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Heart - Coronary Artery Disease

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:31 pm    Post subject: Heart - Coronary Artery Disease Reply with quote

Heart - Coronary Artery Disease

I have been diagnosed with beginning coronary artery disease, so my Dr. said to take no herbal meds. I was taking the collagen stuff for weight loss. I also have hypothyroidism, Raynaud's Disease, Osteo inflammatory arthritis, multiple degenerative disk disease, carpal tunnel syndrome. Needless to say I need to loose weight and I have to control pain. I don't care for any of the weight loss, pain meds that have been prescribed for me. Any suggestions for weight loss would be appreciated. My ability to exercise is pretty much limited to swimming, very short walks the disk disease is really screwing up my mobility. -Maxine Knisley
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First I have to start off by saying that I question the intentions of the physician. If he/she truly has your best interest at heart he/she would not discourage you from finding something to better your health. It seems very obvious to most people in this country today that there is something wrong with health care, that is why there has been such a shift in the industry. Over the past years more and more people including medical practitioners are coming to realize that natural therapies do work. Our bodies are natural organic, made of this earth, not of pharmaceutical chemicals. So therefore if one wants to improve their health, to help the body heal itself, we must rely on nature. You have to understand one thing, prescription meds do not cure or heal. Vitamins, minerals and herbs do not cure or heal. The human body is the healer, but it can only do so if given the proper help with nutritional programs, not chemical programs.

Synthetic man made drugs only mask the symptoms. They do not improve your health, they simply delay death. So my challenge to you is to use the power that you have and make the decision to get well. Hopefully your physician will be supportive and help you get well by learning along with you. There is something to be learned everyday for each of us, including doctors. If we limit our knowledge to what we already know and that there can be no other way, to do things this is a dangerous way of thinking in any walk of life.

The advice I can give to you to get you started in getting well is this - given all of the ailments that you posted, your body definitely needs to detox. Too many poisons and toxins in the body result in each and every one of the ailments you have listed. I would suggest a basic cleansing program. To start with lower bowel, liver and lymphatics. Take LBS II, a lower bowel cleanser, each evening to start with. Liver Cleanse Formula is a liver formula, for safely detoxing poisons, bacteria out of the liver. Oregon Grape is great for lymphatics, helps body dump poisons out of lymph and blood.

As for arthritis, cleansing will help tremendously. Also might look into Glucosamine W Cat's Claw or just pure Una de Gato for the viral irritation, inflammation in the joints and tissues.

Also a digestive aid such as Food Enzymes or PDA digestive aids are especially important for people with arthritis. Try not to worry about so many formulas together. These are food supplements, food for the body. There are no harmful interaction like with prescription meds and all products I listed above have no harmful effects when taken with prescription meds. If your physician is not supportive of this info I would suggest finding a competent natural health advisor to help you with a program. Have faith in the Lord above. The healing is out there for you. You have to look for it and put effort into it. It isn't always easy but will come to you if you take the right approach. Good luck to you may you find the help you need.

Also would like to say that healing doesn't always feel good. When we wait for discomfort or dis-ease to set in cleansing becomes a little more difficult. Don't be alarmed when you cleanse you will be having more bowel movements everyday, possible mild cramping. These are not side effects, this is what cleansing is. Thoughtfully. -Stacey Brown
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