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Head Lice

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:52 pm    Post subject: Head Lice Reply with quote

Head Lice

Hello, I am a new distributor living in the NW and our children have had several bouts with head lice infestations. We did the wonderful over the counter chemicals and after hundreds of dollars and respiratory infections came to realize that they did not work and do not want the chemicals on our kids heads anymore. My sister who is also a NSP distributor helped out by sharing to use Tea Tree Oil and a couple of other things in the shampoo and that was the only thing that got rid of them. My question is does NSP carry a Tea Tree based product that is soluble? We have a herb store here that sells both NSP and melalueca products. who makes a product called Sol U Mel. Does NSP carry a product similar as I would prefer to use it over the other company. I also would like to go to the schools and let them know about products as we have already gotten our first lice infestation. -Becca
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Becca, What do you mean by soluble? The Tea Tree can go right into the shampoo and just needs to be shaken up before using. It's super this way for prevention of the little buggers jumping on your kids because they won't like the Tea Tree environment. We just had an article in our local paper how the lice are resistant to the over the counter stuff so it's a good idea to inform the school that NSP's Tea Tree Oil is available through you or your sister. To help with this crisis just put a little note in about how it's used in the shampoo, left in overnight and rewashed in the am. Then prevention is key. -Nancy
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I personally have tried a few different methods. I used the full fat mayonnaise to smother them by lathering it on thick. I then put a bag over my head and went to bed. In the morning I washed my hair with Tea Tree Oil in my shampoo and everything mysteriously disappeared. That same night I mixed veg oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and doused my daughters hair in it. I left it on all night and washed the next morning. It worked great. The mixture mentioned earlier in the forum was f Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Pine Needles, Oregano, Rosemary, Clove mixed in cup of olive oil. She said she put this in their hair for several nights with a shower cap over their heads, with a bag over the pillows and a towel on top of that to protect the pillows. Then washing the hair every morning with Tea Tree Oil added to shampoo and rinse. She then combed the hair with a nit comb. The other response was that a pregnant woman had just lathered her hair up with shampoo that Tea Tree Oil was added to wrapped it in a towel, rewashed in the morning and the lice and eggs were gone. She also recommended everything to be boiled. Dr Andrew Weil wrote in one of his books that this remedy was helpful mix oz veg oil, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Lavender and Lemon. Leave this on under a towel for an hour, then shampoo. I mixed Tea Tree Oil, alcohol and water in a spray bottle and sprayed everything. You can't wash with this. Supposedly lice does not like Tea Tree Oil. I also put Tea Tree Oil in the nebulizer to distribute in the air. I don't know if putting in the air will repel them or not but when I rub a few drops of this in my sons hair after his bath daily, you can't even tell there is oil in it. He doesn't get them in his hair when lice is going around. Supposedly the nit eggs won't hatch if they are not stuck to the hair. I have heard that lice can't attach eggs to the hair if it is oily. Lice also can't live off a human for more than a few hrs. By just washing clothes in warm water and in a hot dryer will kill them on the clothes because they can't withstand hot temperatures like what a dryer puts out. Just try to keep everything clean. I heard putting things that are small and can't be washed can be stored in ziploc bags for a few days. Well happy nit picking. -Cody
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Q: My daughter has a 7 weeks old baby that had eggs in her hair. My daughter pulls the eggs out, but what can she use on the baby hair if the eggs return. -Judy
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The Paw Paw Shampoo was formulated specifically for head lice. I'm sure that will do the trick.

Health Sciences instructions to make our own Paw Paw Shampoo:

Instructions for Paw Paw Shampoo 10 capsules of Paw Paw Cell-Reg can be opened and mixed into about 2 tablespoons of shampoo. This will be gritty, but still have effectiveness. In addition, add 7 drops of Thyme Essential Oil and 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil. The non-gritty recipe is below:

Combine: The contents of 10 capsules of Paw Paw Cell Reg 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) pure grain alcohol or isopropyl alcohol

Mix together well in a small glass. Cover and let stand until particles have settled. Carefully pour off the liquid onto a saucer. (The alcohol extracts the active compounds in the Paw Paw capsules. Thus it is important to not discard the liquid!)

Add 2 more tablespoons of alcohol to the solid mass in the glass, mix well. Cover and let stand until the particles have settled. Carefully pour off the liquid onto the saucer. Some of the particles may pour off with the liquid.

Let the saucer stand until all of the alcohol has evaporated. When the alcohol has evaporated, mix 6 teaspoons (2 Tablespoons) of shampoo into the residue on the saucer until well combined and uniform in color. In addition, add 7 drops of Thyme Essential Oil and 4 drops of Tea Tree Oil to the shampoo mixture.

You can make a larger batch of shampoo. However, it will take longer for evaporation of the alcohol to occur
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Q: A client called about a 10 yr old child of a friend who has chronic head lice. She has been treated repeatedly over the last 5 months with shampoos etc. She keeps getting re-infested and nothing is working to clear this up for good. Any ideas on what to do and how to clear this up for good. She has long hair, is this a factor? Are there some vitamins and herbs she should be taking internally. I had a bottle of our Paw Paw lice remover and I sent her. Any ideas are appreciated. -Jeannette Meester
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Just some logical ideas. . . . Yes, long hair can be a definite factor. IF the nits (eggs) aren't gotten off every strand of hair, they just keep hatching and reinfecting her. Kids don't like having the nits cleaned off their hair --- it probably feels like their hair is being pulled. But, either the hair needs to be cut, or every hair has to be combing with that fine, nit comb.

Other thoughts would be if everything in the house, that she came in contact with, weren't cleaned -- nits could be there and reinfecting her. But, then you would think other members of the family would be getting them.

OR, someone she is close friends with has them and she is being reinfected from them.

Of the three -- I would suspect the first. At our local school -- kids that have had head lice have to be inspected by the school nurse to get back into school. If that's the case everywhere -- then you would have to look at the 2nd option.

Nope, nothing you can take internally to keep you from getting head lice. Unless it would be a chemical poison. . . which wouldn't be advisable.

First thing I would suggest is to go thru her hair with a "nit comb", strand by strand. -Georgiana
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I read once that if someone has a chronic problem with head lice, it is because they are lacking in good nutrition. I would have her take chewable multi vitamins and colloidal minerals.

Getting the nits out of the hair is a must. Once my daughter had head lice, I cut her hair to shoulder length and every night for a two weeks I put hair conditioner very thick on her hair and combed one section at a time with a nit comb. It would take hours her hair was so thick but we got rid of the problem. We also put tea tree oil in her shampoo and she used that for several months. -S. Nesky
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There are many factors as to why a child or family could have chronic head lice. First of all if the entire house (curtains, clothing, bedding, etc.) are not cleaned in HOT water and dried, then cleaning the hair is a waste of time. Also, all furniture, carpets, and car interiors need to be vacuumed thoroughly and the sweeper bag thrown away, as well as all stuffed animals and dolls with "hair" being sealed in plastic bags for two weeks. Once hair has been shampooed, you must pull each and every nit out of the child's (or adult's) head, even after using a nit comb, as the combs don't necessarily get all of the nits. When my daughter had lice it took nearly a month before we were able to get rid of the problem completely. An alternative to pulling the nits out is to carefully snip each individual strand of hair at the scalp that contains the nit. My daughter has very thick, curly hair and this is the method I had to resort to in order to keep peace! -Nurse
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