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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:50 pm    Post subject: Headaches Reply with quote


I have very intense headaches. One type (the most painful #10) starts at the far side on the right side on my neck (about 3 inches from the middle on my neck to the right side, (neck size 19in)). Type two starts at the back of my head and move to my temple. They last for days and I have taken all the headache / migraine medicine on the market. I almost take caffeine totally out on my diet; I know about rebound headache and try to avoid taking the medication in a way that will cause them. I'm not under stress and I just retired from the military. I have had these headaches for about 13 years. Do you have any recommendation? -Will
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I would use a combination of adjustment, KB-C and Kava.

I would also look at cleaning and building the liver. -Richard Ask
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I had chronic migraine combined with sinus infection for a few years.
I used ALJ for any kind of allergies I had.
I used Sinus Support for the sinus problem.
I used Liver Cleanse Formula finally to get rid of the migraine problem. -Leonardo De La Cruz
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Thank for the information: I don't have any sinus problem, allergies, or pets. I have taken the liver cleanse formula, Kava Kava and Magraquel. I will try the Nopal and Yarrow to see if it works. Thanks. -Will
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Regarding the headache that starts in the back and moves to the temple - I get those after doing too much neck twisting - I have found going to the chiropractor and occasional massages (and learning appropriate stretching routines) to practically eliminate the problem. I do not drink a lot of caffeine...but when I DO get a nasty headache like that...caffeine actually helps my headache go away. -Trish
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I would add B-complex to what ever other supplements you end up taking (start with 2 caps 2x a day for the 1st month, then drop to 3 caps a day). The vitamin B's are vital for proper brain function and sometime eliminates headache because of a deficiency. Also eliminating all wheat, corn and dairy products for a couple of weeks and notice if your headaches subside. Start doing this ASAP and you'll notice pretty quickly.

I had a client that as soon as she eliminated wheat and dairy, she stopped having headaches...we fixed her deficiencies which were that she was very low in potassium (causes dairy allergy) was low in calcium and magnesium and her essential fatty acids which can lead to a wheat allergy.

She is now able to eat both things. It took about 2 months of getting her body up to par with the low nutrients. What seems to happen is that once these low nutrients come up to the right level they are able to neutralize an allergic reaction to these foods. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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I suffered from migraines for years. I drink a lot of tea daily. I thought about cutting out my intake of tea/caffeine, but then Mary introduced me to the low carb diet. I still get headaches occasionally, but I seldom get migraines. When I do get severe migraines, my primary migraine killer is actually caffeine. In extremely high doses. You have to be careful about the amount you consume, but caffeine is one of the greatest natural cures for headaches. Be sure to wean yourself of this large dose slowly however, because caffeine withdrawal will also cause headaches. If you are avoiding caffeine, then investigate tyrosine. It may very well be the actual culprit of your migraines. Check into the low-carb diet, you might want make that your first step. ie: Atkins. Then check into vitamin deficiencies. Also, for health reasons, take liquid silver. It works extremely well as an eye drop also. You need to examine yourself. Doctors only know what you and the "drug" companies tell them. They prescribe drugs to mask the symptoms. You need to treat the cause. -Andrew
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If the pain is on the left side near the left eye that is an indicator or zinc deficiency. If the pain is located more around the left ear it can indicate a sodium deficiency (if you make celery with a juicer it is very high in organic sodium, put an apple to make juice taste better). I you are a smoker, it can also be a niacin amide (B-3 vitamin) shortage caused by smoking. The b-complex (3-4 a day) or alfalfa(6 per day) NSP products would replenish this. -Lourdes Martinez
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