stand on it after a few minutes. It doesn't feel like it is the bone but on the skin/muscle on the back and on the side of the heel. I am a cashier so I am on my feet for 7-8 hours a day. Any information would be helpful. -'Chele
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Hi Chele, This sounds like Plantar Facitis, which is a tightening of a ligament. My grown daughter and son have this . . . .My daughter's podiatrist wanted to give her a "splint" to wear at night to stretch this. My son found if he wrapped an ace bandage around his foot and ankle (somehow), it accomplished the same thing. As long as he did this 3 days/nights (?) a week, he wasn't in much pain. Massage and reflexology helped her somewhat. You can exercise by trying to point your toes back towards you also. I would think the NSP Massage Oil and Deep Relief EO Blend would work well with the Reflexology. No easy answer for this one. . . . -Georgiana
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If this is Plantar Facitis, try a combination of minerals (either Colloidal Minerals or Trace Mineral Maintenance) and calcium (Skeletal Strength or Herbal CA usually). This should give the area the nutrition it needs. For short term pain relief, a little lavender essential oil rubbed in the area helps a lot. The exercises sound like a great idea also! As Georgiana says, this is not a short term condition. -Mike
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I too have this problem. After much money spent on Orthodics, and wearing ONLY tennis shoes for a year, I still experience pain. Having proper fitting shoes and wearing Birkenstock shoes (better than my tennies) has helped me. I have also found that before getting up in the morning, you stretch, like Georgiana mentioned. You need to slowly stretch BEFORE you stepp down. ALSO, I freeze a water bottle, and then roll my foot over it in the evenings to help lessen the swelling, not to mention HOW WONDERFUL it feels on such hurting feet. I have ALSO found relief in taking MSM internally, AND rubbing the MSM/Glu. Cream on it faithfully. You may want to try a foot soak with MSM tabs crushed in the water. Wrapping with first-aid tape, and/or ace helps keep it from "tearing" as you step down. Please take great care, and pamper your feet, because you don't want it to get worse. Cortizone shots is all my Dr. suggested (other than surgery) as a "temp." relief, but I choose the alternative which helps. Good luck, and most important is shoes and (if you can), get off your feet when they hurt. Maybe your foot Dr. can give you a note, so that your work will allow a stool for you to sit when possible. -Cory
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I agree with getting off the feet. I have told my work place to cut back on my hours. I do wear good brand name tennis shoes that my chiropractor suggested. However, I've noticed the more refined sugar that I eat the more it hurts. I lay off the sugar and the pain subsides. It doesn't completely take it away but it helps some. -'Chele
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